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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Get her Look: Rihanna

So I know some of you think I cover too much Rihanna, but I'm getting her look today for Two Reasons:

1. Homegirl is consistently FIERCE!
2. I received no less than 20 e-mails asking for this look:
You asked, so intern Charlé and I delivered!
Get her exact look with these splurge worthy items:
1. Mike & Chris Dallas Leather Vest, $656. 2. Ivy Ruffle Front Shirt, $195. 3.Nameplate Necklace in Gold, $70. 4. Gucci Marion High Heels, $995. 5. Unknown Factory Skinny Jeans, $187. 6. Gucci Black Leather Peggy Tote, $1,400.
Can't afford a $200 shirt? Get the look for less with these options:
1. Dash Striped Vest, $20. 2. America Living Ruffle Front Shirt, $48.75. 3. Nylon Muse Necklace, $30. 4. Steve Madden Madalynn Pumps, $110. 5. Side Zip Skinny Jean, $78. 6. Chinese Laundry Double Handle Large Tote, $80.
A few more vest and top options:
1. Logo Corset Vest, $78. 2. Ruffled Plaid Blouse (Remove the Belt), $19.80. 3. Literature Noir Vest, $83.


Alyssia said...

i askd u delivered! See this is why I'm a faithful reader! Thanks so much!

Ms. Fabulosity said...

I just saw this look the other day online on People, and was trying to figure out how to do something similar. I'm not one of the people who emailed in, but thanks so much! I totally linked this on my blog too

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!! I love that shirt. Gonna start saving!

Anonymous said...

Rihanna's bag is Louis Vuitton Mahina XL 3,240.00;jsessionid=JYUUU210CL1TKCRBXUDVAFYKEG4RAUPU?buy=1&langue=en_US&direct1=home_entry_us

Anonymous said...

this outfit is really hot! i always luved rihanna's style and thanx 2 u guyz i can find a way 2 get it! thank u!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep posting about her, she stays fierce.
Love it.