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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yours Truly Brand + Fanny Packs

Fashion, News and What Nots
*Have y'all heard of Yours Truly ( Seems they're a Brooklyn based T-shirt brand geared towards the urban fashonista. Check out a bit of their new campaign, called Unruly:
If you want to see more, Nitrolicious reports that they're having a 'Crazy Sexy Cool' fashion show in Bushwick this coming Saturday:
RSVP at for guaranteed entry!
*According to the LA Times, Fanny Packs...
....have made a comeback. Good thing I've still got my Gucci version lying around somewhere...[LA Times]
*Chic and Untroubled Divulges the Secrets to Andre Leon Talleys Turban...
[Chic and Untroubled]
*If you happen to be in New York City this week, make sure you check out Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out.
It’s a week long event that offers women's clothing, jewelry, and accessories for incredible deals! Read more here.


Anonymous said...

is the Gucci fanny pack real of a China town find?