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Friday, May 30, 2008

Mail Bombs + Sex and the City!!!

Sex and the City is in theaters you have your ticket??
Even though I saw it last night, I think I might go again with my girlfriends!
In celebration, I'm going to answer a few Sex and the City queries.
Let's get started!
Tawanda from Greenville, North Carolina writes, "Carrie Bradshaw wears these Christian Dior sandals in the Sex & the City Movie."
"Where can I find a similar pair for less?"
Girl, I loved those shoes!!
Thankfully intern Aramide stepped in and found the following lower priced options:
1. Bakers Shoes Gladys WP Sandals, $74. 2. Bakers Shoes Candice Sandal, $65. 3. ASOS Heavy Gladiator Sandals, $120. 4. Steve Madden Madalynn Black Multi Sandal, $110.
Note: Of course the Steve Madden ones are already backordered till June 24th...!
Next Bambi wanted to recreate this lovely look...
She says, "When I saw this picture, I knew I had to have it. Please please please tell me how I can get it!"
It is super cute (and great for the office!). Get her look for less with these:
1. Asos Safari Waistcoat, $61. 2. Asos Chambray Bow Mini Skirt, $51. 3.  Spiegel Criss Cross Strap Sandal, $15.  4. L.A.M.B.  Dominic Striped Sandal, $320.  5. Kenneth Cole New York Keyhole Tote, $239. 
A few readers got in touch with requests from the actual series.  RC says, "I’ve been looking for a skirt similar to this can you help me at all please."
"I absolutely love how it fits and it is a necessity and I must have it."
It's been a while since Carrie wore this on the show, so the exact silhouettes are hard to find. You can get a similar look, however, with these:
1. J.Crew Stripe Twisted Placket Shirt, $60. 2. Max Mara Skirt, $209. 3. Urban Outfitters Straw Clutch, $28.
In another throwback question, Anisha says, "I loved her accessories in this picture!"
"Can you help me get her look?"
Channel a city cute Carrie with these:
1. Disney Couture Bambi Hoops, $40. 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Blue Floral Dress, $178. 3. Enamel Heart Necklace with Crystals, $75.4. Banana Republic Flat Iron Embossed Shoulder Bag, $125. 
That does it for SATC Mail Bombs!
We had just a couple non Sex and the City related questions.
Edrei says, "I MUST have this jumper."
"...Any idea where I can find something similar?"
Adriana searched and found these:
1. Sea Pleated Front Strapless Jumper, $393. 2. Asos Shirred Cotton Jumpsuit, $48. 3. Asos Lurex All in One Harem Jumper, $61.
Lastly, Sally says, "So I was doing my usual blog browsing last night and I saw this bag Beyonce was rocking. VERY HOT!"
"If you know me then you would know that I adore handbags. If you can find something similar, you'll put a smile on my face."
I felt this $55 Kathy Van Zeeland Satchel came close...
...get it from
That does it for today! Have great fun. And tell me what you thought of the movie!


Lish said...

the mail bomb did very well today...the pieces that you guys found were sooooooo close to the exact article ppl were asking about. good job...and i think it should be a national girls night out tonite with the movie.

Fashion Guru said...

hey girl. i love your blog. its one of my to do things everyday. lol. i recently just set mine up check it out

Ebony Intuition said...

I loved the movie..Do you know where I can get the Louis Vitton bag that Carrie gave to Louise (Jhud) as a gift in the movie...!!!!That bag was gorgeous

Glamouricious said...

hey! i ljust stumbled across this blog and i love it. i would like to be added to ur blogroll.

Chrissy said...

I just bought the Candice sandals from Baker's today in brown!! They are fierce!!! They are selling out fast! Girls get a move on!!

Anonymous said...

I reeeeally want a better match to the jumpsuit that Amerie has on. I really prefer the fit of the one she has on

Anonymous said...

I thought the matches were great! Anonymous, if you want something better, call Amerie, maybe she can help you.

Anonymous said...

Nasty, aren't we? I Liked how the jumpsuit draped on amerie's leg. It kind of has a genie look to it. That was actually my fave part of it. I don't know about calling Amerie but if anyone does know who the designer is please share :) Amerie has been in Europe alot lately so it may be a british designer...