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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Curvy Girl Style: Reader Submission

Happy Thursday!
As you're reading this, I'm on a plane to Atlanta to visit my peeps. I'll be updating, though, no worries!
So last week I did a Real Style Intervention Diary for one of my best friends from the A, Liana.

Liana is a curvy cutie, and while shopping with her, I noticed how hard it was to find affordable clothes that suited her hot bod.
A few readers---well actually one--wrote in, saying that while I had trouble shopping with Liana, she personally found lots of items that flattered her voluptuous frame.
The reader in question, Pretty Girl, said, "I am a size 16 and I do not have that many problems finding clothes, I think I do better than the girls who are a size 6. I don't understand why you think it is soo hard for the voluptous to find anything, maybe it was just the figure your friend had. I find things at the last minute all the time and I live in the weakest, smallest city in the MidWest (Milwaukee). Do not put us all in the category of "I'm curvy and I can't find anything to fit me." Shop at stores that cater to women with curves, which is not H&M."
Well, alright, then!
After reading that, I asked for submissions from readers who champion the curvy look with style and ease.
One brave reader, Tawanda, sent in pictures to show us how it’s done!

She says, "I'm a size 12-14 and I shop all over the place! If I'm looking for work clothes that aren't that expensive then I'll usually go to New York and Company. For Jeans I love Demo and Torrid and H&M. Macy's has good dresses as does Charlotte Russe. That where I bought both of the dresses I'm wearing."

She continues, "I try not to buy anything too clingy and I'm a firm believer in Spanx."

Spanx Power Panties, $25,
"Even the most expensive outfit will look bad with lumps and bumps. I don't try to wear prints that are too small and too busy because I personally don't feel that bigger girls can carry that off. I love colors though especially for the summertime! When buying jeans I make sure that there is some sort of stretch material in the jeans. It makes them fit better to your body."

She warns, "Not all baby doll dresses/shirts/tunics are a good thing. I think a lot of curvy girls like them because they can hide a big tummy. If you're not careful some of them will make you look bigger then you actually are (or worse pregnant)."
Some sound advice from a very chic chick!
You can tell she emphasizes her assets by wearing belts that cinch in at the waist, v-neck items that draw the eye towards the center of her body, and darker, slimming colors.
Like her look? If so, a few recommendations:

Top Row: Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati Sleeveless Mesh Dress, $108,; ING Plus Sizes Belted V-Neck Top, $40,
Bottom Row: Smock Dress, $49,; l.e.i. Grey And White Plaid Bermuda Short, $25,
So what do you think? Does she show and prove for curvy girls?


Anonymous said...

good post. this lets people of all sizes know they can look good!

sloane said...

i'm absolutely loving the baby doll dresses and all those heels are fabulous! tawanda has great style.

all people of all sizes can and do look great, its a matter of making clothes READILY AVAILABLE to fashionistas of all sizes in stores.

julia's great-granddaught said...

okay. so, i'm from milwaukee (went away to college in atlanta), and even though i'm not a big girl by any means, i understand the frustration with finding clothes that are flattering (i'm tall, so i have my own issues). i don't know about ny, but milwaukee is full of big girls, so the market there definitely caters to them. either way, homegirl can do no wrong in lane bryant!!!

MONIQUE said...

Well claire this post hits close to home because i just came back from NY. My sister and I went up there just to shop crazy for 3days. Well we were suddenly frustrated the first day, and at one point my sister broke down and began to cry. Well i definatly dont know what body pretty girl had, that wrote u but you CAN NOT find clothes at a drop of a dime for curvacious girls who are tall. Now i myself am small and can find clothes anywhere but my sister, she got a body she has DD breast a very small waist and a booty like deelishis oh yea and hips for days and did i mention she is 5'11. Anyways I go shopping with my sister at least twice a year and its ALWAYS a headache, even LEGGINGS are a chore to fit over her booty and they stretch!!!!! She broke down and started crying becasue are main mission was to find her jeans that fit and look damn good, well that mission FAILED. She has such a crazy body that shes way to small to fit in Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart(mainly because of her small waist. She does not have a cow utter which is what i call them, most people call them pooches whatever) shes all body sorta like serena, actually exactly like serena. Anyways to say the least my sister walked away from the NY trip with not as nearly much items as me, and it made her feel so bad she had to convince herself to loose more weight. So my reason for this long ass comment is to say to pretty girl you are WRONG and claire YOUR right it is not as easy to find clothes that FIT for curvacious tall girls and i do stress the tall and curvacious and not just a fat girl cuz i been shopping with my sister for over 15years and its always been a headache and tear jerker.

Anonymous said...

I don’t think this is an issue of right and wrong. The girl is only a size 12/14, so of course she has more options. I’m a size 14/16 and couldn’t fit a thing in Charlotte, though I wouldn’t step foot in that store anyway, so I’m not totally sure about the fit. And for career clothes, try Ann Taylor Loft instead of NY and Co. NY and Co’s clothes are too cheap and don’t have much longevity.

As for the tall girls, they’ve always had problem, no matter their size, unless they could afford designer clothes. Tailoring is a good option. But with tailoring, you have the make sure you purchase clothes with enough material to adjust. Stay away from the cheap stuff.

And as for Claire and her friend from ATL: a “regular” sized girl isn’t going to know all the good spots for a plus sized friend, even if she’s super-stylish and has her on fashion blog. Which is why they ended up at H&M, but that store choice probably had a lot more to do with price, than anything else.

Anonymous said...

wow monique... people with those body sizes have it bad because its hard to find clothes, but good because everyone wants the curvy everywhere else, small in the waist (think beyonce).

the best option for girls like that? tailoring. (and then laugh happily to yourself for being blessed with a unique figure)

SimplyMe said...

Being a size 12/14, like a previous poster said gives her MUCH MORE options than a plus size 16 and up. As a size 18, I couldn't even attempt to shop at Charlotte Russe. To find anything above a size 14 at H&M that is actually cut to fit plus sizes is rare.

Tamara Burke said...

Tawanda, you look fabu! I love your fashion choices and you're just like my cousin who's the same size and I'm always asking where she gets her clothes, shoes, and bags from. She's a bargain shopper, but knows how to throw a look together effortlessly.


Ivy said...

Just leaving my $0.02. I am a size 18. I refuse to shop at LB (psychological issues, I know), so I get creative. To everyone who said it's hard for what I call - limbo-size chicks (not small enough for most stores, sometimes not big enough for others) to find cute clothes...not true. Now admittedly, if you wear a 16 or 18, you're not going to be able to shop at Ann T. or J.Crew or Banana for work - try Macy's or as someone suggested, NYCO. (This is for those beautiful women on a budget, like moi). If you want a cute outfit to club in, curvy chicks, work a dress! I found a cute (and budget-priced) little steel gray frock at Club Monaco. Yes, big chicks can shop there. I also shop at H&M and Forever 21 when in need. For jeans - NYCO or Gap. Truly, our choices are not as plentiful as they are for women that are size-10 and below, but we have choices!

Bee said...

I love Spanx and Assets! Both were created by Sara Blakely, but Assets are less expensive and are found exclusively at Target.

The Narcist said...

she looks cute! good post claire=)

Tawanda said...

Thanks for all the nice feedback folks!

Anonymous said...

I heart this blog!

I am a size 12/14 and I think I have a perfect hourglass frame! I find it to be a breeze to shop at stores like Forever 21 for dresses and tops (I am only a c cup) but I do share the other girls frustration when it comes to finding jeans!

Has anyone here tried truejeans? I know I was able to find some pairs but a lot of stores don't carry 32 and that's not always a good fit.

Any ideas of places for bigger girls to find jeans? I want to buy designer jeans but I spent an hour in Bloomingdales and found nary a pair that was even remotely close to fitting.

Anonymous said...

SJPs new line BITTEN carries the best, cutest, S-T-R-E-C-H jeans in sizes up to over 20!! I'm a 16/18 (gained 50lbs in 2 years from depression) and found the best damn jeans I could wear. It was sooo frustrating. I never would shop at Steve and Barrys but SJP line had me curious!! AND the jeans are only $14.99 to boot! AND, and they have a couple styles, skinny, boot leg, tapered with zip ankle. HOT!

MzCoko said...

She looks great.. I am a 14/16.. and I can find stuff in Charlotte Russe.. dresses mostly (never pants tho lol) and to Mo'Nique... your sister should try Seven7 Jeans.. they run about $70 a pair and they fit right for my big booty lol

Anonymous said...

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