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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Get her Look: Meagan Good

Hi Guys!
So for the New Year, I decided that instead of focusing on answering reader mail only on Friday, I would try to sometimes spread the questions out over the course of the week, or focus on just one for the day.
Reader Britany fell in love with Meagan Good's outfit in this picture:
She says, " I really love this outfit. Do you know where I can find these pieces or something similar? I am a broke college student!"
Well Meagan looks a bit cold in her 'fit, but I'll indulge you. Get her look by matching a graphic tank...

...with dark jeans...
...and camel colored boots...

..topped off with a cute knit hat...

If you want to 'winterize' this look, simply throw on a blazer. Any color will do: