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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Boutique Spotlight: Fly Boutique

So it's my last day in beautiful Miami...
...and I had to give you the scoop on a must visit boutique if you ever find yourself down here.
My super stylish friend Kelley directed me to a hotspot called Fly Boutique...
...that sells well edited vintage wears by top designers like Prada, Marc Jacobs, Lanvin, and more.
I took a look around....
...and with a bit of digging found some very Fashion Bomb worthy items:
This Janet Jackson '89 Jean Paul Gaultier white suit..
...was $128.
I almost had to get this gold flecked Diane von Furstenberg Jacket....
...which was a very reasonable $118.
I also stumbled upon this rare, one-of-a-kind Stephen Burrows Dress..
...which aside from being a piece of history was also $148.
While the clothes were great, I really had my eye out for accessories. Fly didn't dissapoint with tons of old school designer bags:
The 80's Louis Vuitton duffel on the left was $275..
..and the Gucci on the right was $195.
This hot snakeskin 70's purse was super chic....
...and at $118 I had to get it!
This 90's Black Leather Versace Bag with Gold Chain was a great throwback...
...and was $185.
And I thought this Gucci was somewhat chic...
...and at $98, it was a steal!
They also have a great selection of shoes....
These purple Miu Miu's...
...were $168.
These cute patent leather sky blue Manolo Blahnik pumps...
...were a reasonable $148.
These Marc Jacobs flats with a bauble detail...
...were $185.
And these YSL showstoppers...
...were $98.
Not to mention the many more Manolo's, Burberry, and Prada options..
...The Gold Manolo's in the shot were $128 and the Burberry's, $168.
Cute, cute stuff!
If you're ever in Miami, make sure to stop by Fly Boutique. They're located at 650 Lincoln Road. Need directions? Visit their website at
I'm sure it's not as warm back in NYC, so I've gotta run soak up the sun before it's too late. Back to life...back to reality...
PS One more day to submit your pictures! I'll be posting the submissions (and they're SO fly) tomorrow. Stay tuned.
PSS So far we've had Boutique Spotlights in Atlanta, New York, Tennessee, and Miami. Where will the Fashion Bomb go next?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Real Style: Miami

"We dont play we - take it to da house/M.I.A. - take it to da house/This the way we - take it to da house/Take it to da house - take it to da house/Three-oh-five - take it to da house/Boy we got dat fire - take it to da house/Slip-n-slide - take it to da house/Take it to da house - take it to da house."--Trick Daddy, 'Take it to the House."
Hey Guys,
So the Miami sun is amazing, and I've been having a great time sipping Coladas by the pool:) In between sips, I have of course had a bit of time to look around. While shopping, I ran into this young lady, and just had to take a picture...
...cute, huh? I love that her patterned dress is summery yet chic with its spaghetti strapped style yet long length. And peep the accessories: her sunglasses, bracelets, and earrings are bold, plentiful, and on point. She of course keeps it casually cool with an easy pair of flip flops.
So what do you think...does Miami have great style?
PS I found an *amazing* store that you must visit if you're ever down here. Stay tuned for deets tomorrow.
PSS The most fashionable Fashion Bomber contest! Show me by e-mailing! Deadline Nov 1st!!!
PSSS What are y'all gonna be for Halloween?!?!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Cool Online Find:

Hey Guys!
So I'm in Miami for a few days on business, and I plan on bringing you a bit of Miami heat! In the meantime, I wanted to tell you about a very cool online store I stumbled upon while doing my daily web browsing...
It carries one-of-a-kind vintage clothes and vintage inspired creations from up and coming designers like Soundgirl Clothing, Tulle Clothing, Blue Platypus, Stop Staring & more.
I took a look around and found some very Fashion Bomb worthy items.
I fell in love with ModCloth's work ready dresses...

Top Row: Carmen Sandiego Dress, $140; Vermeer Sweater Dress, $90.
Bottom Row: Colorblock Wrap Dress, $50; French Illusions Dress, $125.
Chic outerwear....

Left to Right: Twiggy Knit Coat, $199; Marzipan Coat, $80; Midnight Rendez Vouz Coat, $125.
...cute shoes....

Top Row: Vintage Scrunch Boots, $50; Button Ankle Boots, $40.
Middle: Bordeaux Plaid Heels, $70.
Bottom Row: Library School Heels, $75; The Beatnik Boots, $109 .
...and one-of-a-kind accessories...

Top Row: Tapestry Scarf, $20; Mythology Bracelet, $30.
Bottom Row: Classic Beret, $20; Falling Leaves Necklace, $15.
As an extra bonus to my readers: input the code fashionbomb10 for 10% off your purchase!
Happy Shopping!
PS I've gotten some great submissions for the most fashionable Fashion Bomber contest, but the more the merrier! E-mail me at! Deadline this Thursday.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Mail Bombs!!!

Happy Friday!
Last night was a little crazy...I went to the Black Ball for Keep a Child Alive featuring Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani, and Bono. It was *amazing* and uplifting (even if I was too far away to take pictures). What's not amazing, however, is that I got home from the afterparty at 4am...yeah. Having a social life (and a job!) has an inverse relationship to Mail Bombs...

...but I hope you understand! At any rate, I did my best to answer a few. Rihanna's been very popular this week, so why not just start with her?
Reader Keisha says, "I am truly digging the footless thigh highs that Rihanna is wearing..."
"...actually the whole outfit has a subtle fierceness to it. Please help!"
Hey, hey. It seems Rihanna is a huge fan of sweater dresses (remember last week?). Get her look with the following:

Top Row: Sete di Jaipur Ombre Wool Scarf, $155,; Calvin Klein Jeans Sweater Dress, $70,
Bottom Row: 48" Stirrup Leg Warmers, $10,; Christian Louboutin Gwenissima Black pumps, $680,
Next up, reader Shari asks, "
How do I get the look Rihanna rocked to Ne-Yo's Birthday bash???"
Sweater dresses to the rescue! Get her look with the following:

Left to Right: Acrobat - Turtleneck Sweater Dress in Charcoal, $167,; Donald J Pliner Women's Leon Boots, $400,
Yeah the boots are a bit expensive, but they're a much better option than the $2,000 Christian Louboutin thigh highs!
Next, we've got some blogger love! Jen from the B Life said in a post earlier this week: We need help!!!
...Do you have any clue where we can find this coat? Awesome doesn't even begin to describe it...
Hey Jen! I wasn't able to find the exact coat, but found a couple that came close. If you simply want a gray coat with a funnel collar and big buttons (like Rihanna), you can go with the following Soia & Kyo Saucer Button Walking Coat...
...for $350 at
If that's too much, this Coffee Shop Bird's-Eye Tweed Coat captures the look...
..and it's only $98 at
Good Luck!
That does it for the Rihanna love!
Next, reader Tonyiesha says, "Cassie looked great in this oufit..."
"...How can I get it?"
Cassie's all black look shouldn't be hard to achieve. Try the following:
Top Row: Leather Mandarin Collar Jacket, $198,; Clu Black Rib Knit Tank, $35,; Medallion Necklace, $5.80,
Bottom Row: Hammered Silver and Gold Bangle Set, $7,; Alice & Olivia Sequin Legging, $298,; Jeffrey Campbell Burbs Studded Heel, $100,,
Lastly, in the only non-celeb related Mail Bomb I could get to, reader ShaindyN wrote in, subject: Looking for a gold tee to wear under a party-type dress. She says, " I'm looking for a smooth fitting crew - I thought since metallics were the it thing this season, it would be snap, but it's not - any ideas? "
I found a few for ya. Try these:
Left to Right:Roxywear Puffed Sleeve top, $70,; Dondup Short Sleeve Tee, $105,;Loeffler Randal Gauze Top, $225,
If those are a bit too bulky, I'd suggest popping on a tank like these:
Left to Right: Donna Karen Collector Shimmering Tank, $495,; Metallic Tank Top, $24,
That does it for today!
Keep sending mail because I enjoy doing my little detective work. Maybe the winter will put some brakes on my partying...
Until then...
PS Take this weekend to snap some pictures of your fashionable selves and send 'em to me at! Bonus: I've got a third place prize: a $50 gift certificate to cool online boutique Lulu's Fashion Lounge...
I wrote about them here. Cute stuff!
PSS Roll out to Shop & Mingle!
PSSS Donate to Keep a Child Alive.

Read more here. Check out pics from the event here.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Style File Intervention Edition: Mariah Carey

Thank Goodness it's Thursday!
So lately this angelic chanteuse has been making her rounds promoting her new "fragrance", and I thought: who better to profile this week but....
...Mariah Carey?
While most Style Files exalt the chic of its subjects, Mariah Carey might need just a bit of help. Let's see why:
Mariah's wardrobe seems to consist exclusively of spandex and spiked heels. On or off the red carpet, you'll catch her in dresses that are clingy...
...low cut...
...or otherwise suffocating...
Even in more casual situations, you'll see her basically club ready in plunging necklines and sunglasses...
...mile high stilettos...
Or tight jeans...
...with even tighter tops.
Madame Mimi's wardrobe exudes a bit of trash instead of class... so my first style suggestion would be to incorporate fabrics other than spandex into her wardrobe..say cotton or even wool? Also, she doesn't have to kill it every time in low cut, short, and tight. She can achieve sexy with just short....
...while covering up her bosoms. Left to Right: Animal Print Illusion Dress, $148,; Democracy Puff-Sleeve Printed Jersey Dress, $124,; Karen Zambos Slit Tie Dress, $147, CoutureCandy
Or she can still go with a tight or low cut dress...
...that grazes the knees. These dresses work. Left to Right: Style & Co Printed Dress, $69,; Lotta Stensson Blue Shirred Jersey Dress, $72,; Silk Sweater Dress, $75,
Of course you can have one or two freakum dresses in your quiver for a night out....
Left to Right: Guess Jeans Felina Dress, $98,; Paillette Knit Tank Dress, $129,
And don't forget the peep toes!
Left to Right: Expected Stillettos, $110,; Hollywould Grace Peep Toe Pumps, $30,
Either way, I love her music. I have every single CD from Vision of Love up until Fantasy, and my Ipod has taken care of the others. What's your fave Mimi song? I still get hyped off of 'Make it Happen" and "Emotions"...
PS Aren't those Hollywould for Target shoes cute...and cheap?!?!? Check out the whole collection here.
PSS I've gotten some *great* submissions so far for the reader style contest, but I'm greedy and I want more! You have about a week! Send em to me at I'll keep an eye peeled! Also, I might have even more prizes to add to the's worth it!
PSSS Oh and don't forget to RSVP for Shop & Mingle at Tell 'em I sent ya!