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Monday, June 30, 2008

Real Style: Chicago

So my interns have been keeping busy this summer, helping solve Mail Bombs and also catching Real Style in their respective hometowns.
Checking in today is Charle, who brings us a bit of style from her neck of the woods.
So while traipsing around Wicker Park, Chicago's most fashion conscious neighborhood, I stumbled upon this handsome writer named Chad:

What amazing color mastery! Pairing that lavender American Apparel shirt with a vintage blue polka dart scarf is genius! He studied Fiction Writing at Chicago's Columbia College, but I couldn't believe he'd never taken a fashion class. Great job accomplishing a very quirky ensemble with masculine basics, sir.
Would you let your boyfriend wear this?

Hmmm, I think I'd be ok with it!
Would you?


Ebony said...

honestly, i think he looks pretty amazing- his look is cool, sophisticated, and intellectual. if i had a boo, i'd want him to be cool enough to dress like this. also, i'm jealous that it was cool enough there to wear multiple layers.
*sweating it out in memphis*