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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Walking on Air

"Mom, I will pick out my own dress. And no, I will not wear high heels. Because heels are a male invention designed to make women's butts look smaller... and to make it harder for them to run away."--Amanda Bynes as Viola, She's the Man.

Hey guys,
So, as some of my 'back in the day' readers may know, I have a debilitating, yet manageable foot affliction...called a bunion. The little sucker on my left foot has caused me many nights, days, and weekends of pain.

Said foot with Starfish, Nassau, Bahamas, ca. 2005
Anyway after dealing with this dern thing for...over a decade...I decided to finally pay a visit to a podiatrist. He promptly told me that I needed a very scary surgery that would basically have me out of commission and in an ugly boot for 8 weeks. Eek!!!
Anyway, I of course had to ask him the most important question: "Will I be able to wear heels???" He replied, "You can wear heels, but you should only wear them on special occasions. As it stands, you shouldn't wear heels for long amounts of time." Quelle horreur!
Thankfully there are lots of chic flat and wedge styles that will look perfectly cute with dresses, capris, and skirts for spring.
Claire's picks:

Clockwise from top left: Calvin Klein Gracyn Flat, $99,; Report Blushing Flat, $64,
Mamba Skimmers, $98,; Rugby Skimmer, $25.50,; Nine West Gain Shoe, $79,; Lindsey Shoes by Dru New York, $126,; Jewel Skimmers, $118,; Steve Madden Plus Shoe, $64,
Center: Tory Burch Nappa Leather Reva Ballet Flat, $195,

Alright, flats are cute and all...but a girl's gotta have a little height!
Although the doctor didn't approve these wedges, in my experience wedge shoes are a lot more comfortable than sole crushing stilettos.
My selections:

Clockwise from top left: Striped Mini Wedge, $29.50,; Nine West Yamaris, $79,; Charlize Air Pump, $275,; Cork T-Strap Platform Sandal, $78,; Madison Harding Open Toe Canvas Wedge, $220,; Sam Edelman Indigo Wedge, $99,; Kenneth Cole Reaction Over the Hill, $83,
Steve Madden Ntice Pump, $125, Center: Goldenbleu Caitlyn Wedge, $451,

I threw in the Cole Haan Nike Air shoes for fun...I heard on Oprah that they were way comfortable. Maybe I'll buy a pair and try 'em out.
Anything for comfort!
PS Madonna's H&M collection invades stores tomorrow.

I'm still on the fence about whether or not I'm gonna participate in the melee. I'll let ya know!
PSS Get Free Shipping at Zappos!


Anonymous said...

I want to try some of those Cole Haan shoes too. Wish I had $200 to spare.

The Committee said...

Good luck with the surgery!

Anonymous said...

I'm so mad at the corns on this person's feet!! And she needs a pedicure and some lotion!!!

Claire said...

I never said my feet were cute!

Anonymous said...

I had bunion surgery on sept. 11 and was out of work for a month. For about three months i had to wear my husband's shoes and make a visit to payless because i couldn't fit into my size 11 shoes. It was sad buying size 12 sneakers. I'm finally back to wearing heels...part-time.

Anonymous said...

I had bunion surgery in 2005 and it was no joke! I had mine in the winter that way I could wear half way decent shoes in the summer (u know when everyone is watching) my doctor was FAB! I was able to start wearing heels in 8 months but comfortably a year later. Unfortunately I had bunions on both my only regret is not getting them both done at the same time. But they have a black shoe that covers the whole kinda looks like an ugg boot that is what I had and people didn't even really notice.

Anonymous said...

I do want the Tory Burch flats, but I'm a bit hesitant about the price (nearly $200 for shoes that are not made in Italy).

M said...

i just had bunion surgery as well as an osteotomy on both feet on march 9. while i wouldn't say its great, it isn't the worst pain ive felt and the recovery process has been better than i thought. the main thing is to keep your feet up and stay off of them as much as possible to prevent swelling, which can occur for up to 8 months. my doc said i should be able to wear heels in about 3 feet definitely weren't bad, but i had started having pain and i didn't want it to get worse. i am very pleased with the results! :-)