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Monday, April 21, 2008

Real Style: Chelsea

I'm still in GA today, jumping on a Northbound flight this afternoon.
I actually caught some ATL Real Style in Piedmont Park (holla!), but like a dum dum forgot my camera cord (along with everything else it seems) in NYC. So, I give you a bit of Real Style I snapped while walking around Chelsea a few weeks ago:

Click to enlarge
...this young self professed model who only admitted to working 'around the city' seemed perfect for Real Style because of her rocker chick steeze.
Her outfit triumphed because of her accessories--skull cap, colorful scarf, pink graffiti inspired bag, and subtle jewelry. Her gold jacket, while neutral, is also a nice bold touch, balanced out by black skinny jeans and flat ankle boots.
Off to catch a plane...back to reality!
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*Just for fun, reminisce on archived Real Style posts.
*Fashionista reports that Patrick Robinson (Gap's Executive Vice President for Design)... featured in Vogue along with his Gap designs. Cool! [Fashionista] In case you don't know who Patrick Robinson is, you can click here to find out.
*Steve Madden does it again!
You can now pre-order lookalike $4,175 Balenciaga Lego Heels...
...These obvious rip-offs are a steal at $100. But hey, $100 is a lot more affordable than $4,000...Click here to pre-order.
*Anyone catch Life in the Fab Lane last night?

Looks good!


Anonymous said...

Girlfriend looks good. I am not usually a fan of Real style but this os one of the rare tims I actuall like what the people you choose. This is definitely my inspiration for my look today!

the golden elle said...

Loving the Balenciaga knock-offs. But I won't be wearing them because they look so obviously like knock-offs. Like wearing fake Vuitton on your feet! I'll pass.

Anonymous said...

That's actually Charlie Baltimore's daugther India.

Zay said...

i love the model from the A... VERY well dressed and very nice on the eyes.. new to the blog but I like the small part I've seen.. i'll be commenting more

Hott Cheetos said...

Yes, the first episode was good Claire. You should check it out next Sunday and give us your take on the show. You keep it trill, fabulously of course.

Day Dreamer said...

The Balenciaga knock-offs ... saw them in Bakers for $80! Even less. However, I agree with the golden elle. I don't have the guts to wear such obvious knock offs.

vogued out!!! said...

the girl in the first pic looks amazing. loves it.