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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Black Fashion Trivia

*I love to keep things exciting, and today is no exception!
Whoever can tell me the name of the young lady below and the significance of this cover...
...will win these Love Circle Earrings from Fashion Bomb contest sponsor Pink Cherie...
...get to googling!
E-mail me at with the most detailed answer you can provide.
We have a winner!
Jill from Atlanta, GA (holla!) correctly answered, "This 1968 issue of Glamour model Katiti Kirondi II on the cover features the Best Dressed College Girls. This marked the first time an African-American woman appeared on the cover of a national womens monthly magazine. This issue featured the 10 best-dressed college girls and 100 great fall looks, which included mini-skirts and psychedelic colors."
You are correct! Enjoy your earrings:)
And to those who sent in answers, no worries, we have giveaways all the time:)


Nik said...

This is Katiti Kironde. The following is from Glamour Magazine's website:

1968 winner Katiti Kironde of Memorial University of Newfoundland made history as the first black woman to appear on the cover of a major women’s magazine. The issue broke Glamour’s all-time high sales record! Kironde is now a fashion designer.

bush said...

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