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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

20 Summer Dresses under $100

So last week, New York Times fashion writer Guy Trebay intimated that the dress might be over...
... he quoted Anne Slowey of Elle Magazine who proclaimed, "The eye is looking for something new, and so is the psyche...The dress has been done to death..."
Hmmm, fashion magazines might be a wee bit out of touch because I personally love to throw on a dress virtually any time of year! They're easy, one stop outfits, supremely flirty, colorful, and feminine: basically perfect wardrobe staples and ideal go-to's for spring/summer.
The fashion powers that be may want you to spend money on the 'new' silhouette (pants? ugh!), but here at The Fashion Bomb, we're all about feeding your current obsessions while saving money!
So, just for you frock lovers: 20 summer dresses for $100 or less.
First, one of my favorite silhouettes: strapless dresses...

For busty girls, they offer the option to show some skin, while still wearing supportive undergarments (if you don't know, check out my past post on one of my obsessions, Fantasie's Smoothing Strapless Bra). Throw on a cardigan for the office, then take it off for post work drinks:
Bottom Row: Printed Swiss Dot Alexa Dress, $75,; Cindy Dress, $75,; Abigail Gray and Yellow Dress, $33,
Dresses with dainty straps always look cute:
...and are perfect for a picnic or day at the beach:
Top Row: Dallas Dress, $79,; Scarf Print Sundress, $58,; Abbey Dress, $39.50,
Bottom Row: Single Dress Francesca Spaghetti Stap Dress, $68,; After the Storm Dress, $55,; Ameerah Baby Doll Dress, $27.80,
Shirtdresses are simple choices for a summer job (interns, listen up!)
...they look crisp, polished, and sophisticated:
Top Row: Shirtdress, $69,; Rebecca & Drew Swiss Dot Shirtdress, $84,
Bottom Row:Robbie Bee Circles Shirtdress (Plus), $88,; Ben Sherman Shirtdress, $55,
Lastly, halters:
Reserve these for the weekend:
Top Row: Erin Halter Dress, $89,; Design History Marilyn Dress, $60,
Bottom Row: Twisted Grecian Halter Dress, $77,; Karen Zambos Vintage Couture Mini Halter Dress, $100,
Dresses for all!
Fashion, News, and What Nots
*My silk shirtdress (with static cling!) from yesterday was by a company called Bilingual. I swear they had a website when I bought it, but I searched and couldn't find it! I found a few Bilingual dresses here at Good luck!
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*Glamour Magazine is having yet another panel on Women, Race, and Friendship:
Notable panelists include Bethann Hardison and Aisha Tyler.
It's next Friday, May 9th from 8:30-10:30am. That's a wee bit early for my taste (I like my sleep!), but it might worth it! At least it's before work... E-mail to RSVP. Seats are limited!
Don't know why there's a panel? Read here.
*If you want neon nails like Rihanna...'re in luck!
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Economy of Style said...

I agree. Fashion mags may miss the mark on this prediction. Who doesn't love to throw on a great frock!?!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE dresses. Always have, I've lived in them over the summers for the past 3 years or so. Plus they are ALWAYS a crowd pleaser with the boys and gals alike! Bring on the dresses I say!

Plus if you're traveling for a quick weekend getaway, just throw a few dresses in and you're set...instant outfit, as Claire mentioned!

Beauty Is Diverse said...

Love the dress selections..

Anonymous said...

If anything, I would think that the dress is more popular than ever! I've never been the biggest fan of wearing dresses, but I've been incorporating them into my wardrobe lately and I can't wait to go shopping for more =D

Anonymous said...

Please put more below the knee dresses for us girls with knobby knees! We love dresses, too!

Fashion Dresses said...

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