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Friday, January 04, 2008

Mail Bombs!

Welcome to the first mail bombs post of the New Year!
Believe it or not, people have been getting pretty agitated that Mail Bombs have been out of their lives for the past few weeks.
Christmas, Holidays, and Vacation, they say: Bahumbug! Bring me my Mail Bombs!
Thankfully, today, I'm finally back on the prowl...

...let's see if I still got it!
First up, Melyssa from Toronto says "These boots are oh-so HOT!!!"
..."Who makes them??? And where can a Toronto fashionsta such as myself could cop a close match for a more reasonable price?"
Well, Melyssa. Your taste is oh-so expensive! Those hot studded beauties are none other than Christian Louboutin's Donjon Over the Knee Boots...
..available at for $2,350! I think that's how much my whole wardrobe costs!
Anyway, with that level of craftsmanship, it's hard to find something similar, but I thought these Quai D'orsay Snap Flower Trim Boots gave off a similar effect...

...for $299 at Not quite Louboutins, but close enough (and almost 100 times cheaper!)
Next, we have another Toronto reader (who's spreading the Fashion Bomb Bug up there??)
Tiff Says, "I'm pretty tall and as a result I wear size 11 shoes. I can't find a hot pair of leather boots in my size ANYWHERE! I'm sick of tall stores and their "trust me these are in " now fashions. I'm desperate for a pair of flat knee high leather boots. can you recommend any sites I can try online? I'm in Toronto so online is usually my only option."
I did a quick search and found the following flat styles, all available in size 11:
Top Row: Sudini Adjustable Waterproof Flat Boot, $200,; Frye Women's Paige Boot, $347,
Bottom Row: Corso Como Dame Boots, $260,; RSVP Billie Boots, $140,
I'm on the fence about this next Mail Bomb's style quotient, but.... Shanaya from Oakland, CA wanted to know where to get a look like baby sis Solange:
She says, "I just love the patterned tights under her tunic!"
Do you? Well, if you want a Solange boudoir-esque style, simply match the following with a black patent handbag and shoes:
Left to Right:Paul & Joe DouxReve Dress, $598,; Corset Belt, $58,; Wolford Streamline Tights, $52,
Next, Audrey says, "I NEED Rihanna’s bathing suit here!"
"...It’s so vintage sexy. I love it! Where can I find it???"
Rihanna's bathing suit in Louis Vuitton, but you can cop her swimsuit game with the following high and low priced items:
Top Row: Lenny Deep V-Neck Maillot, $235,; Badgley Mischka Glitter Girl Swimsuit, $250,
Save 'em for the summer!
Next, Tiffany says, "My favorite color is purple and I absolutely heart any shade hue or variation of it!"

"...Can you help me find a few good purple picks?"
Get in a purple haze with the following:
Top Row: Paneled Halter Dress, $159,; Searle Silk Satin Crystal Dress, $698,
Bottom Row: Rag& Bone Bubble Dress, $515,
Next we have a mail bomb for the fellas! Shareta wants to dress her boo up like Bow Wow...
...for the New Year.
She says: "My BF is obsessed with Nautica and button up polo type shirts. I am trying to get him to be more stylish. He definitely has the body for this shirt I just don't know where to find it. I know nothing about mens fashion. But I know this shirt is hot! Any help at finding this shirt or one like it will be greatly appreciated!!!"
Get his look with the following military inspired tops:
Left to Right: ASOSMan Military Shirt, $34,; True Religion Brand Jeans Overdyed Poplin Western Shirt, $136,; Ever Korea Double Layer Shirt, $253,
Reader Brian is also a Bow Wow fan, and wanted to get his leather hooded look... a Christmas present.
Looks like I missed the deadline, but if you're still looking, I felt this Nevada Jacket by Ever came close...
...get it for $880 at
Next, we have our first Facebook query!
Reader Cheryl came upon a picture of a facebook beauty...
....wearing a lovely turquoise, yellow, and pink number in her profile pic.
She says,"I was wondering if you could help me locate this dress. Pretty please! :-)"
Well, the world is indeed small, because the woman in the picture is my friend Chinwe.
She revealed, "The dress is BCBG and I got it on eBay!"
Good luck!
Lastly, Arielle from the Islands says, " I wanted to know if you would do a little feature on winter wear essentials. I'm from the Islands and I need help!!!"
Oh Arielle, I feel your pain. When I was coming up North from Atlanta, I believe I had one lonely poleyester blend sweater to my name! I didn't know any better, so before I came up, I bought a North Face ski jacket, a fleece, and a face mask...the first time it snowed, I remember being bundled up to the hilt with mittens! I so wish I had a picture (I might dig it up)...
In the meantime, you'll need a good coat in wool and down, a few wool or cashmere sweaters, wool socks, and winter accessories--a cute hat, scarf, gloves. And don't forget your feet! Get a pair of leather boots as well as sleet proof snow boots. Want to do it in style? These should get you started:
Top Row: Michael Kors Black Quilted Hooden Down Jacket, $195,; Diesel Taupe Wool-Alpaca Cable Knit Sweater, $115,; GUESS? Wool Blend Military Coat, $168,
You can spend a lot or a little on winter items (I just wanted to give you some ideas). Either way, good luck--it's cooooold out there!

Fashion, News, and What Nots
*There were a bunch more Mail Bombs...I'll get to them next week!

...marked down from $405 to $243 at
*This isn't a political blog, but...
...Yay!!!!! The deadline to register to vote in New York is January 11th. Register here.
Don't know why I'm excited? Read this.
*This is sad.


Anonymous said...

Hey! My co-worker just bought that Michael Kors quilted-down, hooded coat from Costco for just $80 (on sale)!!

Anonymous said...

I just saw Daisy Fuentes wearing the Abaete (or something VERY similar) on the show Ultimate Style! You never miss a beat Claire!

Natalie said...

Hi it's Natalie from London I'm working on the I Saved Laurence and other "files" in case you need a fill-in

Ings said...

That facebook pic is Chinwe!
Her style has always been a wonderful mix of glamorous yet natural beauty.

Vakker Kvinne said...

Your blog is awesome! Keep it coming!


felipa said...

If Audrey or any one else is looking for vintage styled bathing suits, I read a great post on another blog that recommends Ester Williams (link below). The bathing suits look really cute.

Natalie said...

Chinwe's dress is a few seasons (years) old, but I feel your love for it! I asked her the same question and tried finding it on Ebay 2 years ago but couldn't find my size. =(

Linda O'Neill said...

What a great posting about all the Winter clothes and accessories. I love the cold weather just for that reason, scarves and hats! One of my favorite stores is having a huge sale on Winter and early Spring clothes...they have everyone from Diane von Furstenberg, to 3.1 Phillip Lim, Black Halo, Alice + Olivia and so many more...Can not wait to start shopping!!

Gorgeous Black Women said...

Thanks. I love the bathing suits :)