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Friday, January 18, 2008

Mail Bombs

It's the Friday before a long weekend! 
Let's not waste a minute!

First, Loria from Houston loved Kerry Washington's look at the BET Honors Awards:
She says, "I'm looking for a dress in this style in white, cream, or off-white. Can you help?"
Hey there! I found this ABS by Allen Schwartz One Shoulder Beaded Gown...
...that fits the bill. Get it for $528 at
If that's too pricey, I think this Rachel Pally Long Twist Shoulder Dress could work...
...get it for $242 at
Where you going in that dress, girrrl?
Reader Nieisha must also have a hot party to go to, because she loved Kim Kardashian’s look from New Years Eve…
…she says, “Kim looked so hot on New Years Eve. Who makes her dress?!?
Kim is wearing a Just Cavalli creation, which seemed to be tailored just for her. You can get a similar dress with this $595 Just Cavalli Butterfly Print Dress
…from Saks.
Um, where's the party?
Now, what would a Mail Bombs post be without a question about Rihanna???
Golden Honey says, “Can you please help me find the top portion of Rihanna's dress?
“...I suppose it is corset, but I would prefer something without a belt just plain. Maybe a Corset definitely not a tube top. Please help!!”
Try these:
Left to Right: Coleen McLaughlin Cupped Satin Corset, $80,; Strapless Corset, $58, www.victoriassecret.comSeamless Bustier, $78,

Next, reader Stacey says, "Girl! I need your help. I need this dress in my life!"
"...Please help me find it or something like it. I love the color combination for spring!"
Hey! You’ve got great taste! That’s a Diane von Furstenberg creation from her Spring 2007 line. (I know, I have it in black!)
That dress is long gone from stores, but you can get a similar look (I think) with this Sleeveless Deep V-Neck Mini Dress...
...for $168 at If that doesn't work, there's always eBay!
Next, Mecca says, "I have a girlfriend that is really in love with these $200 boots from Ugg's, but does not want to pay a fortune for it..."

"...Can you help me find a similar boot for less?"
Well, those boots aren't quite my taste, but ask and ye shall receive. I couldn’t find floral embroidered suede boots, but I did find the following Wellie Styles that could give off the same effect…
Left to Right: ASOS Printed Flower Wellie Boot, $41,; Flower Stripe Rain Boots, $20,
…throw on some wool socks and you’ll be fine in a snowstorm!  For less than $50, you can't go wrong!

In another head scratcher, Brandi says, "I'm a new Fashion Bomber who is slowly turning into a fashionista! I saw this recent photo of Erykah Badu..."
"... and her shoes are fierce!! Can you please tell me who these shoes are by??"
Hey! You're right, the shoes are fierce! The look, not so much.
Erykah's no bag lady, as she's sporting these $675 Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Canvas Pumps...
If you don't have an extra $675 hidden under your bed, I felt that these Ilonna Peep Toe’s by Guess

..could give off a similar effect if worn with pants. Get 'em for $109 at
Lastly, a question for the group:
Jess says, "Call me cheap but I just can't make myself pay top dollar for leggings. In a pinch I purchased a couple of $26 pairs at American Apparel but felt ripped off. I found cheaper pairs elsewhere but found the weight and quality not to my satisfaction. Can you recommend a place to get a good, sturdy, comfy pair of leggings for less than $20?"
I'm stumped on this one! Thoughts?
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*The Fashion Bomb (me) will be off for MLK day. I have a dream...that I'll be back on Tuesday! Have great weekends!


teenuh leoné said...

im surprised to say this but i actually like something kim is wearing, lol. i saw that cavalli dress a few months ago and i loveeee it. anywho, well i always get my leggings from urban outfitters. i have 3 pair and they are great. they come in cute colors and dont wear out easily. :)

Brandi said...

Hi Claire! Thank you so much for answering my e-mail. I really love those shoes Miss Badu has on. Like I said I'm no fashonista....yet, and didn't know it wasn't it popular style. Still like them still. Thanks again and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Cree said...

My favorite tights (I buy over and over again) are $5.99 at good ol Target. They don't have them in the stores anymore but are available on line ( They are fab and I wear them with everything. Matter of fact I'm gonna buy 2 more pair now. lol.


Charlotte said...

In response to the reader with the question about finding tights under $20, Target has great tights! I was able to get two pair for less than $20 and they are great quality. There is also a large selection of different colors and designs. Hope this helps!


Anonymous said...

Express has great tights for under $20 . . . and they have a variety of fun colors, textures and styles.

Shekiedra said...

In response to the inquiry about finding quality leggings at an affordable price. Urban Outfitters & Target have really great leggings & tights and most of them are under $10. Hope this helps.

Gorgeous Black Women said...

Love Kerry's dress. Do you know who the designer is?

I was pinching my pennies for a different YSL Tribute pair before Steven Pilati angered me.

Anonymous said...

I think that HUE brand might be a good place to start looking for inexpensive leggings. They make very good quality tights ( believe me, I've had one of their pairs of tights since freshman year of college and I'm 22 now ). They are in most stores, check a Macy's or Lord & Taylor's and you should be fine.

Amanda said...

Hi Claire!

Please tell the poster asking about the leggings that Uniqlo has great leggings and they're $10! They're comfortable, they come matte, shiny and with lace! I love mine

Elle Woods said...

yeah what the first post said.....Urban outfitters has some nice tights in loads of varieties.....the quality is amazing and so soft. I got 2 for $24.

LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

WOW! you ladies are good. I love the purple/grey swirly dress. And the Kim K. Cavalli dress looks better long. I'm surprised. I usually find Cavalli and Versace to be too gaudy.

Anne Corrons said...

Oh, my God, this new Ugg's model is really fabulous. We do not even need to talk about these other shoes. Is not a dream?????

Kim said...

@ gorgeous black women
Kerry's dress was designed by Marchesa.