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Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Mail Bombs

Hey, hey!
So I've been super swamped and out of sorts this week between my broken computer and a packed work and social schedule. Still, I found time to answer just a few mail bombs...

Let's get it!
First up, reader Ms. B says, "I LOVE this belt from the D&G Collection..."

"...but the price is TOOOO rich for my blood! Can you tell me if you know where I can find a designer replica of this belt or something that is similar? I really love the idea of the metal chastity influence of this piece."
Hey, so Elita found that the D&G Belt retails for $3,100 matter it's sold out. If you want something similar in a similar metal finish, and have a bit to spend, you can go with this Fendi Perforated Cummerbund Belt...

...for $430 at
Too much? You can get that mirrored silver look with this Double Buckle Waist Belt...

...for $160 at Bloomingdales.
Still too much? I think this Linea Pelle Corset Belt works really well...

...and at $88, it's a relative steal.
Next up reader Melody (among others) said, "I was wondering if you can find where one could get this cute top..."

"...that Alicia rocked recently at 106."
I searched and searched, and the closest approximation I could find was this Diane Von Furstenberg Graciela Wrap top...

...available for $245 at
If you want the same sort of look, but don't care much about color, this KLS Buttoned Turtleneck with Keyhole comes close...
...and is a bit more affordable at $165.
Update! Reader Bianca found that A. Keys is wearing this $425 Mischen Deco T-Back Charmeuse Blouse...

...BACKWARDS! Check out the alternate view in gray here:

To get the emerald version, visit, sneaky!

Next up, Jenni from New Orleans says, "Can you find this cute outfit Gabrielle Union was rocking (don't forget the bag)....."
"...I'm a teacher so I will need the cheaper version."
No Problem!
Pair this $9 Lace Halter from Forever 21 ...

With these affordable skinny jeans like these $68 Black Dazed & Confused Jeans from Urban Outfitters...

Slip on a pair of bronze sandals, like these $68 Sea Horse's by Max Studio

If you want to splurge, go for it with this Babee D Canvas Touch bag for $382...

If not, Spiegel always has affordable lookalikes...

This one captures the essence and is only $54!
Lastly, reader De'Nae says,
"I know these pants may be a big fashion faux paus, but do you have any idea where I can get these pants worn by Alicia Keys at the VMAs?"
"... I LOVE the slight sheen in the stretchy looking pant and I've looked EVERYWHERE and can't find them. I've Googled, "Satin Pants" and you wouldn't believe how many genie and Hammer pants that came up!!"
Hey there. They are a bit of a fashion faux pas, but if you can rock 'em with confidence, I'm not mad at ya!

I did a quick search and found that these Cheap Monday Satin Skinny Pants... the bill. Get 'em for only $65 at
That does it for today....
PS Reader Ms. Dee alerted me this cool trick on Tyra Banks' site. If you like any of her or her guests outfits on her talk show, you can click here to find out what they're wearing. Very cool!
PSS Have great weekends!
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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Style File: Hip Hop Girlfriends

"She looks like one of those rap guys' girlfriends/ But, y'know, who understands those rap guys? *scoff*/They only talk to her, because, she looks like a total prostitute, 'kay?/ She's just so ... black!" Intro "Baby Got Back" Sir Mix A Lot
Happy Thursday!
So I'm bumming a computer again. This friend has Photoshop...and y'all it has changed my life! When I get my new sleek black laptop, I'm definitely going to have to upgrade...tell me if you agree.
So today I decided to take a bit of a different turn for this week's Style File. Instead of looking at the celebs who make tracks, host shows, or rock catwalks, I wanted to look at the women who act as sidekicks, confidantes, and arm candy to hip hop stars...
...that's right their girlfriends.
It takes a lot to go from virtual anonymity to stuntin' the red carpet with flair and style. The following honeys try their very best to step up to the plate. Let's take a look:
Kanye's Boo Alexis Phifer...

Seems to have had no trouble at all stepping her game up.
For the carpet, she rocks black with the best of them whether in thigh skimming cocktail frocks or strapless pantsuits...

Or short girly dresses in white or cream...
Whatever she does, she keeps it super sophisticated...
..even when chillin with moms.
T.I.'s petite girlfriend Tiny might not have the dress game on lock, but with bags, she has 'em all beat! Whether she's mingling at a fancy event...
or just chillin with her man at the club...
She never fails to upgrade her 'around the way' swagger with a very large and very expensive Louis V, Gucci or Yves Saint Laurent.
Work it girl!
Next up, Ursh's new wife and baby momma...
Tameka Foster.
Now, she's a label girl at heart and loves her status bags as well...
But also mixes it up in a variation of shiny dresses in cream or black...
...or even an exotic print and skinny jeans...
...for something more casual.
Not my taste, but ok!
Last, but not least, we have the mother of all Hip Hop Girlfriends...
...Kim Porter.
Now I know you're saying, "Didn't you read that Essence article?!? Her and Diddy aren't together!"
Pish Posh. She's the only stable thing in his life. Please believe they'll be on again soon enough and on the cover of Ebony in six months holding their babies. Moving on....
Kim seems to favor standard white and black dresses (preferably strapless)...
With a hot fur thrown in for dramatic effect...
Want the look?
Start with a demure dress...

Left to Right: Lotta Stensson Black Jersey Flounce Dress , $60,; Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti Satin Strapless Dress, $995,; Manoush Dody Strapless Dress, $115,
Throw in a hot shoe...

Left to Right: Charles David Peony, $275,; Christian Louboutin Specchio Very Prive Pump, $770,; Enzo Angiolini Maylie , $95,
And whatever you do, don't forget that status bag!

Left to right: Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Duomo , $1,360,; Gucci Ivory Leather Bouvier Hobo , $876,; Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Jasmin , $1,120,
Only the best will do!
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PSS Hopefully this made up for me being MIA on Tues...
PSSS Thanks Elsa!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cool Online Find:

So my computer woes continue, but I'm not letting that stop me! To be honest, it's gonna take a day or two for me to process that I have to spend a month's rent on a new the meantime my fabulous friends have been super helpful letting me use their machines. Here's to buddies!
Speaking of which, my buddy Jamila, who has been pictured several times on the Fashion Bomb alerted me to a cool new site called
It's an online boutique that focuses on urban street fashion with a luxury chic twist. It's been around for only a year and carries brands such as Moschino Jeans, Donna and Uomo,
Jeans Paul Gaultier, Just Cavalli, Fornarina, Evisu, and CNC Costume National.
I took a look and found many 'Fashion Bomb' worthy outfits.
The following cute dresses caught my eye...

Top Row: Custo Barceloa Ellen Open Shoulder Doman Sleeve Top, $235; Miss Sixty Beval Dress, $179.
Bottom Row: Charlotte Ronson Tank Dress, $76; Lotta Stensson Printed Kimono Tunic Dress, $110.
As did these great fall essentials...

Top Row: Fornarina Moim Jacket, $260; Miss Sixty Dyana Boot, $315.
Bottom Row: Fornarina Beige Nico Boot, $260; Goldsign Orchid Wide Leg Pant, $149.

Top Row: Christian Audigier Overnight Bag, $640; Miss Sixty Spring Bow Sandal, $89.
Bottom Row: Bettye Muller Red & White Print Ballet Flat, $93; Diesel Grey Pinstripe Piper Hat, $25.
And bonus: they even have accessories, outerwear, and apparel for the men in your life...

Top Row: Custo Barcelona V-Rivet Nylon Ribbed Hoodie, $218; Creative Recreation Cesario Lo, $80.
Bottom Row: William Rast Billy Flare 5 Pocket Jean, $165; Diesel Downtown Gaucho Shirt, $70.
To be true, the site is wee bit to defray costs, the nice people at offered a discount code exclusively to my readers! Enter H4HRM for 15% off your purchase from now until next Wednesday. Also: free shipping!
Get your shop on...
PS Join The Fashion Bomb Group on!
PSS Still on deck: Style File and Mail Bombs. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sad to say...

My computer is acting up!

It's been plagued with viruses and spam as of late. I tried to fix it myself with downloadable software, but it's just not having it!
My friend told me that he's never had a problem with his Apple laptop (I have a Dell--don't do it!). So it seems I'm going to have to take a trip to the Apple store sometime soon...
Horrible timing, but...what can ya do?
I'll try to keep the posts coming this week despite the crisis...
In the meantime:
*Batch Please talks about celebrity duo Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens.
*Tia over at Shake your Beauty discusses her favorite fall beauty items.
*Naki over at Style Chile discusses her love of Kimora's Life in the Fab Lane.
* Indulge in Malcolm Harris' fabulous life at Cut, Sew and Blog.
*Check out the new Armani phone at Strictly Fabulous.
*Discover website at I like her Style.
*Get the latest on Michael Vick, James Brown, and Beyonce at Stereohyped.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Real Style: Habana Outpost


So it was an unseasonably warm day yesterday, and I decided...what better way to spend it than at Habana Outpost?
...My buddies and I agreed that beautiful, sunny days would be in short supply, and we had to make the most out of it. Besides, it might've been the last Sunday we could sit outside with a frozen Mojito in hand.
I was looking around for fashionista's, and as usual Habana didn't disappoint. This young lady caught my eye...

...because of her pairing of a dressy element (skirt) with a very casual one (gray t-shirt). I asked her what inspired her outfit, and she said she loved to mix prints with solids. She also revealed that she had recently cut her hair (yay naturals!), and had taken to wearing scarves and hats in the interim. Cute!
What do you think of my last Real Style from Habana?
PS Just for fun...this song is changing my life right now:

Let's go on a living spree!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Mail Bombs

It's finally, finally Friday. Let me just say it's a miracle I'm up right now. But enough about me...

Time for mail bombs!
Let's get started.
Reader Afro Diva says, "Hi! I was wondering if you could help me find an affordable version of a pair of earrings I've been eyeing. I first saw these earrings in Kelis' "Bossy" video and I knew I had to have them. Lately, I've noticed that celebs like India.Arie..."

"...and Aisha Tyler..."
"...are rocking them at different events. They are so gorgeous and I'd love to find a pair. Thanks!"
Hey! I love those earrings! You can find a great pair for only $22... none other than anniversary sponsor Out of Hand Boutique!
If those are too small, you can contact the owner of the site
Who seems to be selling a larger pair for $38.
Good luck!
Next up, reader Renee says, "Tracee Ellis looked great during fashion week..."
"...Where can I find her dress?"
Hey Renee! It looks like Tracee is wearing a longer version of this Michael Kors Gold Tweed Sheath Dress....

...available for $1,695 at
Too much? Try this Short Cowl Neck Dress by Karen Zambos...

...which is a relatively reasonable $341 at
Next up reader GoldenHoney says, "I love this dress..."
"Can you please tell me where I can find it or something incredibly close?"
Hey Golden. You can get a Kelis look with this BCBGMAXAZRIA Strapless Chiffon Party Dress...

...It's $260 at
Next up, we have a boy reader!!!! Drew says, "Fall is officially here, but I wanted to know the designer of these shades (or where can I get the look)."
I'm so happy you're reading the Fashion Bomb, Drew! I couldn't find an exact match, but felt these $265 Metal Aviator Specs by Gucci...

...came close. Get 'em at Bergdorf Goodman.
Seems like a lot of people are looking to invest in sunglasses. Reader Stephanie says, "I have been trying to find these cute aviators that Kimora is wearing in this picture..."
"... I’ve seen her wear them on her show Life in the Fab Lane, but I can’t see what brand they are. Please help!"
Intern Elita's still on board, and helped out with this one!
She says, "It's hard to tell from this tiny photo, but it might be the Ming Aviators..."

"...which Kimora wore in the last Baby Phat ad campaign."
Get yours for $62 at
Thanks Elita!
Next up reader Courtney says, "I'm looking for the shoes Ashanti wore to 106 & Park recently..."

"...I'm thinking about getting them (depending on the price), but want a better look at them. Help a girl out! : )"
Hey hey. I couldn't find an exact match, but thought that these Dubois Striped Pumps by Michael Kors....

..came close. And for only $98, you can't go wrong!
Lastly, you wouldn't believe how many e-mails I received asking the make of Megan Good's overalls in this picture.
Cute, huh? It seems that Black Style Central provided a break down of the whole outfit here. Happy Shopping!
PS If you're having trouble viewing the site in Internet Explorer, I don't know what to tell you! Blogger Help is actually unhelpful...all I can suggest is to hit refresh until it pops up! The site's best in Safari or Firefox.
PSS In NYC? Check out Seasoned to Perfection's Sale...

Click to enlarge
Lots of cute, vintage stuff at affordable prices. I'll try to roll out!
Also, this should be fun...

Check it out!