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Friday, August 29, 2008

Mail Bombs: Celebrity Looks for Less

So I'm in Paris, eating WAY too many crepes and drinking Orangina! I caught a bit of Real Style for ya (stay tuned next week!), but we all know what Fridays are for...
...let's do it!
First, Kendall asks, "There's a recent picture of Beyoncé wearing a feminine men's cut tuxedo suit."
"I know those are IN this season. Where, oh, where can I find some? To make matters tricky, I need the pants in a tall length! But I guess I can do that research if you point your readers and me in the right direction???"
Beyonce's wearing a modern version of 'Le Smoking' a menswear inspired pantsuit created by Yves Saint Laurent. I wrote about the style in a tribute to YSL here.
To get a similar look, Adriana found these items:
1. Diane von Furstenberg Desi Jacket, $445. 2. Forever 21 Velvet Pinstripe Blazer, $27.80. 3. Diane von Furstenberg Cece Pant, $275. 4. L.A.M.B Classic Tuxedo Pant, $185.
Next Nekaria says, "I Love the Simmons Sisters, they're hot!"
"... I was wondering if you can help me find the shoes they're wearing in this picture."
It seems that the fly sisters are wearing the following styles:
1.Yves Saint Laurent Black Tribute Sandal, $760. 2. Gucci Babouska Studded Bootie, $995.
Quite a lot for some stilettos! If your money's more 'Pastry' than "Gucci", get similar looks with these lower priced options:
1. Report Signature Beatrix Platform Sandals, $108. 2. Colin Stuart Studded Bootie, $98.
Nicole from Indianapolis says, "Can you please tell me where I can find the swimsuit Rihanna wore to Barbados with Chris Brown?"
" Many cynics think it’s ugly because it’s too mis-matchy, but I think it really shows that rock-glam look she is always trying to achieve. PLEASE help me out!"
Adriana says, "My guess is she mixed-and-matched pieces from separate bikinis to achieve her look. Try the mix and match bikini options that American Apparel, Victoria's Secret, and Old Navy Offer."
Tap American Apparel, where you can buy the following items for a similar style:
1. Nylon Tricot Zebra Print Triangle Bikini, $28. 2. Nylon Tricot Flat Bikini Bottom, $25.
Leanne fell in love with Aubrey's TRL dress:
She says, "Can you tell me who made it? And where can I find something similar for cheaper?"
Aubrey is wearing this Marc Jacobs creation... can buy it now for $460 at
If you want a similar off the shoulder look, go with these:
1. Cynthia Steffe Boardwalk Dress, $137. 2. Tibi Twiga Square Neck Dress, $174. 3. Puella Off the Shoulder Mini Dress in Noir, $149.
Erica says, " I wanted to know if you could tell me where Ashanti found her belt."
" If not that one, could you show me an alternative?"
Get the look with the following:
1. Rose Embellished Belt , $29. 2. Versatile Patent Belt, $49.
That does it!
Just a few more days in Gay Paris before making it home in time for Labor Day! Monday is a holiday so I won't be updating, but be sure to log on on Tuesday for a few "Anniversary" surprises!!!

The Fashion Bomb's 2nd Anniversary Party!!!

*So for my 2nd Anniversary, I'm throwing yet another Fashion Week Party in NYC!!!!
I'm joining forces with Fashion Indie and JI Group for a Fashion Week Blowout!!!
Come to Aspen (30 West 22nd Street bet. 5th and 6th) at 10pm on Friday September 5th to celebrate Black Fashion!!!
RSVP by clicking here.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

You Should Know: Colures Magazine

So while I'm here, I'm trying to get a full view of everything fashionable in Europe. A friend turned me on to a magazine called Colures...
...a UK publication that focuses exclusively on black fashion.
I know! While we're still hurting over the loss of Suede, magazines like Colures produce smart fashionable shots and shoots featuring women of color.
In addition to top notch fashion...
The magazine has intriguing articles...
And scintillating accessories spreads...
Who needs Italian Vogue when Colures represents us all the time???
To read more about Colures, visit the site at
Take a peak at back issues, and subscribe for about $120 a year by clicking here.
PS Check out an interview with Colures Editor Leonie Brown here.

I'm in the Wall Street Journal!!!

*I'm quoted today in an article on Dress Codes in the Wall Street Journal!!!
Ahem. "...For Claire Sulmers, a 27-year-old fashion blogger in New York, the stumper was an "international" dress code. She thought she was playing it safe with a classic look -- a wrap dress by Diane von Furstenberg in muted colors. But when she arrived, she felt "slightly under-dressed," as she mingled with men in European-cut suits and women in celebrated designers' gowns..." Read the rest here!
*Oh and Happy Birthday Dad...
...Thanks for everything:)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Get her Look: Beyonce

So I'm in Paris!
If you love beautiful things, then you will instantly fall in LOVE with Paris! Everything from the architecture to the fashion and petits cafés are simply breathtaking.
Though I'm on vacation, it seems The Fashion Bomb train keeps chugging along. I'm going to try to relax for my next few days here, but know that you guys still savor your typical fashionable flair.
The weather's getting a bit chilly, and Beyonce seemed fall ready in a jeans and blazer ensemble she wore recently:
While Beyonce is obviously balling in this Chanel Resort 2008 Tweed Jacket...
You can go for a Beyonce inspired autumn outfit with the following high and low priced items:
1. Bernard Zins Tweed Jacket, $596. 2. Radiant Melange Necklace, $49. 3. DKNY Seamed Peplum Jacket, $45. 4. Cafe Culture Necklace, $39. 5. Corpus Skinny Jeans in Blue Acid, $165. 6. Ray Ban Wayfarer II Sunglasses, $139. 7. BDG Vintage Crackle Cigarette Jean, $54. 8. Chloe Heloise Python East-West Satchel, $4,495. 9. Steve Madden Ozzy Tan Patent, $140.
I'm off to the Louvre!

Don't Forget Black Weblog Awards + Fashion Week Fun!!!

*Voting for the Black Weblog Awards ends August 31st!!!
Remember to vote for  The Fashion Bomb under "Best Style and Fashion Blog" and "Blog of the Year"!!!!!
Also, show some love to blogs Concrete Loop, What Would Thembi Do?, Young, Black, and Fabulous, and Afrobella (I know she's my competition, but she's in multiple categories and a very smart writer).
*Fashion Week in NYC is coming up September 5th-12th...
...and the Fashion Bomb will be in the building capturing Real Style and schmoozing with Fashion's finest. Fashion Week also coincides with the Fashion Bomb's TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! Stay tuned for a few cool developments (so excited!) including a NYC Fashion Bomb event!!! Details coming very very soon!
*This is a bit random, but I was tickled to see this on several Parisian Newsstands...
...even the French are saying, "Oui, Nous Pouvons!!!!" (Yes, We Can!)
*Moncler Jackets have done it once again, taking the typical puff jacket to the next fashionable level:
Nitrolicous has pictures of their new Gamme Rouge collection, a collaboration with designer Giambattista Valli. If you don't know about Moncler coats, you need to ask somebody! In New York especially, ladies who lunch who need the warmth of a puff jacket, but the fashion of a cute coat tap Moncler for their marriage of function with sophisticated shapes. They'll set you back quite the pretty penny, but look at those! Chic! [Nitrolicous]
*Check out my girl Kelly of Black & White PR and Mari J on their new Fashion Talk Show "Fashionably Yours"...
...Each Monday, starting September 8th, you'll be able to hear Kelly wax on on all things fashionable. Not in NYC? Download her program here.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Real Style: Nottinghill Carnival

Every third weekend in August, Londoners have an event called Nottinghill Carnival...
...tons of people stream the streets of London's Nottinghill and Ladbroke Grove neighborhoods to celebrate Caribbean culture, music, and food:
Turns out my vacation fell during this time, so I had the great opportunity to partake:
I was set on enjoying myself, but knew I had to capture just a tiny bit of Real Style to give you guys a taste of the Carnival!
Check it:
Hip hop chic was the trend, as this group flaunted their doorknocker earrings, dookie chains, and Adidas jackets...
These young ladies were eye catching in dresses with waist cinching belts, a herringbone patterned skirt with gladiator sandals, and a patterned top with skinny jeans....
This group had a lot going on, but captured trends I saw a lot in London: shorts worn with stockings and lots of plaid...
..and I did find a few guys, who were very fashion forward with hot hairstyles, shorts with suspenders, and English naval inspired jackets.
I'm off to Paris today...hoping the internet connection stays constant!

Karl Lagerfeld's $1500 Bear + American Apparel Afrika Print

*Famous German teddy bear maker Steiff created a bear in the likeness of Karl Lagerfeld, replete with dark sunglasses, a dark suit, high collar and logo belt.
Only 2,500 limited-edition teddy bears will be launched at Neiman Marcus stores this September for $1,500 a pop. A $1500 Chanel bag, maybe. But a bear???? Not happenin!
*American Apparel has released a new line called 'Afrika'...
...comprised of leggings, tube dresses, and tops in African inspired prints. African prints are suddenly very commercial...
*Remember when we debated whether or not Solange was a Style Star or a Work in Progress? Well, here's another outfit to throw into the discussion... can never say she's afraid to step out the box.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Real Stye 2.0: London

So I'm in London, enjoying shopping at TopShop, walking around Trafalgar Square and drinking Pimms!
While I'm here to relax (natch), you know I still had to find some Real Style!
So I present episode three of Fashion Bomb TV!

What do you think of London Style?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Quick Mail Bombs...

Hi Guys,
So I'm in the worst airport in the world, Washington Dulles, and there is little to zero internet access!!!
Yeah, it sucks. I have an hour and a half layover, and it's already taken me an hour to get online!!!
Thankfully stellar intern Adriana pitched in, taking over Mail Bombs today! I have a few minutes to post a few before boarding. Let's do it!
Prisca says, "I love your site and wanted to know if you can help me achieve the look below..."
"...Gabrielle Union is my style icon and I want to know if you could help me find her shoes in the picture below or a cheaper alternative (I am a diva on a budget lol)"
Adriana found you can get the look with the following items:
1. Double Knit Slim Ruffled Halter Dress, $139. 2. Jayanna Side Lace Sandal, $129.
Next, Cheryl from LA says, "I must know who made these shoes..."
...they're hot!"
Adriana to the rescue! She says, "Cassie is wearing a version of these Pierre Hardy Metallic Strappy Platform Lace-up shoes..."
"...These are from Hardy's Fall 2008 line and are currently only available to pre-order. They retail for 850 Euros (or a little bit over $1,200)."
Next, Soraya says, "I recently saw this jacket on Gossip Girl star Blake Lively, can you tell me where I can find it??"
"Its fierce and I would like to incorporate it into my post grad school wardrobe."
Adriana says, "Blake's purple-striped crested blazer is from Ralph Lauren's Spring 2008 RTW collection..."
"...It might be tough to still get in store but visit Ralph Lauren's Web site to contact them or find a store near you."
Lastly, Dee says, "Where's the best place to get fresh water pearls? My budget is $100-200."
Adriana offers, "Surprisingly, one of the best places to get freshwater pearls is a reputable moderate department store (like Macy's), as their jewelry departments tend to have lots of quality designs in this organic gemstone. Here are some stylish and affordable pieces:"
1. 14k Gold Cultured Freshwater Pearl Necklace, $175. 2. Multicolored Freshwater Pearl Strand, 72", $150. 3. Sterling Silver Cultured Freshwater Pearl Drop Necklace, $70.
Adriana, you're a lifesaver!
Hope that was enough Mail Bombs fun for ya:)
I'm sure my hotel abroad will have internet access. Hopefully I'll be able to update regularly while I'm away:)
Until then, Cheerio, Bisous...