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Monday, June 30, 2008

Real Style: Chicago

So my interns have been keeping busy this summer, helping solve Mail Bombs and also catching Real Style in their respective hometowns.
Checking in today is Charle, who brings us a bit of style from her neck of the woods.
So while traipsing around Wicker Park, Chicago's most fashion conscious neighborhood, I stumbled upon this handsome writer named Chad:

What amazing color mastery! Pairing that lavender American Apparel shirt with a vintage blue polka dart scarf is genius! He studied Fiction Writing at Chicago's Columbia College, but I couldn't believe he'd never taken a fashion class. Great job accomplishing a very quirky ensemble with masculine basics, sir.
Would you let your boyfriend wear this?

Hmmm, I think I'd be ok with it!
Would you?

Kanye at Lanvin, Chunky Gold at American Apparel, plus Stars love Louis Vuitton Camo Bags!

*In more Men's Style News, Kanyeezie hit up the Lanvin show in Paris with this nerd inspired outfit:
...I don't mind the shorts!
*American Apparel comes out with chunky jewelry...
...Ranging in price from $25-$48, they're perfect for the b-girl or b-boy on a budget. Check out the collection here. [American Apparel]
*Nitrolicious asks who wore it better?
They're working those Louis Vuitton Camo Bags! [Nitrolicious]
*It's been a while since we've had a contest, so whoever can tell me where one can find this Obama 'Run DC' shirt (style after Run DMC)....
...will win a Fashion Bomb T! E-mail me at with a link!
*A European Vogue Cover Model committed suicide recently in New York City...
...the AP says, "Ruslana Korshunova, 20, died around 2:30 p.m. in a fall from a building on Water Street, in Manhattan's Financial District...Originally from the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan, the almond-eyed, flowing-haired Korshunova appeared in advertisements and on runways for such designers as Marc Jacobs, Nina Ricci and DKNY. British Vogue hailed her as "a face to be excited about" in 2005." Sad. [AP]
*Ebay was fined for selling fake Louis Vuitton Items online...
...According to the AFP, "The court found that eBay had committed "serious errors" by allowing the sales of fake LVMH goods and violating the perfume sales distribution network set up by Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior Couture. eBay was ordered to pay nearly 40 million euros (63 million dollars) to the six plaintiffs including 19.28 million euros to LVMH Malettier, which makes handbags, luggage and other leather goods." [AFP]

Friday, June 27, 2008

Mail Bombs

Sorry for the late post. What can I say? I have a summer Friday, and had a late night.
I did what I could, however...
...let's get started!
First, reader M says, " Could you please let me know who Lauren's shoes are by???"
"... I love love love studs! I'll be forever thankful!! "
Seems Lauren is wearing these $250 Report Signature Masonic Sandals...
...get 'em in nude (shown) or black at
Next Nikki says, "I saw this outfit and automatically knew I needed to have it for an upcoming party..."
"... Any idea where I can find it?!"
Get a similar look with this jumpsuit and shoe combo:
1. ASOS Cheesecloth Bandeau Jumpsuit, $60. 2. Oh Deer! Jamocha Shoes, $78.  
Next, Fai says, "I adore Rihanna...almost to the point where it's kinda scary."
"Are there any jewelry pieces that are must haves for Rihanna fans like me?"
As you guys know, Rihanna gets tons of questions on this blog! I've profiled her jewelry game for several posts. I encourage everyone who writes in to search my archives (check the right hand sidebar), but for this question, I did the searching for ya!
According to this February 29th Post, Rihanna loves to stack on Kenneth Jay Lane Bangles!
In this instance...
She artfully layered his $98 gold Pyramid Bracelets..

And in this May 16th 2008 post ....
I found that once again, Rihanna stacked and mixed and matched different types of Kenneth Jay Lane Geometric Bangles...
Not one to stick to one tune, I found in this post...
that she favors studs as well, like this $13 Triple Strap Bracelet:

And lastly, in this June 6th, 2008 post:
We found she was prone to wearing chunky necklaces like these:
1. Kenneth Jay Lane 16 Gold Twist Tube, $102. 2. Dookie Monster Triple Link Chain, $48. 3. Curb Chain Choker, $450.
In sum, to get Rihanna's look, invest in some Kenneth Jay Lane bangles, studded bracelets, and chunky necklaces! For more Rihanna love, check out her archived posts!
Lastly, a wardrobe query from Quaneshia from Memphis! She says, "I have a question about what to wear with this dress..."
"... I absolutely love the colors and the dress fits me like a dream. The black shoes the model is wearing are definitely NOT an option for me. Please help me with some accessory suggestions (shoes and bag) that will make this dress standout. I would greatly appreciate your help."
Since this dress has yellow accents, I say you go with accessories to pick up on that. Try these:
1. Flap Front Clutch, $45. 2. Fendi Medium Baguette, $995. 3. Nine West Jaiya Peep Toe Slingbacks, $90. 4. BCBGirls Iriana Sandals, $50. 
That does it!
Off to enjoy the day:)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Spotlight on: Arlenis Pena

So today I wanted to shine a spotlight on up and coming Dominican model Arlenis Pena...
After her sparkling 'debut' as it were in Vogue's July issue, I thought it fitting to relay her tale for those who don't know:
A designer caught sight of 18 year old Arlenis in her native Dominican Republic, and knew he was looking at something special. He took a snapshot of the beauty, and sent it to Marilyn Agency in New York. Impressed with her pic, they arranged for her to fly to JFK--she was subsequently booked on the spot. She debuted on the runway for the holiday Banana Republic Show in NYC...
...then went on to stomp in Christian Dior's Resort 2008 show this past March...
...aside from her editorial in Vogue's "Is Fashion Racist" article, also keep an eye peeled for her in the Italian Vogue issue (on newsstands soon, I'll let y'all know!)
It's exciting to see new blood. Looks like Bethann's dream of diversifying the runways is coming to fruition!

Men of Color in DSquared Show + BET Awards on

Fashion, News, and What Nots
*Speaking of changes on the runway, Fashionista reports that the DSquared Men's Fashion Show in Milan was dominated by men of color...
"In reverse of how shows usually go, the majority of the models were black, with just a couple majorities. Now, there's a delightful rumor on COACD, that next week's Lanvin show will have an "all ethnic" line up." Read more here [Fashionista]
*Mon Dieu! Go to!! On the homepage, you'll see Look of the Day, asking visitors to vote on the best looks from the BET Awards:
WHAT??? This is crazy. Sexy? Cool? Click here vote.
*According to WWD, Janet Jackson is set to launch her own lingerie line...
...she was very mum on the details, however. I imagine her rolling out lots of corsets, garter belts, and bras with detachable cups!
*Check out dope website Abazias ( to satisfy your diamond lust. Sparkly studs like these 1/4 carat lovelies:
...are only $200! Check out for more luxury for less.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

BET Awards: Hits and Misses

So the BET Awards were on last night... know I was out, so I didn't get a chance to watch!
Still, I had to check out the red carpet highlights for Fashion Bomb Hits and Misses.
First the hits:

You can say many things about Cassie, but you can never say the girl is poorly dressed. She stepped out in typical fly fashion in a Pepto Bismol pink mini cocktail and peep toe stilettos. Love it!
Alicia Keys also went for pink in this perfectly fitted strapless dress...
Jordin Sparks shined in a flattering and well tailored crimson number...
And Solange Knowles looked surprisingly chic in this patterned frock...
..I see you Solange!
Another shock (sort've) was Miss Lil Kim...
I actually liked this deep plum halter cocktail. Given her track record, this was an unequivocal 'hit.' It fits, it's flattering, the color is dope.
A snap goes to usual suspect, Rihanna...
...who looked a bit out the box yet beautiful in this floor sweeping neon gown. Initially the color hurt my eyes, but it works for her, and the makeup is simply chic.
Lastly, Gabrielle Union looked gorgeous tapping into the maxi dress trend...
...wearing an all white flowing number with silver accents.
Not everyone showed and proved:
Jennifer Hudson tried, but unfortunately this was a miss for me. As a curvy girl, I know it's hard to find the perfect bust fit, but this dress is too small:
...Fit is everything! A bit more wiggle room would've made all the difference!
Toccara seems to have also missed the 'fit' lesson...
...the top of her dress is gorgeous and sophisticated, but the bottom gets scary with pulling and pleating. Satin is a dangerous fabric: unless it fits perfectly, it can signal fashion suicide!
Keyshia Cole actually suffered from the opposite 'fit' effect...
...her yellow dress is eye catchingly pretty, yet the shoulder section seems to be too big on her. And isn't she hot?
And lastly, the biggest miss had to be...
...Lil Mama. There are no words. But I think we know that Lil Mama doesn't purport to be fashionable, just unique.
My two cents! What were your hits and misses?
Fashion, News, and What Nots
*For past Fashion Bomb awards reviews, click here.
*Check out more BET Awards coverage at
*A lot of you mentioned Nia Long's dress...
She wasn't on the carpet, but her plum gathered dress was definitely a hit!