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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Shopping in NYC 2: Vintage Paradisos

Greatdayandmornin' fashionistas,
Hope y'all are ready for installment 2 of shopping in NYC: Vintage Paradisos!
There are more vintage stores in New York than I can cover in one post. I've stopped in a few pretty good ones in my day...I'll review the ones I've been to, then give you a short list of others if you're feeling adventurous!
Let's get to it:

First super cool vintage paradiso would Housing Works Thrift Shop (157 E 23rd St):

*Pros: This thrift stores features work clothes, separates, and purses at reasonable prices. I found vintage Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior bags during my last visit.
*Cons: Shoe selection leaves a bit to be desired.
*Directions: 6 to 23rd street.
*More Deets: Visit their official website at and find locations (or check out their auctions) at They have numerous locations throughout the city.
*Bonus: Proceeds go towards providing healthcare, housing, advocacy, and job training to homeless New Yorkers living with AIDS. I blogged about my visit to Housing Works here.

Next up is Angel Street Thrift Shop (118 W 17th St):

*Pros: This hip Chelsea find has Burberry trenchcoats, cute tweed skirts, fun fashion jewelry. I spied Versace and Prada with my own eyes.
*Cons: None!
*Directions: F, 1, or 9 to 14th St.
*More Deets: Visit their website here. They also have locations throughout the city.
*Bonus: Proceeds benefit individuals with substance abuse problems, HIV, AIDS, and mental illness. I blogged about this one too! Read about my finds here.

City Opera Thift Shop (222 E 23rd Street near 3rd avenue):

*Pros: This consignment/thrift shop carries big name shoes like Salvatore Ferragamo

and Stuart Weitzman

This is also the place to go to get some great furniture for next to nothing.
*Cons: Clothing pickings are slim in quantity and in size.
*Directions: 6 to 23rd St

Next: Andy's Chee-pee's (691 Broadway bet 3rd and 4th street)

*Pros: Fun seventy inspired t-shirts. Cute summer dresses.
*Cons: Great for playing dress up, not so much for every day clothes.
*Directions: 4,5,6, F, S to Broadway/ Lafayette
*Bonus: Read a few Citysearch reviews here.

In Brooklyn:
Beacon's Closet (220 Fifth avenue near President Street):

*Pros: Gently used finds with a mixture of fashion jewelry and accessories. Bring your old digs here and make a little cash.
*Cons: Hit or miss, as most vintage stores are.
*Directions: M, R to Union St. Check out their Williamsburg Location at 88 N. 11st Street (L to Bedford Avenue)

There's also, Reverse Clothing (175 5th Avenue):

*Pros: Great place for shoes, belts, and jewelry

*Cons: Cramped, seemingly disorganized space
*Directions: N,R to Union, 2,3 to Bergen.

Last up: Hooti Couture (321 Flatbush Avenue at 7th Avenue):

*Pros: Discount Furs, smashing bags, status scarves, and fashion jewelry.
*Cons: Alex Kuczynski of the New York Times visited, and complained of so-so customer service.
*Directions: B,Q to 7th Avenue. 2,3 to Bergen Street.
*More deets: Visit their blog/website here.
That does it for my visits!
Other vintage spots of interest:
Cheap Jack's (841 Broadway at 13th Street)

*I had heard... Cowboy boots, leather, and coats at less than retail. A quick look at their online store, and things seem to be a little more expensive than the name 'vintage' would imply. A black cotton souvenir jacket is $520, and Ladies Western Show Boots are $150. If this stuff is secondhand, I expect not to pay more than $50 for it!
*Directions: N, R; L; 4, 5, 6; Q, W to 14th St/ Union Sq.
*More deets: Visit their website,

Screaming Mimi's (382 Lafayette Street between West 4th and Great Jones St)

*I had heard...that the sales staff is whack and prices are sky high. BUT their windows are the place to spot creative ways to wear accessories, layer, etc.
*Directions: B, D, F, Q, V to Broadway/ Lafayette St; 6 to Bleecker St

*Atomic Passion (430 East 9th Street between 1st Avenue and Avenue A)

*I had heard...chocked full of dresses, outerwear and whatnots. Find shoes in great condition for low prices.
*Directions: 6 to Astor Pl

I missed a *bunch*, I know. Write and tell me your favorites!
PS Stay tuned for tomorrow's department store rundown!
PSS If you go to Union Square then just walk downtown on Broadway, you'll run into vintage stores on every corner. Bonus: You'll eventually hit Soho's shopping strip for even more fashion fun!
PSS Thanks to FashionTribes, Jargol, and NYC Pulse for info and jpegs of vintage stores I haven't visited! Visit their sites and show 'em some love!


Huey P. Langston said...

Yo, I went to that vintage store Andy's one time to get a smoking jacket. And yeah, they had this navy blue velvet one. The dude who helped me was actually a pimp like me, so I would say if you're lookin' to get your peacock on, Andy's is that store.

Anonymous said...

FYI ladies. Be forewarned that if you have big feet (like me) finding vintage shoes is a bit of a struggle. Also please try on the clothing. Sizing now verus then is totally different so while you may be a size six you may be a vintage size 10.

Good luck!

Jennifer Sennott said...

I do a lot of Styling for eenamaria, a NYC based accessories company, that makes sexy & edgy belt-bags, handbags, and cuffs. I’ve seen their bags in countless boutiques in New York & LA, the belt-bags being my favorite since I can keep my ipod, metrocard, and cell on my hips and rock it like a modern day Bond girl— I suggest checking them out, they have some of the most innovative designs I’ve seen, and they donate a percentage of their profits to a mentoring program-so there’s no buyer’s remorse whatsoever ☺ the site is

Check out my styling page

Brianna said...

Hey Claire, thanks for these NYC shopping entries! They are beyond helpful and I will def. try tp make stops at some of these spots when I get back to NJ next week.