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Monday, March 31, 2008

Real Style: Rebirth 2008!

So every year I try to make it out to New York Urban League Young Professional's Rebirth event...
Chock full of people of color, it's a chance to mix, mingle, drink great wine and engage in a focused cultural event. Last year, the event featured a fashion show; this year, filmmakers of color showed shorts and drummed up interest for their feature films. I attended to catch a bit of Real Urban Professional Style, and was not disappointed!
These young men looked dapper in argyle sweater vests, glasses, and blazers, while the young lady in the middle keeps cool in a belted seafoam tunic worn over footless tights.
It's spring, but baby it's cold outside! These girls struck a balance in sleeveless dresses worn with tights and booties.
This talented filmmaker, Pete Chatmon, came to the event in a sophisticated steel pinstripe blazer worn over a pink checkered shirt; his glasses are a nice touch. Chatmon, called the 'Next Spike Lee,' recently produced a movie called 'Premium' starring Zoe Saldana, Hill Harper, and Eva Pigford. He's definitely one to watch. Check him out and catch a preview for Premium at or
Hello ladies! These two beauties look cool and carefree in strapless dresses in seasonless marigold and cream.
Traditional v-neck sweaters and blazers were the rule for these two young men...
These young urban professionals were corporate yet cool in pencil skirts, pumps, and shift dresses in neutral colors like gray and black...
And check out this showstopper! This young lady showed out in a white tuxedo worn with a ruffled black top. Amazing! I had to ask where she purchased, and she revealed the outfit was top to bottom Roberto Cavalli for H&M. If I had ever become dissuaded with H&M designer series, this outfit renewed my faith! Guess I'll be back on line for the next one...

With that said, does Rebirth 2008 have Real Style?
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*Want to become involved with the New York Urban League Young Professionals? Check out their website ( here.
*Check out my post from Rebirth 2007. These events are always super fun!
*Want to be hip to the New York Urban Professional Scene? Check out my girl Jen at the B-Life ( She always has the rundown of what's poppin in NYC, plus restaurant reviews and more! Tell her I sent ya:)
*Bossip wonders...
...who looked hotter? [Bossip]
*Yet another story on April's Vogue Cover. The author wonders about Annie Leibovitz’s' 'inspiration' and mixes in some history. An interesting read! [Media Assasin]

Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Mail Bombs

So it's the end of another great week!
Let's get to it.
Ramona says, "I need your assistance! I've been trying to find some jeans and or pant’s like what Kim Kardashian wore to TRL..."
"...Could you help me please?"
Sure! Looks like Kim is trying to bring the seventies back in some dark wash bell bottoms. It works! Try these:
Left to Right: J Brand The Doll Bell Bottom Jeans, $209,; Grey Ant Welt Jeans, $286,; J Brand Lovestory Bell Bottom Jean, $178,
Next up super trendy reader Chiriga asks, "I love turquoise for the spring!"
"...Where can I find the shoes Angela Simmons has on???"
Get a Simmons look with these $128 Fauta Moretti Closed Toe Slip Ons...
Teagan says, "I am trying to find this dress that Genevieve Jones wore at New York's Fashion Week..."
"...I can't find who the designer is anywhere online. Would you be able to help me? I would really like to wear something like this for my birthday coming up in April."
Hey there! I couldn't find the exact dress, but thought you could go with these floral print frocks to get a similar look:
Top Row: Plenty by Tracy Reese Ruffled Shift Dress in Gumdrop Stripes, $339, CoutureCandy
Nicole Miller Aqua Floral Swirl Silk Dress, $153,
Bottom Row: Tibi Coral Reef Dress, $420,; Single Printed Satin Dress, $325,
Just throw on a belt and sandals for a party ready look!
Next, Joi asks, "I was wondering if you could help me find something similar to the dress that Elise Neal is wearing..."

"...I absolutely love it."
I did a quick search and found this lovely Robert Rodriguez Ruffled Organza Dress:
...get it for $363 at
Reader Stephanie wrote in a while ago asking, "I wanted to hit you up about this dress that one of your readers you posted is rocking ..."
"...That black and white striped number is FIERCE!!!! Do you know where I could find it?"
The young lady in the picture admitted to wearing Sass & Bide, but you can get a similar look for less with this $70 Mitred Stripe Dress...
Lastly, reader Sheria has a wardrobe query. She says, "I'm going to a wedding at the end of May and I need to know what to wear. Got any suggestions!?!"
Try these beauts:
Top Row:Milly Margarita Floral Shift Dress, $340,; Joolay Cotton Dress, $92,
Bottom Row: Chetta B Tunic Dress, $250,; French Connection Fit & Flare Mini Dress, $140,
Oh and several of y'all got in touch asking, 'When are you having a Meet & Greet LA? Chicago? London?"
Not quite sure, but I'll try my best to pop in as soon as I can!
Have amazing weekends...I'm going to look for sneakers:)
Fashion, News, and What Nots
*Random Hotness:
Juliana Jabour Bicolor Tunic Dress, $212,
To the Max Pleated Shirtdress, $118,
*Check out new store Pink Cherie ( for low priced look-at-me jewelry. A few picks:
Left to right: Drop Earrings, $21; Diva Earrings, $25; Love Unlimited Necklace, $29.
All at Bonus: Use code FashionB10 for 10% off.
*Remember, my damies.... for the Fashion Bomb! You can vote every single day! Let's put urban fashion on the map.
*Check me out! [DC Goodwill Fashionista]

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cute Fashionable Sneakers

I went to my podiatrist the other day who informed me that I could stop hobbling around with a bandaged left foot (yay!), and could finally sneakers (boo!).
Horrible, I know.
I had high high hopes that I could at least wear pretty ballet flats after my surgery, but he wouldn't budge! "Sneakers," he said, "nothing more, nothing less." [As an aside the nurses, etc, are probably so fed up with me for always asking for fashionable socks and a cuter boot! But I digress..]
Obviously, as a fashion obsessed chick, I immediately took to looking for chic sneakers...styles that would actually look OK with work outfits or even *gasp* skirts and dresses. High tops are fine for a younger set, but a grown woman can't walk around the office with pastel sneaks!
I found these neutral options:
Top Row: Diesel Sport Women's Ballerikah Slip-on Fashion Sneaker, $80,; Vans KVD 46, $46,
Lacoste Lyndon Dotty, $80,
Bottom Row: Converse by John Varvatos Chuck Taylor Laceless Sneakers, $95,; Puma Mostro Perf Shoes, $100,; Nike Sunyassi, $79,
If I wanted to amp up the edge, I could do so in bright colors or metallics:

And if I really wanted to stunt, I could of course go with these logo laced lovelies:
At any rate, I'll have to find something to tide me over until I can wear 'normal' shoes.
It'll be good to have a pair in my arsenal for the weekends...must keep it fresh at all times!
Fashion, News, and What Nots
*Reader Chiriga is too chic! In response to yesterday's Purple Haze Post, she says, "I loooooove purple!"
"...I'm up on my trends!"
Yes you are! And snaps for boldly mixing that purple off the shoulder dress with red accessories.
*The Genevieve kiss mystery has been solved! Reader 'Courtesy of Moi' wrote in saying, "The guy with the braids is a twin. Their names are Ricky and Dee Jackson..."
"...They did the lego belts for Marc Jacobs' collection a while back."
Ohhh, ok. Anything cool with Marc is cool with me! Seems like they were long overdue for their Fashion Bomb debut! Check out Dee & Ricky on their webbie,
*The Chicago Tribune on the controversial Vogue cover. [Chicago Tribune]
*Get 20% off Shop Jake Shoes (
...I can't wear them, but you can! Just enter the code 'springshoes' for your discount.
*Speaking of Spring Shoes, Mark your Calendars....
...yours truly is having a Meet & Greet/No More Boot/Shopping Celebration on Wednesday, April 16th at Soho's Te Casan!!! From 6-8:30 come sip champagne, shop, and mingle with your fellow Fashion Bombers! It's gonna be!
RSVP to Can't wait to meet y'all. Did I mention you get 20% off the Spring Collection?? A celebration indeed, indeed. Go to to pre-shop.

*There's a pretty huge entry in today's Women's Wear Daily Memopad section on the Vogue cover controversy. Fashion Bomb favorite Bethann Hardison weighed in on the conversation, saying, "Every photograph that they've put of a dark person in recent years has never been good. Jennifer Hudson has her mouth wide open. LeBron James had his mouth wide open. We have other expressions." Another great quote is from Helena Andrews, a culture editor for the website who says, "It brings up the question of whether people are asking these questions in the editorial meeting of doing the sorts of images that conjure up those sorts of [feelings]. It's clear no one raised their hand during the editorial meeting and said, 'Wait a minute.'" Good point. If you have something to say, why not write a letter to Vogue? They publish them every month. Put pen to paper and mail to 4 Times Square, New York, NY 10036. OR e-mail them at (include your daytime phone number). Put all those college degrees to good use. [WWD]

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Trend Talk: Purple Haze

Hey!So I've been seeing the color purple pop up on on many red carpets in the celeb circuit. Eye catching yet sophisticated, it flatters most skin tones and also complements some of spring's bright accessories:

Venus Williams wears a cap sleeve shift with a metallic bag to ESPN the magazine's 10th anniversary celebration...
Kelly Rowland slips on a halter neck cocktail with a gathered skirt for a Prada Cocktail Party...
Angie Martinez goes for a wrap dress for the red carpet of Hot 97's Full Frontal Fashion Show...
And next top model Jaslene opts for separates in a body clinging tube top for BET's Rip the Runway...
This trend even crossed the pond to Paris...
...where Rihanna made pretty purple pop against a blue jacket and an electric yellow purse.
Want Rihanna's look? Go with the following:
Left to Right: French Connection Jack Jersey Jacket, $148,; Alexander Wang Tank Dress, $253,; Nordstrom Deco Crinkle Patent Tote, $198,
The best of the rest:
Bottom Row: Full Swing Dress, $98,; Traffic People Satin Trim Silk Chiffon Dress, $130,
Fashion, News, What Nots
*Blog Make Fetch Happens pontificates upon this Old Navy Commercial...

...starring model Nina Keita [Make Fetch Happen]
Who's this guy? Our favorite fashionable socialite Genevieve Jones was spotted swatting spit with this mysterious man March 20th at Radar Entertainment's new fashion division party. His pigtails are raised in approval!
*Fashiontribes on how to get...
...a Global Chic look. [Fashiontribes]

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Brooklyn Fashion Weekend: Designers You Should Know

So as promised, I'll give you the best of what I saw at Brooklyn Fashion Weekend! Several designers showed, but I only saw a handful...out of those only two caught my eye.
First designer that you should know is Joan Vaccianna (, who says on her website that, "lights from hard core steel buildings [and] the pulse of trains underground," inspired this contemporary collection tailored for the young woman with edge.
The collection featured sheer knits and ruffled satin tops worn with pencil skirts...
Evening and cocktail dresses fashioned out of everything from skin clinging leather to more forgiving chiffon and satin...
..and sultry frocks with short hemlines and tailored bodices.
The final walk...

...not quite avant garde, but very promising. And her work with leather is in fact different--I look forward to seeing more! Keep posted on Vaccianna by going to or its Myspace page,

I also enjoyed designer's Miss Bruno's presentation ( The collection consisted exclusively of overwhelming, eye catching scarves, perfect for spring weather.
The ample fabric allows one to pull the scarf over the head to fashion a hood...
...colors like coral and cream pop against more demure backdrops. And boys...don't sleep! This works for you as well...
I caught the final walk:

It's always great to discover new talent; and an event like Brooklyn Fashion Weekend allows us to see the next big thing. Next stop, the Tents of Bryant Park!
Fashion, News, and What Nots
*Miss Bruno's designs are available on their website! A few of my favorites:
Top Row: Peze Cafe, $50; Delancey Blues, $110.
Bottom Row: Rupees & Yen, $60; U-Carmen, $40.
All at No lie, I'm thinking of getting a coral creation. $40 is a steal for unique style!
*The Wall Street Journal on the business of selling...
...Lauren Conrad. Am I the only one slightly annoyed by her? She's super cute, but talent? Questionable. My two cents! [WSJ]
*Should I get a reality show too? Just askin... (rhetorically, of course)
*One of our favorite bad girls, Eve... set to help design Cartier's ‘love’ bangles. [Fashionista]