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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Cool Online Find: Prise NJ

So I was looking online for low cost, yet cute party frocks, and came across a cool website, www.Prise
...the owner, it turns out, is a young lady named Yudy...
...who's a fan of the Fashion Bomb!

About Prise NJ, she says, "It actually all hit me when I turned 30 about one year 1/2 ago. I realized that I don't want to work in an office for the rest of my life, I've always had a "Passion for Fashion," so it was the perfect thing to do..."The name Prise (pronounced Pris'e) means excessively prim and proper.
Check out a few of its cute items all under $50:
Zebra Print Black & White Dress, $30; Lavender Drape Front Detail Bandeau Dress, $45.
Silver Mesh Camisole Dress, $45; Print Dress, $30.
Mustard Halter Top, $15; Sequin Trim Halter, $20.
You really can't go wrong with those prices!
And luck you: Yudy is willing to offer all Fashion Bombers free shipping on all their Prise NJ purchases. Just put 'free shipping' under the comments section at checkout and mention "The Fashion Bomb Blog."
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*Reader Chiriga was feeling the 'Nerd' Glasses post yesterday. She says, " I love the big specs! Check out my pair..."
"...Got them from a vintage spot called Screaming MiMi's in Soho."
Fashion Bomb readers are so chic! But you know what would make her outfit cuter? An official Fashion Bomb t-shirt. You still have a few days to submit your designs...


Shopaholica said...

I love all the pieces, and the clothes are extremely affordable,I can get a few dresses and not worry about shipping because of the garment costs.
Luvv the first Tunic..that dress is gorgeous..i cant wait to go shopping for summer 08

Ings said...

This new website is the hotness. Those dresses are beautiful and are great summer pieces.
I can't wait to order some!

los said...

omg GREAT find Claire!! You know there are a few guys around here lurkin on the site, find us some spots housing some hot threads on the net.

Yannize said...

The strapless sweetheart neckline dress is just like the one Hayden P is wearing on the cover of Cosmo...i love it!


Anonymous said...

Ok Claire, now you know you are wrong for that. You're gonna make me spend so much, the pieces are sooo cute. Thank god I,ve already paid rent lol.

Brittany said...

I've been a 'lurker' on this site for the LONGEST! This is definitely my favourite fashion blog! I love love love the dresses on prise nj...and literally every other post you do (lol). Do you ever plan on doing one on Philly? It would be muuuuch appreciated!