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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mail Bombs

Hey Y'all,

So I get a few inquiries from time to time:

I appreciate everyone who reads, and all the comments you leave! Anyway for today's post, I decided to answer a few of your questions (I'll call 'em Mail Bombs).

Mail Bomb #1 comes from FashionitO:
"I want to buy a nice watch...It has to be timeless but cute...preferrably with diamonds but it can't be ridiculously expensive...can any one give me some suggestions?"

First, I must say that I barely wear a watch these days...I mean, I usually just check the time on my cell phone!
With that in mind, I don't think it's necessary to drop serious dough on a diamond encrusted time piece. I have a Fossil watch that's been doing the job for 4+ years (with only changing the battery two or three times).

I found a few cute bracelet style Fossil watches with *crystals* at
This watch with crystal insets is cute...

....and only $75

This Fossil watch with Austrian Crystals also isn't bad....

...and is $75 as well.
In terms of inexpensive diamond watches...
This Anne Klein Diamond watch at Nordstrom is plain, but nice...

...and a respectable $125.

And this Anne Klein watch... also affordable at $125.
Not bad for diamonds!

For timeless style and quality, I've found that Swiss Army is top of the line. The only 'but' is that you'll spend a good amount! The cheapest Swiss Army watch I found online...

...was $895. Definitely not on the cheap side!
Moving on...
Mail Bombs #2 and #3 come from Diamond and Nini who ask:
"Do you just stop people and say 'excuse me, do you mind if i take a pic of you and put it on my blog?"
"Yeah, how do you approach them? Because so many times i wanna take pix of people rockin kewl clothes, but I dont wanna offend them even though its for something positive..."

To be honest, asking random people on the street is totally nerve wracking. I never know how people will react, if they'll be really stank, or what! But, because I know it adds to the blog, I suck it up and do it (all for you guys!). Most times I just ask my coworkers, but now, I have a 15 second spiel that goes,"HimynameisClaireandI'mafashionjournalist,Ihaveablogcalledthe FashionBombwhereItalkabouttrendsandfashionandIthinkyou lookgreatwouldyoumindifItakeapictureofyou??" Usually they say "What?" and I slow down and repeat myself:) I have cute pink cards with the name of the blog on it for added legitimacy...and thankfully every one I've asked has been sweet enough to say yes! I mean, I figure if someone came up to me telling me I looked fabulous, I'd be happy to take a picture as well:)

Next, Faithful Reader graces us with Mail Bomb #4:
"Do you think it's a good idea/bad idea to rock leg warmers w/tights?"
My first reaction is to say it's a bad idea, not because it's a fashion faux pas, but because depending on the length of the leg warmers...

they could basically serve the same purpose as tights. I'd say you could easily choose one or the other.

To be totally honest, though, I haven't seen leg warmers on anyone recently, so it's hard to say how exactly to rock them.
According to, women in Japan are rocking leg warmers sans tights in a major way:

So maybe we can beat the curve and start wearing 'em now? I'll have to investigate.

Lastly, a few out of towners who are visiting New York in the New Year have asked me to compile a rundown of the best places to shop in NYC. I can't promise anything, but I'm gonna *try* to cover the most important neighborhoods every day of next week. I mean...I shop all the time, it shouldn't be that hard:)

Stay tuned, keep writing, and thanks for reading!


Cherish said...

Great job on the site! Place to check out for your list: I was just in NYC last weekend and stumbled up on a boutique called Palma (on Broome St in Soho) that had some great sale items (and some gorgeous items not on sale too).

Renee J. said...

I love your site. I randomly stumbled across it from looking at another persons site. I don't live in NY but I love checking out whats going on and the different fashions. Keep Stylin!!!

Naki said...

I'm sure you're well acquainted with Century 21! One of my faves in Manhattan...your blog is dope. Keep up the good work!

Katrinaj said...

Hey Claire!

How was the DVF sale?? Did you take any pictures. Let us know.

C. Brown said...

Yeah how was that DVF sale, I'm dying to know what items I missed out on. Also I'd like to know where I can get a pair of sensibly priced High Waisted Jeans. I'm really feeling this trend courtesy of Kelis (bossy video) and Ciara(promise video)even though most aren't. I knoe Stella McCartney makes them. However, hers runs for about $595 and that is waaaay too pricey for me. Keep up the good work w/ the site it's fun yet fashion informative!