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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Round Two: Pick your Favorite Fashion Bomb T!


Today's round two of the Fashion Bomb T-Shirt Contest!
I received more than 1000 votes from across the country and abroad. Amazing!
For set 1, there were clear front runners:
Click to enlarge
The Cranberry girls were popular, as were Natasha and Jaja.
Set 2 also had its favorites:
Click to enlarge
....Jorge, Yaa, and Shari rose to the top.
Now's round two!
Pick your three choices below.

Oh, and update: I was able to secure third and maybe fourth place prizes! I hate choosing. I honestly thought they were all great, so the more the merrier!
I'll announce the winners on Friday after Mail Bombs.
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*Polls close earlier today (Midnight EST, 9pm PST).


Anonymous said...

I like the first shirt.

Casandra said...

Ohhh gosh! Am inlove with the Cranberry shirt... So Urban + Glam... just like the Fashion bomb!!

Anonymous said...

umm i want the black shirt to win, so I can buy one!!!

Anonymous said...

I have my favs; I'm a long time reader so this is great! BUT I REFUSE to buy a shirt with a naked lady on it with a bomb coming out of her...! Really, where am I going to wear that?

Anonymous said...

I agree. The F-Bomb design is cute, but it's not safe for most fashionable situations.

Anonymous said...

For me Shari's t-shirt stands out for me!