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Monday, April 28, 2008

Real Style: Piedmont Park + Real Talk: Getting Rid of Static Cling

So as you know, last weekend, I was chillin in the ATL. My girls and I went out to Piedmont Park...
..and came across this lovely young lady...
...who looked summer ready in a form fitting white shirt dress, gold platform Mary Janes and a colorful bag.
Simply chic!

Fashion, News, and What Nots
*Here's a Real Talk quickie.
Last week the weather was beautiful, so I decided to pull out one of my fave silk shirtdresses to bless the day. I steamed it up, threw it on, but was dismayed when this happened:
...that's right! SERIOUS static cling. The men were loving the look...but the cling was so bad it was almost comical (well I thought so)! No amount of tugging could stop the dress from sticking to my legs.
I asked around and one of my coworkers recommended rubbing a dryer sheet on the inside of my dress and on my legs. Voila le resultat:
...problem solved!
My colleague also told me that hairspray sprayed on the legs can work as well.
You might've already known this trick, but I was clueless!
A dryer sheet totally saved my day:)
* Pharrell talks to the International Herald Tribune about his Blason collection for Louis Vuitton. [IHT]
*In other Louis Vuitton news, the house is suing an artist for creating this image:
"Artist Nadia Plesner created this image to satirize the lack of media attention a genocide like Darfur gathers compared with the relative overexposure of skinny women with little dogs and designer bags." Read more here. [Make Fetch Happen]
*It's confirmed! The Independent reports that Vogue Italia's July issue will contain almost exclusively black models!
Regarding a possible backlash in Italy, Franca Sozzani, Italian Vogue's Editor in Chief says, "Maybe in our country it is not the best idea. But I don't care. I think it is not my problem if they don't like it – it's their problem." Amen! When oh when will American Vogue follow suit? [The Independent]
*If anyone lives in an area without access to foreign magazine editions, I'd be happy to pick up a few copies of Vogue Italia's July issue! I'll make them available in the Fashion Bomb Shop...just pay shipping and handling. If interested, e-mail me at
*Eva's Jenny Dayco earrings mentioned in Friday's Mail Bombs retail for $101. Purchase by calling 310-621-0680.
*Glamour Mag on Plus Sized Style. [Glamour]
*Blogger Yuli channels Mary Kate for Nylon Mag in a hot Fashion Bomb Tee:
Check her out at My It Things. And get your T here. [My It Things]


Mei-Li said...

Do you know where or how to purchase the July issue of Italian Vogue in the States?

Leela said...


Do you know ANYWHERE I can find her Gold Platform MAry JAnes? (the model in pic from ATL)

Anonymous said...

First of all your dress is FABULOUS!!!

And I can't WAIT to get the Italian Vogue!!

@ mei-li - most of the book stores, at least here in VA carry the international fashion glossies as well as the american ones

Furaha said...

I think its very very important we all support this Italian Vogue issue. The last line in the article suggested that advertisers will not support the issue. Well we need to make this one of the most successful Vogue's of all time to make a statement. Money talks!

Big ups Claire for volunteering to make the issue available!

Anonymous said...

Claire, put me on the list for the Vogue Italia copy. Not sure where I'd find a copy in Michigan.
oh, and cute dress:)

Unknown said...

you're fabulous in your dress darling! xoxo

Anonymous said...

She is way too dressed up for Piedmont Park! It's a place to sit and relax and commune with Nature...that outfit doesn't look to relaxing.

PasticheBella said...

I love the dress, minus the static :-). Where did you get it? I plan to swagger jack you on this dress

Anonymous said...

that girl in the park, looks oh so cute in her outfit, am lovin it!

Anonymous said...

I too want to be added to the list Italian Vogue.

Unknown said...

I love your dress Claire!

I'm from SC and always find that folk in ATL will dress up for anything even hanging out at the park!!lol! She rocking that outfit, though.

I always have problem finding WWD Beauty and WWD mags. If you can post those on your store let me know.:)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous dress Claire! And we ALL have to support the Italian Black Vogue issue. When do you think it will hit the shelves stateside?

The Fashion Bomb Tee is to die for!!

miznyc said...

wow I think it's kind of telling that no one has mentioned the controversial Darfur piece in the comments. lol.

It's a fascinating issue from a copyright standpoint as well as a oh...human being standpoint.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Claire!! Where did you get your dress. I absolutely love it.

Mei-Li said...

@ *b* fab,

Thanks, unfortunately I am in Korea right now and not in the army even then I think they only sell the American Vogue on post. I am very excited about Claire making them available to us and I am going to pick up a copy from the site as soon as she makes that post! LOL

I am also going to alert my friends this is important and we do need to support it. I wonder if Essence will say anything about it?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I'm in Rome and will buy the issue the day it hits the stands.

It's great the artist trying to raise awareness (I am sick of the Parisification of our culture. Dogs are not accessories people) but understand why LV is suing.

Beauty Is Diverse said...

Love your silk shirt dress..where can I find one..

will the italian vogue issue of black models be available in toronto, canada too..

and boo for ln for creating that add will have to post that on my blog not happy about that at all..

Economy of Style said...

Thanks for the tip on the silk dress cling!