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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Shopping in NYC: Discount Designer Dens

New York City bubbles at the brim with amazing shopping opportunities.
There are discount designer havens where Nanette Lepore skirts and Theory Jackets bob up on on crowded racks; Vintage Paradisos where another's castaway turns into your treasure; large department stores where coupons and options abound; and outer borough boutiques where 'just for me' finds await.

I'm going to try to cover it *all* this week (yes I am). Yay-lucky-you-that-I-love-you-so-much!!!

Today, the Fashion Bomb presents Shopping NYC 1: Discount Designer Dens.
Your first stop for marked down labels should be Century 21 (22 Cortlandt Street between Church and Broadway).

*Pros: Century 21 carries top of the line brands like Gucci and Pucci for 50%-75% off retail . I bought this Emilio Pucci cutesie bathing suit at Century 21...

...for about $70. Pucci suits retail for $430 at Bergdorf Goodman. Riiight.
*Cons: The crowds are *insane* on the weekend, and expect to wait super long for the 'open forum' 'no door' dressing rooms. Dedicate a day to just going there and sifting through the what nots.
*Directions: A, C, E to Chambers St; N, R to Cortlandt St. Visit their website here for more details.
*PS Wear comfortable shoes and cute undies!!

Next stop:

Loehmann's (101 7th Avenue between 16th and 17th).
*Pros: The 3rd floor is chock full of designer dresses (Diane Von Furstenberg, Vera Wang, and BCBG Max Azria), and the 4th floor carries brands like Theory, Walter, and Marc Jacobs.
*Cons: Brutal crowd territory as well (especially on Saturdays), open dressing rooms, and a 'shoot me now' shoe and bag section.
*Directions: 1, 9, 2, 3, to 14th St; L to 7th Ave. Visit their website here for more details.
*Bonus: I found a few good finds at Loehmann's that I recorded in one of my first entries! Read about it here. Ah, memories.

Filene's Basement (620 Avenue of the Americas between 18th and 19th)

TJ Maxx (620 Avenue of the Americas between 18th and 19th)

and Burlington Coat Factory (116 West 23rd Street on 6th Avenue)

are all in the same area as Loehmann's, so you might as well check 'em out.
*Pros: Deep price cuts on coats, cashmere, and home stuff.
*Cons: You're lucky if you find Miss Sixty in there! I've generally been underwhelmed with the big name selections.
*Directions: F, V to 14th or 23rd streets. L to 14th Street. 1,9,2,3 to 14th street.

Last designer haven:

DSW for cute shoes at a discount.
*Pros: Plenty of Nicole Miller, Stuart Weitzman, and Charles David for less than retail.
*Cons: Is it just me, or do the shoes err on the small side? It's pretty hit or miss, but with frequent visits you can unearth a diamond.
*Directions: Visit their website here for a DSW location near you.

There are a few more discount designer havens that I haven't been to *yet*:


Hmm..why haven't I been to Daffy's. It just doesn't seem that hip from the outside.
*Pros: My friend's boyfriend goes to Daffy's frequently and apparently finds great work clothes and what nots. They advertise big names like Prada for 'next to Nada.'
*Cons: I read a review of Daffy's at the Budget Fashionista's website here. Dirt Stains? Junk Damaged?? Ewwwww.
*Directions: Find a Daffy's location near you by going here.

And lastly, Gabay's (225 1st Ave Between 13th Street and 14th Street).

I've been meaning to go there forever, but 14th and 1st avenue seems so far away!
*Pros: My shopaholic friend said the following, "[Gabay's] had Chloe and Mulberry bags, and Prada shoes for $150. I also saw Manolo Blahnik, Marc Jacobs, and Jimmy Choo. I saw a lot of high-end designers you would find at Bergdorf's, Saks and Neiman Marcus for a fraction of their prices. Still way out of my price range, but a jewel for the lucky gals who can afford it!"
*Cons: None that I know of...anyone got a review?
*Directions: 4, 5, 6; L; N, R to 14th Street.

I think that does it for discount designer havens in NYC. If I left anything out, let a sista know!
Stay tuned tomorrow for vintage paradisos...
Sales, Sales:
*Everything is on sale today. Everything. Hit the pavement and gets ta shopping.


Arvind_kumar said...

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Anonymous said...

I love your site and thought I would share my Century 21 story. I am from NY but have since moved so when I get back I am in a shopping Frenzy. As you mentioned you have to be serious when you go to Century 21, and I was! My mom had me paged (several times) and I didn't hear it! I Can't wait to go back!

call me aja said...

i was never attracted to daffy's from the outside, but then a friend recommended it to me. great store! i really like the one in soho the best, and i've never had problems with damaged/soiled items in the store. and i agree with the budget fashionista, a great place for quality undergarments at discount prices.

Temp Whore said...

Sorry Honey! Daffy's is the bomb. I have found amazing pices there and sorry Budget fashionista was very misforgiving in the stain factor. Is the merchandising great-not at all but rarely is something stained and chewed on at Daffy's. I have beuatiful pieces from Daffy's including a Narciso Rodriguez cream wool coat for 129. I just bought a Tahari calfskin coat. I have Delman slingbacks for 33. Please I am a Daffy's stan! Please go I will even make an appointment and go there with you. FYI The Daffy's on 18th lost their lease rent went up 46% so know it is an H&M Blah!

Carlene said...

I live in boston but whenever i visit my boyfriend's parents in NJ, I always go to the Century 21 in Morristown. Now there is one in Paramus too. They are less crowded, have real dressing rooms, and still have great merchandise. I'm kicking myself for passing over a fendi beach towel that was only $50 but have gotten some see by chloe, pucci, etc there. they seem to have lots of nice shoes. Also, the filene's basements in and around boston have way more than miss sixty and I've gotten prada, D&G, louboutins, and tons of marc by marc jacobs there over the years.