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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Claire's Current Obsession: Oh...Deer!

Hey hey!
So as you're reading this I'm probably braving the crowds at Roberto Cavalli for H&M. I'll give you the scoop later, but wanted to tell you about a brand of shoes I'm currently gaga over....

5 reasons why I love them:

1. They're cute.
2. They're comfortable. And this means a lot considering my foot issues...
3. They're sky high, perfect for a night out.
4. They're affordable enough (i.e. not $500 or even close!)
5. They give off an "air of Louboutin" with their soupcon of a red heel.
A few of my favorites available in stores now:

Top Row: Rinna G Pump, $140,; Trapeze Pumps, $105,; Jamocha Pumps, $119,
Bottom Row: Kate Slingback Platform, $111,; Women's Toffee Pumps, $111,; Evita Cheetah Print Pumps, $85,
Indulge in a little party shoe love. I know that the Kate Slingbacks and Jamocha T-Strap Pumps will be in my shoe arsenal very soon!
Stay tuned for updates on R. Cavalli!


Brooklyn '86 Queen said...

I've been eyeing those Jamocha pumps since the summer.Shoegasm over on 23rd has been prominetly displaying them for a while.I even told my sisters that I was going to cop a pair for the holiday season once Im back in NY.

And Oh Deer is generally great...Daily Candy profiled them a few years back and the Berks back in Cambridge was always stocked...and would have them go on sale for crazy prices (there were about five different colors that were thirty dollars on my graduation day visit...but no size 8s...sigh)

Anonymous said...

I like this brand too! though I haven't bought any yet because i was convinced they would hurt since they have very high heels. but since you say they don't I will check them out!

Anonymous said...

Claire hey you let out my secret the Jamocha pumps were my b-day present to myself! I am planning to wear them for all my holiday events! -Monie Love

Marleaux said...

Hey Claire, did you ever get that surgery. I had it. My doc only did one foot at a time. I had the left done at the beginning of Sept, and I'm getting the right done in December. Hopefully I'll be ready to go to my Miami/Bahamas vacation in April.

los said...

hahaha y'all better fix them bunyons!!

ali said...

hi! i'm the designer for oh...DEER! and wanted to say THANKS for loving the shoes! Jamocha is one of my favorites too! Enjoy them!!!

Anonymous said...

I have just about every shoe Oh Deer makes ! My faves are the Chloe,Edina,Trapeze and Kate ! There are several sites that have them for the low like,,,and !

Anonymous said...

Hey...these shoes aren't good at all! They're cheap and bad knock offs! They look good in pictures but are horrible in person. I'm surprised you found them to be comfortable??? I found them to be really uncomfortable! I say Oh NO!!!