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Friday, May 30, 2008

Mail Bombs + Sex and the City!!!

Sex and the City is in theaters you have your ticket??
Even though I saw it last night, I think I might go again with my girlfriends!
In celebration, I'm going to answer a few Sex and the City queries.
Let's get started!
Tawanda from Greenville, North Carolina writes, "Carrie Bradshaw wears these Christian Dior sandals in the Sex & the City Movie."
"Where can I find a similar pair for less?"
Girl, I loved those shoes!!
Thankfully intern Aramide stepped in and found the following lower priced options:
1. Bakers Shoes Gladys WP Sandals, $74. 2. Bakers Shoes Candice Sandal, $65. 3. ASOS Heavy Gladiator Sandals, $120. 4. Steve Madden Madalynn Black Multi Sandal, $110.
Note: Of course the Steve Madden ones are already backordered till June 24th...!
Next Bambi wanted to recreate this lovely look...
She says, "When I saw this picture, I knew I had to have it. Please please please tell me how I can get it!"
It is super cute (and great for the office!). Get her look for less with these:
1. Asos Safari Waistcoat, $61. 2. Asos Chambray Bow Mini Skirt, $51. 3.  Spiegel Criss Cross Strap Sandal, $15.  4. L.A.M.B.  Dominic Striped Sandal, $320.  5. Kenneth Cole New York Keyhole Tote, $239. 
A few readers got in touch with requests from the actual series.  RC says, "I’ve been looking for a skirt similar to this can you help me at all please."
"I absolutely love how it fits and it is a necessity and I must have it."
It's been a while since Carrie wore this on the show, so the exact silhouettes are hard to find. You can get a similar look, however, with these:
1. J.Crew Stripe Twisted Placket Shirt, $60. 2. Max Mara Skirt, $209. 3. Urban Outfitters Straw Clutch, $28.
In another throwback question, Anisha says, "I loved her accessories in this picture!"
"Can you help me get her look?"
Channel a city cute Carrie with these:
1. Disney Couture Bambi Hoops, $40. 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Blue Floral Dress, $178. 3. Enamel Heart Necklace with Crystals, $75.4. Banana Republic Flat Iron Embossed Shoulder Bag, $125. 
That does it for SATC Mail Bombs!
We had just a couple non Sex and the City related questions.
Edrei says, "I MUST have this jumper."
"...Any idea where I can find something similar?"
Adriana searched and found these:
1. Sea Pleated Front Strapless Jumper, $393. 2. Asos Shirred Cotton Jumpsuit, $48. 3. Asos Lurex All in One Harem Jumper, $61.
Lastly, Sally says, "So I was doing my usual blog browsing last night and I saw this bag Beyonce was rocking. VERY HOT!"
"If you know me then you would know that I adore handbags. If you can find something similar, you'll put a smile on my face."
I felt this $55 Kathy Van Zeeland Satchel came close...
...get it from
That does it for today! Have great fun. And tell me what you thought of the movie!

Afternoon Quickie: Usher

Guess who's Usher's Fashion Blogger?

Log onto for the best in male fashion and Usher looks for less. And check out his album...
...I just heard it, and it's fire! Click here to buy.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Your Summer Work Wardrobe Guide, Part 2

So...Sex and the City last night was *amazing*! I won't give anything at all away, but trust me, even if the plot leaves you scratching your head, the fashion makes up for it!!! It was so deep, even I have some "Mail Bombs" for that movie!
Anyway, I hope you all sip some cosmos and enjoy the show with your girlfriends this Friday. It's a fashion lover's must see!
So last week intern Adriana tackled Part 1 of the Guide to your Summer Work Wardrobe. She was fab enough to tackle Part 2 today! Enjoy!
Hey FB’ers!
So last week we nailed down dresses, jackets, shoes, and accessory essentials for your summer work wardrobe.

Throw in these additions for a well rounded look:
1. Tops
With tops, you want something that will work as a good base for your outfit, layer well, and still be a little eye-catching. Try for soft, breathable fabrics with little details (pleats, ties, shimmer, funky shapes, etc.) or look for new takes on a classic (J. Crew’s silver lamé Oxford-like shirt, below). Tops are a great way to liven up neutral pants and blazers, and are usually the easiest addition to your summer wardrobe both cost and space-wise. Remember to opt for a little sleeve action, at least covering your shoulders (capped or small ruffled sleeves are a great compromise):
1. Diane Von Furstenberg Carone Top, $198. 2. J.Crew Whisper Lame Shirt, $110. 3. Anne Klein Tie Front Shirt, $89. 4. Bow Tie Floral Top, $79. 5. Chiffon Ruffle Top, $22.80.
2. Skirts
Summer is the season to play with fabrics and fun silhouettes (like a bubble skirt). Knife-pleats, vivid prints, and swingy hems are great ways to add flair to a work skirt, and a high-waisted, pencil skirt with a unique detail (a bow front, cool stitching, or a wide leather sash with a side-tie just at your waist) can make for a fresh, sexy take on a classic:
1. Milly Bow Front Pencil Skirt, $137. 2. Banana Republic Linen Abstract Skirt, $62.30. 3. Forever 21 Spotted Woven Skirt, $22.80. 4. Tibi Pleated Skirt, $273.5. Tracy Reese Canvas Printed Pencil Skirt, $240.
3. Pants
Across the board, pants are by far one of the hardest items to shop for. And let’s be real: slim/skinny pants, cute as they look and “on trend” as they are, just don’t work for everyone (but we have included a few below that caught our eye). A cut I really love and that flatters almost any shape is the elegant, Hepburn-style, wide-legged trouser. It’s sexy and chic, definitely on trend, and effortlessly airy for summer days at the office and summer nights on the town!
1. Julie Haus Hi-Waist Frida Pant, $275. 2. BCBG Indigo Striped Carla Slim Flare Pant, $178. 3. Holly Herringbone Pant, $228. 4. J.Crew City Fit Italian Linen Pant, $250.
4. Handbags
And just for fun, here are a few handbag choices to go perfectly with your newly refreshed summer work wardrobe!
1.Fendi Rainbow Degrade Hobo, $1,840. 2. Zac Posen Lily Shoulder Bag, $1,050. 3. Kale Stella Bag, $475. 4. Dautore Slouchy Shoulder Bag, $471. 5. Forever 21 Sequin Weave Tote Bag, $39.80. 6. Deux Lux Pintuck Satchel, $68.
Bon Shopping!

Loved the bag selections!! Didn't Adriana do a great job??
My interns are the bomb!

Fashion, News, and What Nots
*If you missed Part 1 of the Summer Work Wardrobe Guide, click here.
*Did y'all hear about Jill Scott's new bra line?
According to the blog Stereohyped, Jill Scott caused chaos in Harlem when she showed off her breasts at her Butterfly Bra launch in the flagship Ashley Stewart store! Good lord! Read the rest here. [Stereohyped].
*Eric Wilson of the New York Times says that while gas and food prices are soarcing, the prices of well plucked classics...
...have actually declined. [NYTimes]

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Boutique Spotlight: Bellhaus

So as promised, I wanted to give you guys the scoop on the hottest boutique to hit East Hampton....
Owned by Shawn Bell, the boutique is the first high end fashion boutique of its kind in the area, carrying extremely exclusive brands like Lanvin, Alexander McQueen, and Sonia Rykiel...
...along with shoes by Manolo Blahnik, Sergio Rossi, Christian Lacroix, Bruno Frissoni, and Courtney Crawford...
Fun fact: Bellhaus is the only store in the US offering the red patent leather Walter Steiger shoes Sarah Jessica Parker wears in Sex and the City. Chic!
I took a quick look around a found tons of drool worthy gems, like this deep purple Allesandro Dell'Acqua show shopper...
This lovely bright yellow halter maxi dress by Kaufman Franco...
A feathered evening cocktail by Carolina Herrera....
And this simple cream and blue Jason Wu top....
The store also had men's clothes...
...sunglasses by Dita...
And hot accessories...
...I so wanted that Fendi bag, but at $2,200, it was a bit out of reach.
As you can imagine, with all those hot off the runway brands, the prices are in the stratosphere. But, it's a great place to go experience a bit of couture. And the shoes???
Splurge worthy!
If you're ever in the Hamtpons, find Bellhaus at 328 Montauk Highway. Visit their site,, for more information.

Websnob: Week in Chic!

A Few Hot Links from Fashion Bomb affiliates!!
*Just in Time for Your Summer Wedding! A Few Goody GumDrops tells us that Hanky Panky Now Has The Cutest Thongs For the Bride To Be.
*Coquette finds the best bold Summer necklaces for less than $100!
*This summer, Fashiontribes plans to let Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb her fragrant tresses.
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*Shrimpton Couture shows you how to wear a plunging Maxi dress
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*The Shoe Goddess gets the scoop on the latest must-have sunglasses!
*V-Style shows you where to find and how to put together stylish work appropriate clothes.
*I'm Not Obsessed shows you how to snag beautiful AND affordable summer bags.

Fashion News + SATC

*Sex and the City's coming out on Friday, but guess who's going to a sneak preview tonight???
I'm pumped!
Now's a good a time as any to start reminiscing on the show, so I wanted to indulge in a bit of SATC trivia! As an urban fashion blog, I wanted the question to involve someone of color...unfortunately there weren't that many, so this one is a real doozy: Whoever can tell me the name of Miranda's neighbor who helped her with her baby when he was colicky...
...will win a Fashion Bomb T! Random, but hey...there weren't too many 'folks' in the series! E-mail me at
Update: No it wasn't Blair Underwood! Constance wrote in correctly saying, "The character's name was Kendall, played by actress Lisa Gay Hamilton." Correct! Look out for your tee!
*The actual New York Premiere was last night. A few pics:
...J Hud better work that dress!
Other Fashion Bomb celebs were in the house:
Lil Kim looks super colorful, while MJB keeps it simple in black and white...
...and Michelle Williams shines in a floor length gown, while rapper Kid Sister looks cute in a turquoise dress with red shoes.
*WWD reports that Mary J Blige, Eric Dane and Russell Simmons each have designed a limited edition Ernst Benz watch to benefit Chrysalis, the nonprofit association that helps men and women transition from poverty.
The collection, dubbed Time for Change, will offer a numbered series of 24 watches per designer in honor of Chrysalis' 24th anniversary. Fifty percent of the proceeds from each watch sold — which range from $4,000 to $22,000 — will go to Chrysalis. [WWD]

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Real Style: Hamptons

So my friends and I went to the Hamptons to celebrate Memorial Day this past weekend. Aside from enjoying the beach, sunshine, and great food, we also had to stop into the grand opening of a chic, must-visit boutique called Bellhaus ( The shop was littered with the best dressed in the Hampton set, but this young man really stood out in a Fashion Bomb way:
Turns out his name is Courtney Crawford, and he is the designer behind the pair of sky high patent leather stilettos he's holding.
Like a paparrazzo, I asked who he was wearing, and he revealed that he had on a Calvin Klein Collection suit, Du Champs Shirt, Balmain tie, Dolce and Gabbana shoes, and a vintage Hermes pocket scarf. Super sharp, but he kept it funky with his haircut...
You can find a few of his shoes at Revolve Clothing (click here), and keep on the lookout for his website,!

Fashion, News, and What Nots
*Bellhaus Boutique is a fashionista's utopia for its high end well edited items, and the opening ceremony was absolutely dope. A few more party pictures:
Your truly with my buddy Namik and the boutique owner, Shawn Bell...
And Kelly Ripa made an appearance! She was super cute in her feathered frock.
Stay tuned for a Boutique Spotlight on Bellhaus tomorrow.
*I couldn't resist! Check out a few Courtney Crawford creations:
For purchase information, click here.
*OK Courtney is more than a well dressed man with a handsome face! An excerpt from an article on him in Paper Mag, "In the year since he launched his line, Crawford has been busy: He won Who is on Next (a European design competition sponsored by Italian Vogue and the fashion agency Alta Roma); designed Missoni's feather-happy Spring '07 shoe collection; consulted on Morgane Le Fay's debut line; was taken under the enormous wing of Vogue's editor-at-large André Leon Talley; and so endeared himself to Karl Lagerfeld that he walked in Chanel's runway show last season. He's also managed to win over Kate Moss, Mischa Barton, Mariah Carey (in fact, he outfitted her for the entire "Emancipation of Mimi" tour) and Dita Von Teese with his shoes." Ok then! Read the rest here.
*Thanks Ken!
*LL Cool J and Sears??
You heard that right. WWD reports that LL will release a collection of casualwear for juniors, young men’s, girls and boys in September in time for back to school. The collection will retail from $22 for a graphic tee to $50 for a pair of jeans. Um, really?