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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Fashion Bomb T-Shirt Design Contest!!!

Hi Guys!
So I've been thinking forever that I'd love The Fashion Bomb to have it's own t-shirt--a hot tissue v-neck number that aptly represents all the fashionable people who read the blog on the daily.
I personally can't draw much more than a stick figure, so I thought...why not have a contest?!?
I'm looking to all your Fashion loving, sketching, illustrating readers to submit designs for the first ever Fashion Bomb T-shirt!!!!

Yes, Beyonce will be wearing one.
Just kidding.
The design can be whatever image you think when you picture a Fashion Bomb reader--it can be a hot sylph like siren wearing Tracy Reese, a long leg topped off with a sky high stiletto, or even a curvaceous babe with her own swagger.
The only requirement is that the sketch illustrates something that says 'The Fashion Bomb." "The Fashion Bomb" can be written in small script at the bottom, or you can illustrate 'bomb' with a lady leaning on a detonator, a background explosion, or even an artfully placed grenade.
I want this sketch to be great, so I'm offering tons of even greater prizes.
The First Place Winner will get a Spring Fashion Hook Up, including:
A $250 Gift Certificate to hip online boutique DJ Premium...
A few products (left to right): GSUS Sweater Dress, $160; Miss Sixty Sandal Bootie, $269; Diesel Linoc Jacket, $120.
A $50 Gift Certificate to retro fashion site

A $50 Gift Certificate to super cute Lulu's Fashion Lounge...

A $20 Gift Certificate to edgy Sui Generis Boutique...

Left to Right: Flirt Halter Top, $40; Splatter Clutch, $45. Rose Tank Dress, $50.
And a yearlong subscription to Trace Magazine along with a copy of their book '10 Years of Trace':
The Second Place Winner won't be far behind with lots of beauty swag, including:
A bottle of Sean Jean Unforgivable Woman (retail $55)...
A giftbag of Elizabeth Grant products, including Biocollasis Eye Cream, Day Cream, and Caviar Eye Pads (retail $100+)...
$50 towards a spa treatment in New York (Care of
And a 16 oz. pot of Miss Jessie's Baby ButterCreme ($58 retail)...
Some major swag, for a major tee.
Let's get to drawing!
Send your sketches to by March 8th.
I'll post the sketches, and we can all vote for our favorites!
The kicker: I'll have the t-shirts made, and have them available for purchase in time for warm weather!
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*Can't draw? Tell your friends!
*Intrigued? Peep the contest rules here.
*A very special and heartfelt thanks to my contest sponsors:,,,,,, Trace Magazine, and!
*If you can't wait to start shopping, enter NU30Y for 15% off at, blog for 10% off at, and thefashionbomb for 15% off at!


Sydni Lux Presents said...

Hi. I can't draw but I do graphic design. Is that ok?

Claire said...

Of course! Any kind of image will work.

Dollfaced Rebel said...

I wish that I could draw!!!!!! Those prizes are great!

Niesha said...

I won't be entering into the contest but I needed to make it know that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BLOG. I have been reading since maybe early 2007 and I have officially made this my FAVORITE BLOG.

Others do not compare. Some blogs focus too much on high fashion/couture, others have way too much gossip.

This blog has the perfect balance of fashion that I NEED in my life. To top things off, I discover new items (that I do not need but crave) that are affordable.

thanks Claire you are indeed the BEST!

Anonymous said...

I will definately be buying that tee when we choose the winner and I will MOST definately be getting that Cadillac bag. Pure Fiyah!

bronx_Fashion_Whore said...

yeeaaaa that caddy bag is hot...i love the fashion bomb too...i need to read it everyday! lol!! Claire your former intern suzie put me on this blog..we used to be classmates

Miss Lola said...

The shirt is a GREAT idea...
can you show the readers some of the sketches you come up with? some of the submissions, i would be interested to see....<3

**She Said** said...

I absolutely LUV Miss Jessie's baby buttercreme. My hair is natural, I am kicking it Angela Davis style now. I have a problem with dryness and shrinkage, and this creme softens and moisturizes my hair really well...sans the build-up. Its expensive but the largest jar will last you about 2 months. I love how it smells too.

hj said...

i am entering the contest for sure(