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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

February on TFB

"Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me/ Be still they say/ Watch and listen/ You are the result of the love of thousands."--Linda Hogan, 'Walking'

Hey Y’all,
So February is going to be huge for the Fashion Bomb!
First, Fashion Week is coming to NYC February 2nd-9th!

Photo courtesy of
I’m a huge idiot and didn’t even think to apply for press credentials before deadline. Totally sux, I know. But I've asked peeps I know in fashion to hook a sistah up…let’s hope they follow through. My goal is to go to at least one show a day...gonna make it happen as Mariah would say.

The second reason February is huge for TFB is that it’s Black History Month! Time to look back and give a nod to everyone who set the path. In celebration, I'm doing a review/tribute to one black designer, new or old, for every weekday of the month.

Photo courtesy of Bernstein & Andriulli
When I told peeps of my plan, they were like, ‘Are there enough for you to cover?” I say, “Yes!” I can find 20+ black designers! But let’s say this: it’ll be a learning experience for both me and you.
So stay tuned tomorrow for installment one.
PS Proenza Schouler's line is hitting Target stores on Friday!

I'm broke as a joke cuz rent is due, but please do hit it up if you have the funds.

PSS I saw this shoot in the Sunday Times Magazine and thought it was darling!

Random cuteness. Nothing more, nothing less.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Real Casual Style

"Do that Prada, Gucci, full length leather/Bourbon's cool or Coogi sweater (Sweater)/Twenty-inches pop my feather/The Birdman daddy I fly in any weather."Birdman, 'Still Fly'

Happy Tuesday!
I really liked my coworker's outfit the other day, so I decided to snap a quick pic:

Her oversized sweater looks great with her skinny jeans, and the chic slouch gray boots tie it all together. I'm a huge fan of brightness in the midst of winter doldrums--the yellow in her sweater adds a refreshing touch of light.
PS New York is great and all, but it's not the only city with fashionable women! Send me pics of people you know who are fashionable for future Real Style posts. As Jay-Z said, "Show me what ya got". I know ya got somethin...
PSS I was reading WWD today and came across this quote by Karl Lagerfeld regarding the 'skinny model debate':

"There are more fat people in the world than too skinny ones, and the fat ones have big, big problems. Nobody cares, they're not glamorous...We are designers, not doctors who have to care about 'eating disorders.'"

Tell us how ya really feel! LOL.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Spring Preview: Color!

“Hundred carats have 'em froze for an eon/ Red, black, and white Chevy now I'm ridin' Deion/ Put them lights off in my rims, now I'm ridin' neon/ Our cars look like cra-yon, girls know I'm the man though/ I can shoulder lean... I don’t know how to dance tho.”—Young Dro feat T.I., ‘Shoulder Lean’

Hey Y’all,

So I saw this pretty spread in WWD ages ago…

…it talks about how bold, bright colors are the new trend for Spring. Vibrant colors work well on any complexion and instantly pump up the pretty factor. Whether you sport a firy red bag with a standard suit or go all the way with head to toe blue, primary colors will be the ‘it’ thing come March.
Seeing that we’re still at least 2 months shy of anything resembling warm weather, I think this may be a wee bit premature. But I guess it’s never too early to start thinking of sunshine and bare shoulders:)
PS In case ya didn't know...

Serena beat Maria Sharapova in the Australian Open!
From an article by the Associated Press:
“Don't ever tell Serena Williams she can't do something. Her response will be devastating for her opponents. Just ask top-ranked Maria Sharapova. Sharp and intensely focused from the start, Williams simply overwhelmed Sharapova 6-1, 6-2 Saturday to win the Australian Open and her eighth Grand Slam title.
"It was an awesome win, because I had so many critics. So many people ... saying negative things," Williams said. "Saying I wasn't fit, when I felt that I was really fit, and I could last three sets.
"It's always like, tell me no and I'll show you that I can do it. I get the greatest satisfaction just holding up the Grand Slam trophy and proving everyone wrong."

That's right girl. Show and prove.
Happy Monday!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Points of Interest: Vogue's February Issue

“One of the quarrels I have with European feminism is that they equate emancipation with looking ugly. “ Ayaan Hirsi Ali in Rebecca Johnson’s Vogue February article, ‘The Unbeliever.’

Happy Friday!!!

So I was tickled to receive my February issue of Vogue yesterday in the mail...

Apparently it's the 'Female Empowerment' issue.
I usually just flip through the book at first to get an idea of what’s going on, then delve into reading it—cover to cover—at a later date.
I was almost shocked to see that Vogue had not one, but two black contributors for the issue!

One was Edward Enninful...

... who, in response to ‘What do you wear to work?” said, “Black on Black is always chic.” I was confused by that statement just by looking at the picture, but I kept on scanning…
Then I saw that there was a beautiful black woman (in a hot suit)...

...named Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who is profiled in the back of the book. So of course I flipped to check her out.

So this woman is a very controversial figure…

She's an outspoken critic of Islam’s treatment of women, and has basically had to flee persecution several times. She was involved in making the Anti-Islam movie Submission with Theo van Gogh (You might have heard of this) which resulted in his death.
Vogue also included an excerpt from her book, the Infidel, where she talks about rescuing family members and friends during Somalia’s Civil War.

Definitely check it out!
Go on Vogue for showcasing sisters who, controversial or not, are doing it for themselves.
Want to know more about her story? Take a look at this video:

PS Shout out to Andre Leon Talley who featured the PBS DVD Boxed set of Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Movement ... his ‘Life with Andre’ section.

At $385, it’s still very Vogue, but hey, you can’t put a price on history!
Have good weekends!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Real Style: Mixing Brown and Black

"Engine, Engine, Number Nine/ On the New York transit line/ If my train goes off the track/ Pick it up! Pick it up! Pick it up!/ Back on the scene/ Crispy and clean/ You can try/ But then why/ Cause you can't intervene."--Black Sheep, 'The Choice is Yours'


So I ride the cross borough train everyday from abode to office. The train in New York is like a fashion show in progress. So many people, so much great style, it's invigorating.
This chic Brooklyn lady lives by my station, and always looks well put together. The other day, I got up the courage to ask to snap a pic:

I thought she did a great job of mixing brown and black. One of the archaic fashion 'rules' is that you should *never* mix the two, but there are ways to do so artfully (without looking like a train wreck).
I think the key is in the tones of brown you choose to wear. Her top and sweater are light enough as to not clash with her black skirt and tights. The fur on her medium brown boots match her top well enough to pull the look together.
I like her style!
PS Serena advanced to the Finals in the Australian Open! And guess who she's playing?? Her fashion nemesis, Maria Sharapova. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Men's Style: The 80's are Back

"I'm talented, yes I'm gifted/ Never boosted, never shoplifted/
I got the cash, but money ain't nothing/
make a million dollars every record that I cut and/
My name is Special Ed and I'm a super-duper star/ Every other month I get a brand new car.” Special Ed, 'I got It Made'

Ah memories…that was the first tape I ever owned…
Anyway it seems the 80's are back...

For Guys anyway.
I think I like this trend. There's something mildly sexy about dookie chains and big sunglasses.
Or maybe I'm just waxing nostalgic for my childhood...
What do you think?
If you loved Special Ed as much as I did, here's a video for your viewing pleasure:

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Serena Williams: Holdin’ down the Court

“I am the ultimate competitor…Definitely ready to create some more carnage.”—Serena Williams after making it to the Australian Open Semi Finals.

Serena Wiliams made it to the semifinals in the Australian Open today…

… so I thought it would be fitting to give her a little fashion shout out.

Everyone tries to act like Maria Sharapova brought style to the tennis courts…

And was the pioneer in terms of eschewing tennis whites in favor of body skimming dresses and electric skirts.
But we all know Serena was the first to bring the badness! Take a look:

Can't forget that catsuit!
People try to say her 'fits are inappropriate--too much booty in the pants--but I think she's stylish and would cut someone to find out her workout regimine!
What do y'all think?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Designer Spotlight: Rachel Roy

"I don't wanna make another Jay-Z. What I'll do is make the Jay-Z of fashion, Rachel Roy." - Damon Dash in the March 2007 issue of XXL magazine
Good murnin!
Rachel Roy, in my opinion, is beautiful, stylish, and super chic.

It seemed to me that she was little more than Dame Dash’s boo…

But she’s also a very talented designer.
According to her website,, the Seaside, California native started as a stylist for magazines and music videos, then became creative director at Rocawear (where she presumably met Dame). She launched her own collection in Spring 2005—not too long ago.
I’m loving the following looks I found on

Harlow Blouse, about $241

Jean Dress, about $173

Lana Short Jacket, about $460

Francesco Long Reversible Jacket, $328

Grace Long Bow Blouse, $322
They’re cutting edge and fresh!
I’m also feeling these spring looks I found on the website

Gorgeous...and the ruffles are on point!
Too bad the cheapest thing is about $173 (on sale!)…
Want to know more?
Watch this:

Andre Leon Talley is definitely a fan:)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Style File: Kelis!

"Where there is cheese there are rats/ wherever there are rats there are cats/ wherever there are cats there are dogs/ If you got them dogs, you got b*tches/ B*tches always out to put their paws on your riches/ If you got riches,you got glitches./ If you got glitches in your life computer/ turn it off and then reboot her, now you back on./ Can't just put the cap on the old bottle once you pop it that'll spoil it, gone and drink it and enjoy it."—Kelis feat. Andre Benjamin 'Millionaire'

Hey faithful readers!

Most celebs have great clothes with the help of oodles of money and stylists…But few are courageous enough to be bold and assert their individuality quite like Kelis.

Kelis hasn’t always had ‘great’ style per se....there were those days when her hair and clothes were a bit ‘wild’...

But we'll forgive her!
She has evolved into a certified fashion trend setter through the use of her signature haircut...

Accessories, like sunglasses...

Bright, Vibrant Colors...

And cutting edge, unique pieces...

It’s always refreshing to see someone out there with a style all their own. As Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion Passes, Style Remains.”
Have great weekends!