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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Real Style: Miami

"We dont play we - take it to da house/M.I.A. - take it to da house/This the way we - take it to da house/Take it to da house - take it to da house/Three-oh-five - take it to da house/Boy we got dat fire - take it to da house/Slip-n-slide - take it to da house/Take it to da house - take it to da house."--Trick Daddy, 'Take it to the House."
Hey Guys,
So the Miami sun is amazing, and I've been having a great time sipping Coladas by the pool:) In between sips, I have of course had a bit of time to look around. While shopping, I ran into this young lady, and just had to take a picture...
...cute, huh? I love that her patterned dress is summery yet chic with its spaghetti strapped style yet long length. And peep the accessories: her sunglasses, bracelets, and earrings are bold, plentiful, and on point. She of course keeps it casually cool with an easy pair of flip flops.
So what do you think...does Miami have great style?
PS I found an *amazing* store that you must visit if you're ever down here. Stay tuned for deets tomorrow.
PSS The most fashionable Fashion Bomber contest! Show me by e-mailing! Deadline Nov 1st!!!
PSSS What are y'all gonna be for Halloween?!?!


Marleaux said...

Cute dress... loves it.

Anonymous said...

She looks great!

Anonymous said...

she looks fly!! Wish it was hot enough here in Canada for me to rock anoutfit like that.

Irie Diva said...

hey i have a dress like that! :)

BROWN GIRL said...

i love the dress... super duper cute :)