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Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Thin Thing

"What you two don't seem to realize is that inside of me, inside of me, there is a thin person just screaming to get out."--Jennifer Saunders as Eddie in Absolutely Fabulous

So I read Women's Wear Daily...daily. And for the past two weeks every other headline has been about weight regulations for runway models.

A couple issues sparked this debate.
First, and sadly, this model, Ana Carolina Reston...

...died of complications due to anorexia at the age of 21. She weighed 88 pounds.

Also (perhaps as a result), Italy's Chamber of Fashion...

...has been pushing for models to have a license guaranteeing that they are healthy before walking in Milanese fashion shows, they're at least 16, and have a healthy Body Mass Index (18.5). All of this will be regulated by doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, experts, etc.

Most designers have been mum on the issue, probably because they know that the industry just won't change. I mean...Tyra totally stopped having the one token 'plus sized model' on America's Next Top Model...

...perhaps because they realized that putting the 'big girl' through all the hoopla was a waste of everyone's time.

I am the number one supporter of healthy weight. When my sixteen year old sister (Lord Help Her!) wrote me the following, "Hey if you have any model gigs you know of....hook me up puhlease because im losing the weight and really want to do it!" my other sisters and I proceeded to figuratively shake her and scream, "WHY are you trying to lose weight??" Thankfully my younger sister has more sense (I hope), and will simulataneously pursue her education while healthfully pursuing her modeling dreams.

Here's my argument: There are certain types of vocations that you have a natural predilection for. I like to write. I've written all my life. Therefore I'm a writer. Not so good with numbers, so I don't work in finance. Though I'd LOVE to get a phat check (and matching bonus) like an I-banker, I'm gonna go ahead and stash those dreams away...because I can barely carry the one.
Modeling is great, but if you're not one of those rare women who can eat a full buffet and not put on a pound, opt out of the big fashion business.

Do what you can do. Everyone has a path. Follow it.

And my honest suggestion for big women who want to model?
Eat a chicken wing....

...and land the cover of King.

*Gucci signed a lease for a 45,000 square foot, three level store at 725 Fifth Avenue in the Trump Tower. Sounds like a Fashion Bomb wonderland!

One of my dreams is to go into a Gucci store one day and play around as Mariah and Andre Leon Talley did in the LV store in the 'Say Somethin' Video. Don't remember it? Here it is:


Anonymous said...

*Great* post today, Claire! You are so right that everyone has a path in life, to thine own self be true!

Love your blog! (C:

Anonymous said...

I'm also one of those people who aren't good at numbers. I've been a writer myself off and on for 20 years.
As for the modeling issue, plenty of people can have a respectable career outside of high fashion. Catalog work comes to mind. Saks has a high-end plus department, I'd rather see Tocci doing that than King.

sloane said...

i think that instituting an age limit and a healthy (not "chunky") b.m.i. for models can only help these young ladies as opposed to hurting them. some of these models start out at 13 years old and are so impressionable they'll do anything an apparent authority figure tells (like an agency,photographer,etc.)them to do. i believe models who are a little older will at least have a better sense of themselves and not fall into some of the traps these girls can get into. and an 18.5 b.m.i. is the bare minimum of fat needed for the body to function. this super skinny craze is getting ridiculous. did you know that nicole miller is going to be making negative sizes now? i mean you might as well be wearing children's clothes. anyway, i'd love to see how this plays out because madrid was just small time compared to milan. if they institute a change who knows what might happen?

Anonymous said...

Why is Mariah wearing a bra and panties in this video? I mean, I'm just saying...

Rocky said...

wow nice photos!