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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Jimmy Choo Sample Sale = Not a Good Look

Today I tried my hand at the Jimmy Choo sample sale.
Let me explain.

The sale started at 1pm. A few gal pals and I decided that showing up a good hour before hand was sufficient. We set out a wee bit late...say around 12:15, and headed downtown, feeling good about ourselves. This is what we encountered upon our arrival:

Yes. Absolutely ridiculous. The line extended almost a three quarters of a block and wrapped around the corner! No lie! All I could say was 'Wow.' 'Wow.' I guess I should have expected as much.

And the line just kept getting longer...

and longer!

My friends and I had heart...we decided that since we had traveled down, we would tough it out and see how the line went.

An hour later...

and the line was still this long. At this point we started to see lucky early birds emerging with goodies in hand. A few were pleasant enough to give me a read on the 'inside.'

One nice lady in a Suburban drove by and screamed out her window, "There are no bags left! Tall boots are $600! Short Boots are $495! Shoes are $300!" Not a good sign, I mean...I was only working with a stitch more than $100. More ladies with non descript brown bags filed out, saying as they passed by, "pickings are slim," "the line inside is crazy," "not much left..."

Only one fabulous young lady stopped long enough to talk to me and show me her goodies.

This seriously designer label diva (outfitted in Gucci bag and Dior shades) found two pairs of boots in a size 41. This lovely pink pair was $320 marked down from $395

As with this green suede pair.

Let's just say I lost all hope. Not only did everything seem ridiculously overpriced (still!), but it also seemed as if my dream of finding practical black or tan pumps was dashed. That nice young lady had found shoes in her size, but there's no way I could/would spend the equivalent of a months bills on some hard-to-fit-in-my-wardrobe boots or shoes.

So I passed. Besides I had to go back to work.

But I have hope for tomorrow! Manolo B is fabled for their deeper discounts (I can swing $100 a pair)...I know the crowd'll be just as crazy, but this time I'll be prepared. I have a meeting tomorrow until 11 am (and the sale starts then), but this time I'll tough it out! I have to find something. Right???

I'll keep ya posted.

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Kiki said...

Sorry the event didn't work out for you. Maybe you will have better luck next time. Do you know if they have any events that come anywhere close to this in Houston?

Anonymous said...

$600 for boots?! that utterly ridiculous!

even if i was rich i cant even imagine blowing that much

Genevieve said...

Hi! I missed you at the Frye event today... I went to the Manolo sale (it was one block from the event). I can send you pics of what I bought. I got a pair of yellow strappy sandals and one brown peep toe that I can wear with tights for $200.

The word is I have a VIP (read skip the line) invite to DG and I know where the C. Paciotti sale is next week. Holla at me.

If you want to see what Frye has going on this season. I have images....

val said...

did you get to the Manolo sale today?? It was a nightmare! Waited 45 mins to get in - inside a hotel conference room atleast. There are rounds tables filled with heaps of shoes assorted by size - european, of course. Eventually found a pair of suede violet gold-trimmed pumps that I instantly fell in love with AND priced at $100! But couldn't find my size. And couldn't stick around for the re-stock. I am a self-professed "sample sale queen" but left feeling quite defeated.

Allison said...

Just FYI, they have plain black Jimmy Choo pumps at my DSW ( DSW). I think they are $400.

Candid Cool said...

this fabulous diva is wearing a Kenneth Cole trench coat, i instantly love her!