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Friday, October 27, 2006

Friends and Family Sale:

Hey Shopaholics,

My friend just forwarded me info on a Friends and Family discount for the website

I haven't tried it yet, but apparently if you enter the code: CHEER2006 during check out, you get 30% off your order (this includes sale items and exclusive designer brands). It seems as if is also having a general sale starting October 28th, so this discount code will give you a deeper discount. As it stands right now, it also looks as though most items have free shipping.

The code expires Monday, November 13th.

I took a look at because I'm looking for some winter boots (getting an early start on cold weather shopping).

It seems they have tons of bougie brands, like these $400 boots by Stuart Weitzman:

These $200 ones by Calvin Klein

And these $180 boots by United Nude

I can't decide if these United Nude boots are cute/fashion forward or horribly ugly...I guess I'd have to see them on.

These Michael Kors Beaverton boots have been on my 'must have' list since last year:

They have them at for 50% off ($150), but they only have them in brown (I want them in black). I think Bluefly might have the black ones, so I might get 'em from there before they're sold out.

Check out mens and women's styles at



Genevieve said...

OH! Those United Nude boots are sick! I own a pair and LOVE them. warm and a great way to combat the cold but still be cute. Dont get me wrong ... I love my UGGs but there has to be an alternative!

Anonymous said...

they're terrible

los said...

wowsa, i'm actually feelin the calvin klein and the united nude better than the first! The Clavin Klein's are the bidness those!

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