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Monday, August 18, 2008

Real Style 2.0: Vibe Magazine Party

So as I mentioned last week, I took my Flip Video with me to capture some Real Style at the Vibe Magazine Party.
Here it is: Enjoy!

I think I'm getting a little better with the editing and what nots. You be the judge.
*Thanks to Sophie, Lila, and Prince!
*Check out for more information on the boombox three finger ring and cassette tape necklace. I want one!!!


Blacktating said...

The audio is not that hot. I like that girl's boombox 5-finger ring but couldn't tell where she said it could be purchased.

Franny said...

Yes. Do you know where she got her jewelry from?

sloane said...

i like both the girls outfits, but all i heard was "boutique in the west village"

Anonymous said...

I think you just need a mic; can't hear much unless I blast it!

*tola* said...

OMG i love complete technique!

Just a lil louder and the video will be perfect!

girlfriend said...

For those of you looking for the "boombox ring" you can find it or one similar to it @

Claire, I'm luvin the video ;-)

jenteel said...

it is better
u're doing a great job w/ this blog
good luck w/ the awards!

Tiana said...


Janard "FASHIONS-FLYEST" Williams said...

Hey find that chick in the MARNI dress and the YSL tributes for me, I wanna make her my official girl.....LOL

Great stuff Claire!

cool gurl said...

dude u got me pinching my pennies to get that flip!