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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holiday Parties? Remix The Little Black Dress

"Scheherazade is easy. The little black dress is hard." - Coco Chanel

Holiday Season is here, and I have a bunch of events to go to in the next two weeks. I clearly don't want to buy a brand new dress for every I was thinking that I'd channel Chanel and buy a one little black dress, but wear it different ways.

I found two ideas for variations amongst my coworkers.

Fashionable Lady One here:

Wears an off black dress with a scarf tied around her waste and matching pumps.

Fashionable Lady Two:

Pops an oxford under her black dress and wears a scarf as a belt. Her fishnets and super cute shoes set this outfit apart.

Want more ideas?

Throw a lacy cardigan or snazzy jacket over your black dress like Kimora displays on her Baby Phat

Or put on a wide belt and cool jewelry as ShopBop shows in their LookBook:

The last option, of course, is to sport the dress as is, like this $88 London Times Chiffon Bubble Dress from Nordstrom:

But I'd suggest wearing big vibrant jewelry with a plain dress as Rachel Roy displays here:


If you plan on rocking one black dress, buy one that has a pencil or A-Line silhouette with a demure neckline. Find a dress that's plain enough to pair with a lot of jewelry, a flashy shirt, cute shoes, or a snazzy cardigan, without looking awkward or over the top.

This dress by Elie Tahari... an expensive $448 at Bloomingdales, but options are endless and you can wear this one to work.

This $100 dress by Jones New York ( also pretty plain...but it's a black canvas on which you can add whatever accents you like.

Tons of variations...and I guarantee noone will run up to you like, "Didn't you wear that the other day....?"


Sales, Sales:
From New York Magazine:
*Eugenia Kim's funky women's and men's fedoras and pageboys are 50-70% off. 12/13-12/15 (9am-8pm); 12/16 (11am-7pm). Metropolitan Pavilion, 123 W. 18th St., nr. Sixth Ave., fourth fl. (212-421-3200)
*Nanette Lepore's feminine dresses ($145 to $250), coats ($250 to $300), and pants ($95 to $120) are on sale. 12/13-12/14 (9am-6pm) 225 W. 35th St., nr. Seventh Ave., fourth fl. (212-594-0012).
*Hollywould’s festive footwear is 60 to 80 percent off; clothes, shoes, and handbags in the bargain bins are from $25. 12/13-12/16 (11:30am- 7pm). 198 Elizabeth St., nr. Spring St. (212-219-1905). This sale is also online! Go to! These sweet peep toes:

Were $585 and they're now $125. A little chilly for peep toes, but you can always rock 'em next year (Thanks Kim!)
*Don't forget Tory Burch and Goldenbleu!


Anonymous said...

"Fashionable Lady" number 1 is not very fashionable at all

boab said...

i was thinking the same thing. there's nothing too exciting about the other outfits either & the concepts are so-so...

the shopbop mini-spread is so overdone...the look, i mean.

in any case, LOVELOVE your blog.


Anonymous said...

Oh my....those first two shots are wretched! Nothing fashionable there. Looks like something my mama would wear and she is 54. Love your blog but you threw me for a loop-a-rama today. Bring it back in... :)

Your Girl said...

Hmmm...agree with the masses. Number two I can live with but number one kind of reminds me of wearing an apron.

sloane said...

if lady number one tied that scarf around her head or her neck and wore plain black pumps the outfit would look less unflattering and busy, and more fashionable. i am love with the contrast shown between the little black dress and the white belt and jewelry.

diane said...

Sorry, but Rachael Roy has zero fashion taste.