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Friday, July 25, 2008

Intern Post: Mail Bombs!!!

So I had quite the trip yesterday.
My flight was super duper delayed, and I got in to LA about 8 hours after schedule (note, always fly direct, and go with a big carrier)...Anyway I am sooooo tired! Thankfully Bomb interns Adriana and Elita pitched in a bunch this week for Mail Bombs...
....what would I do without them?? Let's see how they did!
First up, Corinne says, "I saw that Rihanna was on the cover of the month and I was wondering if you could help me find this romper she is wearing..."
"...or something similar? Thanks!"
Intern Adriana couldn't find the exact designer, but found the following similar looks:
1. Charlotte Ronson Tie Back Romper, $104. 2. American Apparel Tri Blend Halter Romper, $28. 3. Crossover Romper, $12.
Next, Tola says, "I need these glasses Claire!!"
"....Can you find puh leaseeeeeeeeeeee!"
Adriana says, "I'm 100% certain that Amerie's glasses are by Cazal, a label popular in the 80s. Find similar looks with these:"
1. Cazal 865 Sunglasses, $237. 2. Gold Topped Aviators, $18.
D says, "I would like to know where I could get Teyana's ice cream sweater for a reasonable price..."
"...Can you help?"
Adriana says, "Unfortunately, you're not going to get Ice Cream for a reasonable price unless the shirt goes on sale at their store or on their site. If you want affordable alternatives, try these:"
1. Two Scoops Sweatshirt, $36. 2. Akiko Bunny Crewneck, $150.
D was also interested in Lil Mama's sneakers, shown here:
Adriana found that Lil Ma is wearing these Yo! MTV Raps Puma Sneakers:
Visit for retail locations.
Last but not least, Tracy hits us asking to recreate this vintage Beyonce outfit:
She says, " I'm going on my honeymoon and I really need this outfit to look fly in Barbados with my hubby. Please help!! "
Elita to the rescue! She found the following similar items:
1. Catherine Malandrino top, $109. 2. Drawstring Linen Short, $17.80. 3. Dolce Vita Abbie Sandals, $40.
Have fun!
As for me, I'm going to try to salvage the remnants of my LA vacay...get some shopping done and get ready for my Meet & Greet tomorrow!
If you have any friends in the area, tell them to swing by tomorrow and say 'hey.' Can't wait to meet ya!


*Tola* said...

adriana! You are the best! Thanks mucho!!! HEYYY CLAIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Jill Sherman said...

I seriously want those sneaks!!


hey gurl that's so cool that u help us out to find what we want!! i love it !! check out my blog i think you are going to like it! kiss! oh and i added you to my fave blogs!!

DCFab! Girl said...

wow, y'all are good!