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Friday, April 18, 2008

Mail Bombs!

So I'm home in Atlanta, typing away. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining--life is good! I've gotta run enjoy the day, but first I figured I'd solve a few mail bombs...
...just a few.
Reader Elkie wrote in a while ago loving the earrings Kelis wore for the Grammy awards...
She says, " I covet them and MUST HAVE THEM!!! Can you PLEASE help identify where I can purchase these FABULOUS earrings? This is a fashion CODE RED!"
Thankfully London intern Natalie stepped in! She says, "Design-wise, a very close match I found on were these Cut out Detail Circle Drop Earrings..."
"...They're cheap as chips for $13.21, and I trust you'll rock 'em right..." Cheap as chips! I love that!
Pamela wrote in about Janet Jackson's cute sunglasses...
She says, "Where can I find those sunglasses or somthing similar?"
Square, oversized frames like Janet's can be found at any price point:
Left to Right: Script Logo Sunglasses, $39.50,; Marc by Marc Jacobs Oversized Square Sunglasses, $115,; Oliver People's Bacall Sunglasses, $285,
Next Errin from Atlanta says, "So I'm trying to make the most of my long-legged life by getting a jump on my summer jumpsuit game. I just KNOW that if anyone can help me out on this, it's The Fashion Bomb. Here's my inspiration, from Preen's S/S 08 line..."
"...Suggestions? I've only got two months 'til the first day of summer!"
I did a search and found this Twill Linen Puff Sleeved Jumpsuit from
...for only $119, you can flaunt those long legs all summer long!

Reader Posh was also feeling the jumpsuit look, and wanted to know how to get Mena Suvari's strapless suit:
She says, "Do you know who this is by? Or can you find something similiar??"
You can give off a similar essence with these; throw on a belt to complete the look:
Left to Right: Andrea S. Meadow jumpsuit, $303,; Sea Pleated Front Strapless Jumpsuit, $393,
Now for a wardrobe query.
Mona wrote in looking for two very specific items. She says, "I've been looking for a Maxi Dress and Light Denim Skinny Jeans in a size 12 for the past month and come up with nothing! Can you help?"
Sure. For your Maxi Dress, here are a few options:
Left to Right: Crochet Trim Maxi Dress, $109,; Diane von Furstenberg Washed Silk Strapless Dress, $398,; Kate Moss Sleeveless Cowl Front Dress, $77,
And jeans, you're covered as well:
Left to Right: BDG 5 Pocket Stretch Skinny Jean, $49,; Paige Denim Roxbury Jean, $169,
BDG Cigarette Skinny Jean, $54,
That does it! I'm off to get some Chick-Fil-A!
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*Happy Birthday DD!
You da bomb.
...70% off at


Miss Williams said...

thank you for helping me last week claire - it makes me that much more excited about my internship!

go get that chick-fil-a - eat a nugget for me!

Lish said...

wow Chick-fil-a, golden corral, shoney's...I love going down south...the food is always good!

Adama said...

Chick-fil-a!!! Oh Claire that makes you even more endearing to me!! Much love from Dakar, Senegal! Next time i'm in NYC I will def try to attend one of your meet and greet or try to get in touch! Enjoy the A and the Phipps Plaza and whatnot!! Bisous

errin said...

I knew you'd help me! I'm off to Bebe...stay tuned for pics :)

Hated that I missed you this weekend in ATL...we should meet next time you're home. Always nice to know another sophisticated Southern belle!