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Monday, July 21, 2008

Conde Nast, Obama on the New Yorker, and Italian Vogue

*The Countdown begins for my LA Excursion!!!
Tell all your West Coast Fashion Heads to roll out to Pinky Rose Boutique (5571 W Pico Blvd) for cocktails, shopping, and performances...I can't wait!
*There's a huge article on media giant Condé Nast in the New York Times. If you don't know, Condé Nast owns a lot of the glossy magazines: Glamour, Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, and the New Yorker. Speaking of which, I'm sure a lot of you heard the buzz about that controversial Obama cover.
I decided to keep mum on the issue because I've gotten a bit tired of complaining. But the NY Times article reveals something interesting about Condé, its owner Si Newhouse, and the company's decision to use that cover: "More than almost anything else, acquaintances say, Mr. Newhouse delights in the buzz his magazines routinely create. He welcomes controversies, like the recent brouhaha about the Obamas-as-terrorists cover of The New Yorker. What tickles him often challenges convention, often embraces the new or novel, and often sells."
You see, people, they're just trying to sell magazines. Times are tough out there for print pubs (blame the internet)...I think the Vogue Lebron cover and the New Yorker cover were purposefully controversial because they just want a little attention. Pay no attention people. Though I must admit, the New Yorker, cover aside, is my absolute favorite magazine. [NYTimes]
*Speaking of magazines using 'novel' ideas to sell, yes, it's true: The Fashion Bomb Shop completely sold out of July Issues of Italian Vogues within 12 hours of posting their arrival....
I know!!! I'm going to check back today to see if I find any more copies, but I'm keeping my expectations low. When I went in (moments after the shipment arrived), I saw another fellow fashionista in there buying 5 copies for herself! But you never know...I will post all progress here. Don't worry, I got you.
*Wow, that NYTimes article about Condé Nast just keeps getting better! An interesting tidbit that might make you think differently about your purchase of Italian Vogue:
"Almost half of Condé’s revenue last year was generated overseas, according to several executives...The luxury approach has worked even better overseas, where Condé has found untapped markets for versions of Vogue, Vanity Fair and other titles. The Italian Vanity Fair, introduced just five years ago, had more than 6,000 ad pages last year — far more than any magazine published in the United States — and more than $100 million in revenue, according to Jonathan Newhouse." Hmmm, I wonder about Italian Vogue? Is Conde Nast using race as a fulcrum to generate sales? This and more to ponder. [NYTimes]


jaja's juice said...

It's great that you all are scooping up the Vogue Italias in drones and supporting black models...but is anyone considering that the adverts are all white and that is where the true revenue flow exists in fashion and publishing. If these gorgeous black models that grace the pages of this BLACK ISSUE are not booking campaigns, where's the justice. In fact, it seems Vogue Italia is PIMPING the black models---using them to sell issues while pocketing the money and padding the pockets of Caucasian models. For these models featured, the spreads make good tearsheets, but not dollars or impact. I WILL NOT buy this gimmicky issue of VOGUE. And I urge you all to do the same. We cried out for more color on the glossy pages and our voices were heard; Now let's cry out for more color in the adverts! THAT'S WHAT REALLY MATTERS.


Miami_gurl said...

I posted earlier about where to purchase the Vogue Italia July issue and my post has disappeared. I was not a spam poster, just trying to give us less fortunate not to live in NY or LA a chance to have a copy of this historic magazine. If you would like to know where to purchase, try doing a google search for single issue magazines.

Urban Fashionista said...

As of 5:30pm today Universal news on 35th bet. 6th and 5th had no less then 6 copies. I brought 2 myself.

Rosalie - The Urban Fashionista

Safera said...

"Hmmm, I wonder about Italian Vogue? Is Conde Nast using race as a fulcrum to generate sales?"

YES! Let's face it their sales have increased significantly in such a short time. How many people who bought the July issue have purchased Vogue Italia in the past? Exactly. A very shrewd move on CN's part.

I'm torn because as a magazine lover I want to purchase it but knowing that these models are simply a means to an end I don't think I should.

Selling out VI/IV shows the purchasing power of black women and our ability to sell magazines but what happens next?

I wonder how many of us are buying magazines like Colures which has a very promising future, and get this women of colour are center stage every time.

I'm just saying are we looking to VI to validate us?

Tisha said...

You bring up a great point. Everyone's running to make Italian VOGUE the best selling cover ever. How many of us support forums that support us--all the time!?! Suede and Vibe Vixen come to mind. And I'm making a donation to the Fashion Bomb. We take notice when others show us some love, but show no love (monetarily) to pubs that love us consistently. Something's wrong here.

Miami_gurl said...

I think the biggest problem with your example of Vibe Vixen and Suede is the quality of the product they are putting out there. Let's face it-we are in a catch 22. We buy Vogue because they have the exclusives that nobody else has, but if wedon't support AA mags then they will NEVER have enough money or weight with designers to force their hand into giving them exclusives. Tough decision. Also I don't think that there is an upscale magazine that is geared toward the AA Fashionista. I mean Essence tries but truthfully nothing compares to Vogue in the AA market and sadly, CN knows it.

Marleaux said...

I'm trying to move my schedule around to make the LA meet & greet. Hopefully I get to make it.

motomoto said...

I bought the Italian Vogue - euphorically ignoring the £6.30 (nearly $12) price tag and the fact that I can not read Italian!
The first set of images were OK. Nothing special but the latter set portray Black women in the historic positions: Amazonic (loads of animal print), Grace-J mean and beastly.

Not soft, sensual, pretty/beautiful (as the ladies in the ads). Shame!!! Nothing new - just a marketing ploy!

Pussilla says... said...

I love your blog! Finally picked up my issues of Italian Vogue today in Brussels. Stellar issue, but what about the adverts? Lacking the energy of colour...