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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cute Fashionable Sneakers

I went to my podiatrist the other day who informed me that I could stop hobbling around with a bandaged left foot (yay!), and could finally sneakers (boo!).
Horrible, I know.
I had high high hopes that I could at least wear pretty ballet flats after my surgery, but he wouldn't budge! "Sneakers," he said, "nothing more, nothing less." [As an aside the nurses, etc, are probably so fed up with me for always asking for fashionable socks and a cuter boot! But I digress..]
Obviously, as a fashion obsessed chick, I immediately took to looking for chic sneakers...styles that would actually look OK with work outfits or even *gasp* skirts and dresses. High tops are fine for a younger set, but a grown woman can't walk around the office with pastel sneaks!
I found these neutral options:
Top Row: Diesel Sport Women's Ballerikah Slip-on Fashion Sneaker, $80,; Vans KVD 46, $46,
Lacoste Lyndon Dotty, $80,
Bottom Row: Converse by John Varvatos Chuck Taylor Laceless Sneakers, $95,; Puma Mostro Perf Shoes, $100,; Nike Sunyassi, $79,
If I wanted to amp up the edge, I could do so in bright colors or metallics:

And if I really wanted to stunt, I could of course go with these logo laced lovelies:
At any rate, I'll have to find something to tide me over until I can wear 'normal' shoes.
It'll be good to have a pair in my arsenal for the weekends...must keep it fresh at all times!
Fashion, News, and What Nots
*Reader Chiriga is too chic! In response to yesterday's Purple Haze Post, she says, "I loooooove purple!"
"...I'm up on my trends!"
Yes you are! And snaps for boldly mixing that purple off the shoulder dress with red accessories.
*The Genevieve kiss mystery has been solved! Reader 'Courtesy of Moi' wrote in saying, "The guy with the braids is a twin. Their names are Ricky and Dee Jackson..."
"...They did the lego belts for Marc Jacobs' collection a while back."
Ohhh, ok. Anything cool with Marc is cool with me! Seems like they were long overdue for their Fashion Bomb debut! Check out Dee & Ricky on their webbie,
*The Chicago Tribune on the controversial Vogue cover. [Chicago Tribune]
*Get 20% off Shop Jake Shoes (
...I can't wear them, but you can! Just enter the code 'springshoes' for your discount.
*Speaking of Spring Shoes, Mark your Calendars....
...yours truly is having a Meet & Greet/No More Boot/Shopping Celebration on Wednesday, April 16th at Soho's Te Casan!!! From 6-8:30 come sip champagne, shop, and mingle with your fellow Fashion Bombers! It's gonna be!
RSVP to Can't wait to meet y'all. Did I mention you get 20% off the Spring Collection?? A celebration indeed, indeed. Go to to pre-shop.

*There's a pretty huge entry in today's Women's Wear Daily Memopad section on the Vogue cover controversy. Fashion Bomb favorite Bethann Hardison weighed in on the conversation, saying, "Every photograph that they've put of a dark person in recent years has never been good. Jennifer Hudson has her mouth wide open. LeBron James had his mouth wide open. We have other expressions." Another great quote is from Helena Andrews, a culture editor for the website who says, "It brings up the question of whether people are asking these questions in the editorial meeting of doing the sorts of images that conjure up those sorts of [feelings]. It's clear no one raised their hand during the editorial meeting and said, 'Wait a minute.'" Good point. If you have something to say, why not write a letter to Vogue? They publish them every month. Put pen to paper and mail to 4 Times Square, New York, NY 10036. OR e-mail them at (include your daytime phone number). Put all those college degrees to good use. [WWD]


Marleaux said...

I love pairing purple and red, it's currently my fav color combo.

Tara said...

I just moved to the city of manchester and am struggling to find a pair of "trainers" as they are called here. I think i might go for a pair of diesel hightops. Check out shoes at Fred perry. They are preppy but classic.

Yannize said...

i wore the velcro off my puma mostros!
they were my "urban ballerina shoes" hahaha

cant wait til the 16th, Claire!
AMMO will be in the building!


Liah said...

It's hard to find a cute sneaker. I've opted for a pair of Asics and I'm very pleased with my choice. I've noticed that among the college set it's all about Asics and the Nike Dunks --- the HS kids can keep the Pastry shoes to themselves.

Neah said...

You have to check out the Alexander McQueen designs for Puma:

I'm not a sneaker person, but I own three pairs...THREE. You'll LOVE them, I swear!

Bonifant said...

I think I've see those twins in my Puma catalogue from last year. Either that or a vibe spread.

Lol yes they designed the belts but that still does not explain the full on kiss with tongue?

Genvieve is being a bad girl lol

For trainers check out Asics and Royal Elastics

Alexis said...

I'm going to make sure that i rock the red and purple combo for the spring/summer. Excited for the event on April 16!!!!

vogued out!!! said...

I concur. They are super fashionable. I own a few pair of your blog

Anonymous said...

I just got in heels for the first time this past Sunday after the same surgery.....hope your doing better! I wish this post was up when I was only able to wear sneakers lol!