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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Online Sample Sale: The Art of Shopping


My good friend Val (who is a shopaholic like myself) just told me about an online sample sale by The Art of Shopping.

The sale starts today and goes until next week Wednesday (December 6th)

Here are the details:

Not in New York for our Soho Sales? We are proud to offer another online sample sale just in time for the holidays. We have a great selection of women's & men's premium designer clothes at unbelievable prices.

No Tax!

Only $5 Shipping!

Everything is online at (you'll need to create an account and login using your e-mail address).


Sales, Sales, Sales:

From New York Magazine:
• Theory is taking 50 – 75 percent off men's basics; suits were around $995 but will start at $399 at the sale.
When: 2/1 and 12/4 (10-8); 12/2 and 12/3 (10-6)
Where: 520 Fifth Ave., at 43rd St., third fl. (212-398-2777)

• If Balenciaga is ordinarily beyond your budget, make sure to hit the 40 percent-off sale; leather riding boots were $1,345 but are now $799.
When: 11/30-12/15; Mon.-Sat. (11-7); Sun. (noon-5)
Where: 542 W. 22nd St., nr. Eleventh Ave. (212-206-0872)

Yay! + Real Style

The Fashion Bomb got a huge shout out on Young, Black, and Fabulous (one of the most entertaining, funny, and clever celebrity blogs in cyberspace)!

If you haven't heard of YBF, it's the winner of the 2006 Black Weblog Awards for both Blog of the Year and Best Pop Culture Blog. I contributed a 'fashion fab' piece that discusses fall/winter trends for guys and gals.
Check out my contribution here (and leave comments)!

Moving along...

Earlier this week I stopped by my coworker's office today and couldn't help admiring her gorgeous shoes:

She was wearing them with an understated black turtleneck and dark straight legged jeans.

I couldn't help but ask her...where did you get those?!?! She said they were made by a designer named Ashley Dearborn. I took that little nugget, and searched for the brand online. I found her website at
I peeped these other saucy styles:

I also found this pair on a website called Revolve Clothing.

Super Cute, BUT: AD's are definitely not cheap. They're all about $200 and up. My coworker said she found 'em on sale, so there's still hope for those of us on a budget...

Update, Revolve Clothing is having a 20% off sale that ends today. Enter SUGARPLUM at checkout for discount. (Thanks TightAmbitionz!)


* There's a private sale going on today in Bloomingdales locations. The word is that everything is 20% off!

*Nine West is having a boot sale! Snag a pair of trendy short boots or pumps for less than $100. Find a Nine West store location near you by going here.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Shoe Week: Real Style Care of the 2 Train

So I was riding home on the 2 train, and couldn't help but notice the amazing shoes of a lovely woman sitting across from me.

I was too much of a chicken to ask to snap a pic of her during the ride, but figured that if we got off at the same stop, it was a sign that she was destined to be on 'The Fashion Bomb.'

When she hopped off at my stop, I asked to snap her pic, and she was sweet enough to say yes! She paused in the station and thus seized her 'fashion bomb' destiny.

Here's a side view of her boots:

Here's how she rocked them with her outfit:

Her cream boots were the exclamation point to her mostly black outfit. I loved how she paired the boots with black opaque tights, and how her black and cream polka dot top ties everything in. Her charcoal trench belted at the waist also gave her a nice silhouette. In short, she looked adorable!

I asked where she bought her boots and unfortunately she didn't remember. Hmh. Well, I did a quick search online and found a few contenders if you're interested in the look.

These $220 boots by Dolce Vita were at Shopbop:

I found these $135 boots at

Along with these overpriced Juicy Couture's :

I find that cream/winter white is just as versatile as your go-with-everything black. Be daring and pair cream boots with a short wool dress, weekend skinny jeans, or a skirt with tights. You can almost never go wrong.

Word of warning to my New Yorkers: Cream gets dirty easily! Keep some neutral polish and a toothbrush in your shoe care arsenal for errant splashes and dirt.

PS Stay tuned for more views and reviews during Shoe Week on the Fashion Bomb!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Shoe Week: Flat Boots

I liken my feet to Naomi Campbell, in that they’re ornery, supremely demanding, and the first to bring the literal and figurative pain if you do anything it dislikes.

My feet don’t get along with most shoes. They throb plaintatively with anything too tight, and I can barely get through a full day with pumps on. It doesn’t help that my left foot is adorned with a gumball sized bunion I’ve nicknamed Bunita—which throws the equivalent of a jeweled encrusted blackberry to my leg if I ever try to get too cute.

I did a little research on foot pain and found that high heels only exacerbate foot problems. Also, Dr. Martin Ellman, quoted in a story I found on the Mayo Clinic website, said that heels should only be worn on special occasions ( a night out, special occasions, etc).

With the weather getting cool (and Ugg boots becoming a fashion faux pas), I’m thinking that sleek sophisticated flat boots might be the way to go.

Nicole Richie had some cute ones on in this pic:

And these ladies found the style cute enough to rock on the red carpet:

I decided to do a little search online for cute styles.

I love this Sunny Plain Mid Shaft boot by Frye:

And the short version is very cute as well:

These mustard colored flats from Anthropologie are a little out there, but I think the proper person could rock 'em well

These Nike G Series Cole Haan's (that are SO on my Xmas wish list) are dressy enough to wear with a skirt:

As are these $80 gems by Gabriella Rocha:

Get 'em at

Comfortable yet chic.


Boom: Interview with Shoe Designer Tiffany Chantra

Hey Y'all,

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
Sure the turkey, macaroni, and collards were delish, but I hope you can make a little room for one more steaming hot plate of fashion fabulosity.

I recently chatted with my designer friend, Tiffany Chantra, about her shoe company, Dru New York:

Dru shoes are practical, pretty pumps and flats for women on the go. They're stylish, saucy, and comfortable to boot:

And at around $100 a pop, they're pretty affordable.

Tiffany's only a few years out of college, but already has her own line which was recently featured in Lucky and In Style Weddings (bravo!).
Since we're buds, I decided I'd get the inside scoop.
Read on to learn about her line and style inspirations.

1. How did you get your start?

It all started with a little luck. I was looking for a summer job during college so I went to a career fair. While I was standing in this crowded room, someone came up to me, said she liked my shoes, introduced herself as the head of footwear design at Coach, and then asked when I could start!

After the summer at Coach and finishing my degree at Harvard, I dabbled in management consulting before returning to the fashion industry. I started working at a clothing store and for another clothing designer, as well as going to Parsons. I was toying with the idea of launching my own line after Parsons, when the store owner Kim Phan asked me to design a season of shoes for her stores where I worked, Project 234 and Project 159. So DRU New York began with the Spring 2006 collaboration and launched independently in Fall 2006.

2. A lot of young designers design for established brands, but you decided to strike out on your own. What motivated you to take your own unique route?

I think the seed was planted when I started working with Kim Phan and Mary Ping, both of whom are young, dynamic entrepreneur-designers. They showed me it was possible to make something new really happen, and to do it yourself. The idea for DRU New York developed as I found it more difficult to get fun, unique but wearable shoes, especially to fit the lifestyle demands of New York. With the opportunity to test it out and work with Kim, DRU New York got its start and came into its own.

3. Who are your professional idols? Who inspires you?

As you can tell from my story, Kim is an incredible role model and mentor. She is one of the friends and family who inspire me daily with their own work and life, who have all taken ideas, are trying something different and making something out of it, and all the while sticking to their values.

4. What kind of woman do you make your shoes for?

I design them with the New York lifestyle in mind, but with a sort of light vibe that reflects my LA roots. Whether or not my customers actually live in the city, DRU New York is for the women and girls everywhere who are on the go from day to night, love being on the move, and distinguish themselves from the pack. I aim for each shoe to be as fun, witty, and versatile as the people who wear them, and focus primarily on colorful flats and low heels so that DRU shoes fit comfortably and can really support that lifestyle.

5. Where are your shoes sold? Average retail price?

They are at boutiques in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Hong Kong, and online, such as Project 234, American Rag,, Milk, and They range from $95-130 at retail.

6. Who are your style icons? Favorite brands?

Kate Moss has great style. I love Marni, Jil Sander, Hussein Chalayan, Prada, and Balenciaga. The people behind these brands all think differently and pioneer ideas into fashion movements.


Want more? Visit Dru New York's website here OR, if you're in New York, come to DRU New York's first sample sale at Gen Art Shop NYC!

WHEN: TUESDAY, 5-DEC-2006, 6-10PM

Find more info about admissions, etc here.


PS It's shoe week, so stay tuned for real shoe style, celebrity fashion, and shoe news.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Real Style: Afroglam

I had lunch with a good friend today, and she, as always, looked cute.

I had to take a pic:

She hit a lot of the hottest trends all at once. Her vibrant orange dress was from H&M, her fashion forward footless tights were from Conway (for less than $5), her brown shoes were from Enzo, and her colorful bag was from Target. She also had make-a-statement accents: large bracelets, and nature inspired earrings that she bought from a designer in Harlem (who I'm going to have to feature in a future post).
The fabulous thing about my friend's style is that she always manages to look well put together without breaking the bank. I could take a few lessons from her!

About her unique style, she says the following:
To me Style is like talking and walking...everyone has a way of doing's as individual as your signature. I call my personal style "AfroGlam".

I love African culture and it always shows up in my clothes, shoes or bags. I am a fool for a print and any color! Yellow, Red, Orange or Blue all year around. I also like brass and Gold jewelry as well as jewelry that reflects things in nature.

The Glam comes in because I love being a glamorous women, I truly believe I should have been born in the 40' s when women wore dresses everyday. I will wear a dress anywhere! It is so feminine and sexy match it ups with pumps or platforms and you are glamorous no matter how short or how tall, skinny or thick!

Finally my AfroGlam style is whatever makes me feel good, I follow trends but I follow me first. When I wake up and I put something together and start dancing--oh I am going to wear that!

Well put! What's your fashion philosophy?


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Let me Upgrade You

"Partner let me upgrade you/Audemars Piguet you/Switch your neck ties to purple labels/Upgrade you/I can/Can I/ Upgrade you/ Partner let me upgrade you/Partner let me upgrade you/ Flip a new page/Introduce you to some new things and/Upgrade you/I can/Can I/Upgrade you."--Beyonce feat Jay-Z "Upgrade You."

So I've been talking to lots of fashion experts and wardrobe consultants lately, who have all stressed the importance of clothes fitting correctly. If you think about it, sizes are totally arbitrary...there's really no way that every piece of clothing in a store fits your unique body perfectly (i.e. nips in at the waist, fits over your bust, etc). All experts suggested investing in alterations and tailoring.

I have two J.Crew tweed 'jackets' that I have different issues with.

I bought this hot herringbone coat from J.Crew about 3 months ago:

I bought it when it was a little warmer, so when I wore it unbottoned with t-shirts it fit just fine. But as the fall chills set in, the bulky sweaters I wore under the closed jacket made the buttons pucker up like so:

It didn't fit the way it should ( You see how the buttons close nicely on the model)? I probably should have bought the size up and tailored it, but I liked how this one fit across the waist.

I decided I needed to get a hook and eye to close the gaps.
I went to a corporate tailor around my job...

...who said it would only cost $6 to add a few snaps. Cool.

When I went in to actually get the jacket tailored, she said that the hook and eyes would close the gap, but that the jacket would still be too tight. In order for the jacket to fit properly, I'd need to have the shoulders and arms let out...a process that would cost $40.
This is how the tailor tailored my jacket:

It definitely fits better across the bust. My sister said that it was, "Definitely an improvement." And with her validation, all is right in the world. I went to Splendid Tailors in the Rockefeller Center Concourse (tel: 212-218-2947), but they have locations throughout the city. Google them for a store near you.

I also bought this herringbone J.Crew coat last year (I clearly have a problem buying wool jackets from J.Crew but I promise I'll stop!):

This one fits across the bust, but doesn't fit in the waist. To take it in, I think I might try a tailor with a reputation.

I found an old article of New York Magazine that sang the praises of this guy Guillermo Molina located at 237 West 37th Street bet 7th and 8th (his website is I plan on going to his shop to see about his prices. If he's too expensive, I might try my tailor in Brooklyn who does a great job fixing straps and hemming pants. Name: Golden Touch Cleaners located at 326 Flatbush Avenue (right next to the B,Q to 7th Avenue) Tel: (718) 638-9182.
I'll let you know how it goes.

For those of you outside of New York, know that a tailor can totally upgrade your look. Clinton Kelly once said in an interview that the people who look like they have effortless style usually put in a lot of effort--meaning they take the time to get alterations. He also stressed the importance of clothes simply fitting correctly. Try your neighbordhood tailor or ask some impeccably dressed person if they use a tailor. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Photo Credit

Monday, November 20, 2006

NYC: Sample Sale of the Day!

Here's a quick one for all you NYC girls in constant search of cute clothes at low price points:

What: Designer Denim Sample Sale. 30%-90% off retail.

When: Monday Nov. 20th-Sunday Nov. 26th. Mon.-Sat. 11:00AM-8:00PM Sun. 11:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
Where: 128 West 37th St. (between Broadway & 7th Ave). New York, NY 10018
Sizes: WOMEN’S JEANS: 24 - 32 TOPS: XS – XL MEN’S JEANS: 29 - 40 TOPS: S – XXL

Sign up for future sales by going to

I'm way behind the boat with the skinny jeans craze...might need to check it out.

Update: I went today, and there are in fact some great finds in terms of designer jeans. I tried on Seven, Rock and Republic, Antik Denim, and Diesels. Just know that the jeans aren't super cheap..the big brands were about $100 each (which is still a bargain). I was looking specifically for skinny jeans and I couldn't find any in my size. But I think it's a great sale to go to if you need to find a pair of regular old blue jeans. Also: wear your good underwear! There's a communal change room.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sale of the Day!

For those of you in NYC this wknd, there's a vintage sample sale going on today.

Here's the rundown:

Tribeca Grand Hotel, 2 Sixth Ave., between White and Walker streets

Sale: Sat. 2 to 6 p.m.

Vintage designer pieces will be deeply reduced. Gucci fitted leather and mink belted winter coat, just $260; Christian Dior wool swing coat, $55; Miu Miu brocade flats, $40; long navy Chloe sweater coat with pockets, $70.

Check out their fabulous website


Friday, November 17, 2006

Friends and Family Coupons!

This is obviously my lucky wknd.

I love coupons. Adore coupons. And the fashion gods are smiling because there are oodles and oodles of Friends and Family discounts at nationwide stores for this very weekend.
My girl gave me the scoop (thanks!!!), and now I'm passing 'em on to you. Spread the word, forward, copy & paste. Happy Shopping (and have great wknds)!


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Real Style: Capes

George Costanza: You know what this has to do with? The man in the cape. I bet you he's mixed up in this. I don't trust men in capes.

Jerry Seinfeld: You can't cast dispersions on someone just because they're wearing a cape. Superman wore a cape. And I'll be damned if I'm gonna stand here and let you say anything bad about him.

On Saturday I was on the Upper West Side, and I ran into a friend who was wearing a very cute, yet different outfit.

Yup, that's a cape. I normally wouldn't like a cape, but the way she wore hers was very classy; the handbag only added to the sophistication.

The caped fashionista said that she found her gem for a little under $100 on

It's vintage, which is cool, and it had cute pockets on the front to stash gum, keys, what have you.

I think capes are perfect for this type of weather: chilly, but not too cold. But warning: wearing a cape could easily go from fashion forward to fashion faux pas. If you go searching for one, make sure it suits your style and could easily fit in your wardrobe. I did a quick froogle search and came across this Theory sweater cape at Neiman Marcus:

I also saw that Shopbop had a few ridiculously overpriced capes by Marc Jacobs and Development:

I was inspired, so bought my own small scale version of a cape:

When I wore it to work today, my boss said I looked like Sherlock Holmes.

Not necessarily the intended effect, but hey, I gave it my best:)