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Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday Fashion Potpourri: Looks I Love

Since there really isn't much in terms of shoe 'news' I decided that this Friday's post (and every Friday henceforth) will include pictures of looks I absolutely adore.

I found two top notch styles that meld logo lovin and sophistication in Upscale magazine's November spread (called 'Urban Oufitters') and Elle magazine's November spread featuring Jessica Alba.

In Upscale...

the stylist (Xiomara D), paired a Tracy Reese Baby Doll sweater ($170, and Diesel Skinny Jeans ($160, with Gucci leather gloves ($375) and round toe pumps ($475). As my friend J would say, 'Loves it!'

In Elle, Jessica Alba (photographed by Giles Bensimon)...

paired a Dior by John Galliano metal-lacquer drape dress ($1,880) with a Louis Vuitton denim jacket ($1,310, Louis Vuitton Stores nationwide). It'll be a cold day in Hades before I purchase a jean jacket for $1,000 dollars...but I'm lovin the look either way.

A strategically placed understated logo item is definitely a stunner piece. It shows admirers that yes you dropped a bit of dough, but you still have good taste.

When wearing a logo, follow the examples above, but never make your outfit gaudy like these poor souls in examples 1:

and 2!

Rock at most two stunner pieces, but don't overdo it!

Have a great wknd!


Anonymous said...

jessica's outfit looks beautiful, her hair also looks really nice but she seems to be a bit too skinny, her face looks likes she's sucking in air.

sloane said...

i love the louis vuitton jacket, i couldn't even tell that it was denim. as for the girl who had her wedding dress made from cheap material with the louis vuitton logo, what was she thinking? i hate phony labeling. if you can't afford the real thing, buy something within your budget. i just can't believe some people could be so tacky.

Candid Cool said...

sadly ive seen the 2nd picture before, sev. years ago in a chain email.