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Friday, March 30, 2007

Mail Bombs

"I GOT MAIL! I GOT MAIL! YAY!!!!"--Special Ed, Crank Yankers.

So I'm getting a good amount of reader mail aka 'mail bombs' these days...

...and today, I'm finally going to address a few of your queries!
Let's get to it.
First up is reader Reiko, who wrote me the following request:
"I am in love with the purse that Eva Mendes carried at the Grindhouse premiere..."

"Any clue as to who the designer is and where I can get it?"
Well, Reiko, you have impeccable taste! After a short search, I found that Mendes' clutch was none other than this Foldover Calfskin Clutch... Jimmy Choo. Only $1,250 at
Start your Choo fund!
Next up is reader Penne, who proclaimed:
"I LOVE these glasses..."

"...I don't know who makes them though. Can you help?"
Well after an exhaustic search, I found this pair of UrbanSpecs Vintage Glasses...

...which are a close match and only $10 at
If you want a better known brand, these Emmylou Sunglasses could work.

They're $60, and available at
Update: I found the sunglasses in question in the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar (pg. 87). They’re Chloe sunglasses, $275, at Saks stores. Couldn’t find ‘em online!
Lastly, reader Lamiachulita asked:
"Do you know of a good maker of skinny jeans for size 14 women? Help me

I referenced my Voluptuous Vixens post, and hit up the plus sized site for inspiration. I found many skinny jeans options, but thought that these Z. Cavaricci Black Skinny Jeans were a good choice...

...because of their slimming and flattering dark wash. Bonus? They're only $48.
That does it for mail bombs today.
Before I sign out, I must give a shout out to fabulous reader Kela who, after reading The Fashion Bomb's Cop Her Style Post about Beyonce......

...and discovering that Bey was wearing these $710 Christian Louboutin Fox Trot Platform Slingbacks...

...went out and bought herself a pair!

Well alright now! Notice how FLY Ms. Kela is in her shift dress and chunky bracelets! The Fashion Bomb readers are truly fabulous.
Well keep writing ladies, and I'll do my best to respond! E-mail me at
Have great weekends:)
PS Did you hear? The New York Post reported yesterday that Diane Von Furstenberg filed a lawsuit against Forever 21...

...for selling an almost identical copy of her her $325 “Cerisier” dress for $32! Yes those are two different dresses in the picture above!
While I totally respect intellectual property, why is Diane selling her dress for a 1000% markup???
Why so expensive Diane?
If it's unattainable, people are bound to copy. Have y'all seen these $80 Steve Madden Talli flats...

...that are almost blatant rip offs of $200 Tory Burch Reva Flats?

People want the look, but they don't want to spend $200 for some flats (I heard Tory Burch was suing stores like Strawberry's for copying)!
And if you do shell out the money, what are you paying for? My coworker who recently bought some T. Burch's wrote:
"So, before you buy those Tory Burch flats, know that they are crap. I believe they are plain leather flats made in India somewhere with babies sewing on those gold emblems.
I would expect that after dropping $200 in the seasons most talked about flats, I’d get a pair of GREAT shoes that I could walk around in all day. My flats lasted 2 DAYS before the leather started separating from the sole?? Saks took them back and said that they’d had a bunch of calls about that.
WTF Tory?? QUALITY control.
Sorry, I’m pissed because they were a huge splurge and I’ve wanted them for about a year now. HUGE disappointment."

Really?? So we're not even paying for quality?
What do y'all think?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Style File: Nia Long + Vogue

“But when she came to kick it, things became different./Any girl I cheated on, sheets I skeeted on./I couldn't keep it home, I thought I needed a Nia Long./I'm trying to write my wrongs/But it's funny these same wrongs helped me write this song.”—Kanye West ‘Touch the Sky.’

So today my fashion focus is on the prolific, cute actress Nia Long!

Nia’s style is supremely simple, yet superbly flattering.
For red carpet events, she keeps it safe in shifts...

...and strapless numbers... demure yet sophisticated grays, blacks and whites.
For nights on the town, she keeps it saucy with cute shorts...

...slinky tops...

...and leather jackets in earth tones like army green, chocolate brown, and khaki. Cute.
Want her look? Try these items:

Top Row, Left to right: Tibor Lamb Blazer, $150,; Gap Military Anorak, $70, ; Rebecca Taylor Puff Sleeve Mini Dress, $306,
Bottom Row, Left to right: Charlotte Russe Corset Top, $26,; Nine West Accolia Shoes, $73,
Diesel Modane Short Pant in Grey Mini Stripe, $143,
PS I finally received my April issue of Vogue in the mail. It’s the ‘shape’ issue, so articles touch on topics like anorexia in the modeling industry, trans fats in foods, and exercising. Their support of body acceptance is obvious, as they placed the beautifully voluptuous Scarlett Johansson on the cover.

First Jennifer Hudson, now Scarlett. Vogue is really trying to send the message that they, as a fashion institute, don't contribute in any way to the whole skinny model fiasco. Anna Wintour addresses the issue in her editor’s letter saying, “That fashion alone should be blamed for this health issue surprises me—many other fields such as movies, ballet, and rock music could equally be said to promote a thin ideal.” Sounds like we’re passing the blame, Anna. And all this recent ‘plus sized’ love reeks of tokenism. When the debate dulls down, will we continue to have shapely women on covers? That remains to be seen.
Anyway check out the issue for the exuberant Andre Leon Talley…

click to enlarge
…who says that he plays tennis to maintain his girlish figure. But don't get it twisted. In his contributor's note, he says that he's never “without a complete set of LV gym bags, racket covers, and mufflers.” Of course!
Also turn to the very back of the book, (pg. 366) for a feature on Alvin Ailey dancer Dwana Smallwood…

click to enlarge
…photographed by Annie Leibovitz. The article discusses her athleticism, perfectionism, and creativity in her vocation and in fashion.
Check it out!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Trendproof Item: Trench Coats

It's about time for April showers...and a classic trench is the perfect outerwear piece for the cold to mild temp transition. Timeless, chic, and utterly sophisticated, a trench coat is a must-have.
The most fashionable of women have been rocking fierce trenches for decades.
Style icons like Jackie Kennedy...

and Audrey Hepburn...

...wore their trenches in the 50's and 60's with large sunglasses and scarves.
Modern fashionistas have adapted the look to be their own...

...with non-khaki colors....

...and variable lengths

These days trenches come in many different styles and at very affordable prices. My trench choices:

Top Row: Double Breasted Belted Trench, $49.50,; Soia & Kyo Plaid Asymmetrical Trench Coat, $195,;Women's Short Belted Trench, $20,
Middle Row: Nine West Piped Trench Coat (Plus), $169,; Coffee Shop Fit & Flare Trench Coat, $68,; Triple 5 Soul Surplus Trench Coat, $160,
Bottom Row: Kibikibi Ruffle Collar Trench Coat, $105,; Patent Leather Double-Breasted Trench Coat with Belt, $40,; Trench Coat/Dress in Black, $139,
Fun Trench Fact:
Trench coats were invented by Thomas Burberry in 1901 and were first used by British and French soldiers in World War I...

Burberry Double Breasted Trench, $945,
Hence Burberry trenches indeed stand the test of time. Definitely a worthy investment!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rebirth! 2007

"Dressing in purples and pinks and greens/ Exotic as rum and Cokes/Living our lives with flash and style/Ain't we colorful folks?"--Maya Angelou

So last night I attended an event called Rebirth! 2007...

...sponsored by the New York Urban League of Young Professionals. The event was advertised as an,"evening of visual art, music and culture inspired by the young African-Americans that gave birth to the Harlem Renaissance, as well as the celebration of this cultural revival that continues to appear in New York City today." I'm all for celebrating cultural the event promised a fashion show by emerging designers, so I hopped in a cab after work and made my way over to the Mereces Benz dealership...

...where the event was held.
I reported on time at 7pm, but as with any 'urban' event, things didn't really get crackin until say...8ish. I had a lot of time to kill, so I decided to scope the crowd for fashionable folks. A few pix:

Straight from work, yet stylish. The girl on the left looks cute in her sassy shoes and bow-detailed light pink blouse. The young lady on the right rocks a sweater dress in daring white with demure flat boots.

I was immediately drawn to this group of friends because of the colorful yet conservative saffron dressed lady in the middle. The other girls took a few trends--footless tights, sequins, wide belts--and made them their own.

The graphic print mini dress is the look for spring, but this young lady adapted her frock to the cooler temps by slipping on tights with pumps. The red scarf on her white bag adds an unexpected yet pretty burst of color.

And lastly these girls, who work in creative fields, exemplified casual chic. The girl on the left's purple perfection dress is flattering and complementary to her amazing makeup. The girl on the right's boots were capital-f Fierce, and provided an exclamation point to her neutral outfit.
Lots of fashionistas in the house.
So after waiting and waiting, the crowd started to fill out...

...and it was finally time for the show.
First up was House of Osun, an African inspired line of one-of-a-kind wearable art. A few looks:

Click to enlarge
I loved the bright, bold colors, varied hems, and ethnic designs. I can just imagine one of their dresses under a cute jean jacket.
Next up was Harriet's Alter Ego, a line whose boutique I wrote about here. They create saucy, form fitting knits and African inspired pieces:

Click to enlarge
Once again, the bright colors held my heart, and the ruched dresses are on my list of 'must haves' for warmer temps.
Zulema Griffin, contestant on the second season of Project Runway, showed her collection last. This girl rocked the runway:

Click to enlarge
The construction was flawless. She stuck to a somber color palette of blacks, grays, and whites, but jazzed it up with gathered hems and unexpected cuts. Zulema is so talented, I can't wait to see what she does next.
To keep track of Zulema Griffin, visit her official site,
For more info on House of Osun, visit their website
For Harriet's Alter Ego, visit their website at, or visit their Brooklyn Boutique at 293 Flatbush Ave, tel 718.783.2074.
I really enjoyed the event. Now I'm wondering how I can become a member of the Urban League...
PS I'm quoted in a New York Post story today about minis called 'Thigh Anxiety'!!

An excerpt:
Claire Sulmers, a 26-year-old fashion blogger for The Fashion Bomb, votes "Yay" on the mini, as well.
"To me, minis exemplify youth, courage and sexiness," she says. "But I'd definitely recommend wearing footless tights with them, so your business isn't flying in the wind."

I'm an idiot.
To read the whole article, go here.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Naomi Sweeps Floors with Flair

"Naomi hit me...and I loved it."--T-shirt worn by Naomi Campbell

So, as many of you know, supermodel Naomi Campbell...

...was sentenced last week to 5 days of community service for throwing her cell phone at her maid. A slightly comical, yet egregious offense.
Instead of showing up in out of character flimsy fits or dour duds, she reported for duty every day in true model style: over the top furs, dark shades, and flawless hair. She looked so chic, that readers have actually been writing in asking what she's wearing!
For example, reader Shantrell asked :
Do you know where I can get the coat that Naomi Campbell wore for her first day of community service? It was a black trench coat that flared at the bottom (kind of like a dress) that coat was fierce and I have to have it!

Reader Angela also asked:
Have you seen Naomi Campbell doing community service? Where can I get hats like hers?

Really now. So I had to take a look at Naomi's looks to see what all the buzz was about.
On her first day...

I must admit that she looked somber yet sassy in her flared wool coat and lace up boots.
The next day...

...she brought it in a fur, fedora, sunglasses, and stovepipe black jeans.
On March 21st....

...her slick black leather jacket, bucket hat, and smart bag were fierce.
Day 4...

...she might've been tired of upholding her 'glam factor.' The whole 'fit looked a tad clownish to me, but the wine colored boots, purple satin top, and high waisted pants screamed model.
No matter, because on her last day...

...her fabulosity was off the meter with her red carpet appropriate Dolce & Gabbana gown, corset belt, and stiletto sandals. She's a trip.
I figured that if people are interested in her style, I might as well compile items to achieve a 'Naomi C en route to clean' look (just for fun!):

Clockwise from top left: Summer Coat, $248,; Nine West Ombré Faux Fur Jacket, $118,; Black Felt Fedora, $25,; Kenzie Shayla Boots, $152,
Kenneth Cole Reaction Black Notched Collar Long Leather Jacket, $255,; Marc by Marc Jacobs Plastic Contour Logo Sunglasses, $90,
Felt Bucket Hat with Button, $34,; The Grant Work Tote, $80, Center: Violet Dress Top, $37.80,;
Rumor has it that Naomi's auctioning her clothes off for charity...but she might be auctioning her actual work outfit, not her designer digs. Either way, you can channel the essence of the guilty yet glamorous Naomi C.

PS Guy Trebay at the NYTimes talks about Naomi's bratty behavior and wardrobe changes in the Sunday Styles section from this week. Great article. Read it here.
PSS The Styles section also featured flat shoes for its 'On the Street' pictures by Bill Cunningham...

The spread was called 'Comfort and Style.' Ummm, do they read the Fashion Bomb???

PSSS The first jacket in the 'Naomi C en route to clean' box is *so* cute on! It has the flared out style at the bottom, and the tie waist creates a great silhouette. I was *this* close to buying it this weekend, but French Connection seems to discrimihate on women with ample bosoms...their largest jacket size is a 10?!?! Can't I be stylish? Anyway, I still might go back and get it...the salesguy said I could have it let out by a tailor (as I did with another jacket). I'll think about it...for $250, I'd prefer perfection.