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Monday, May 05, 2008

Real Style: Bergdorf Goodman

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
So on Friday I was hanging on 5th avenue with my buddy from London...we were walking and talking, catching up, when I saw this seriously dapper young man...
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...I mean, are you serious? He was soooo well turned out with his embroidered jacket, pinstriped vest, cravat, and matching pocket square...not to mention his gold rimmed sunglasses, bold jewelry, and pointed shoes. He kept it a little edgy with an Afro and a lollipop... literally EVERYTHING was on point. I had to ask what he did to achieve such Fabulosity....turns out he works at Bergdorf Goodman.
So, what do you think? Doesn't he have great style?

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*Just for some Monday fun, a hip hop fashion throwback:

Let's reflect on life before repo!
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Vixenlibra: said...

I used to love this video, it was all colorful and stuff!

Yetunde said...

that man looks great! i love how you said he kept it edgy with a lollipop.

Anonymous said...

He's stunning!

I AM GVG® said...

It was a pleasure to actually "meet you" yesterday, now i have a face to put to the name. I'm sure we'll see more of eachother.


Ebony Intuition said...

Love that video by Lil Kim

Charlé said...

That gentleman is rocking the vintage silhouette in a major way. Great snap!

Anonymous said...

He has great style and i love the street edge.