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Monday, October 01, 2007

Real Style: Coney Island

Happy Monday!
So a few weeks ago, a friend and I made a trek down to Coney Island... ride the rides...Experience the Cyclone...
And eat yummy Nathan's hotdogs... was tons of fun!
We took a small detour on the boardwalk (had to take in the ocean), and ran into this young lady...
...whose seemed destined to be on the Fashion Bomb.
From her colorful hair to her gold bamboo earrings, on to the artful way she mixed and matched patterns, styles, and colors, this girl was working her own look in a very urban chic way. I personally loved her skinny blue jeans and prepster with a twist yellow and gray sweater.
What do you think?
PS My friend has the Style Network...last night I went over and couldn't help watching Kimora's Life in the Fab Lane marathon! I am officially obsessed...! But as obsessed as I am...I don't think I'd ever want to be Mallory (her personal assistant). I'd much rather BE Kimora:)
PSS Check out the cool giveaway on the blog Chic and Untroubled.
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Yannize said...

Coney got on those rides and you are alive to tell the tale!?!? amazing...
as for babygirls ensemble...hmmm..i dunno how i feel about that one...she lost me with the sweater...doing too much for me...


Elle Woods said...

about Mallory..i think she is so adorable..and she is always smiling.
i think there might be some websites where you can watch shows online...i dont even know why i have a tv anymore...try