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Friday, August 01, 2008

Mail Bombs: Rihanna's Herve Leger Skirt, Mimi's Mini Skirt, and Kelis' Shoe Boots

Happy Friday!
Let's solve some Mail!
First up, Chavonne says, "Can you please tell me who makes the outfit Solange has on?"
"...I must have it ASAP!!!"
Elita found that the 'Work in Progress' (your words, not mine!) is wearing this $300 BCBG Max Azria Silk Charmeuse Sheath Dress:
It's super cute!
The dress might be a stretch in these tough economic times, so get the rest of her look with these low priced accessories:
1. Enzo Angiolini Pacifica Strappy High Sandal, $74. 2. Arden B Ruched Leather Clutch, $88. 3. Linea Paolo Braxton Sandal, $120. 4. Forever 21 Patent Skinny Belt, $8. 5. Twined Tie Belt, $20.
Next, Khalilah from Amherst College says, "I just saw this picture of Rihanna over at The YBF and I'm loving her look!"
"... I want to get up on the color block trend, and this skirt would be perfect! Also, can you help me find cute AFFORDABLE alternatives???"
Well, Rihanna is wearing this Herve Leger Bondage Skirt in Pink...
..find it for $552 at
Unfortunately, guys, some designer things don't lend themselves to cheap alternatives. If you want a similar look, I'd say throw on a black tank with a high rise mini like this $180 Rachel Pally Red Stretch Jersey Pencil Skirt...
and call it a day! Your other option is to wait for Herve Leger to go on super sale.
Monique loved Mariah Carey's teeny bopper look in this picture...
...She says, "It's so cute and perfect for back to school!"
I must admit, though it fits with Mimi's spandex predilections, I do like the colors. Get a Mariah Carey 'Forever 21' look with the following:
1. Old Navy Blue Button Down, $20. 2. Blank Ombre Stretch Mini, $69. 3. Chamak by Priya Kkar Resin and Crystal Bangle Set, $58.50.
Next, Sharifia says, "I recently saw these peep-toe booties Kelis was wearing and I HAVE TO HAVE THEM!!!"
"... If anyone can track them down, I know you can :)"
And I did!
Kelis is wearing these $895 Chloe Strap Wrap Open Toe Boots...
...Get 'em at
And lastly, Jennifer says, "I was wondering where I could get a dress like Taraji Henson is wearing..."
"... and what kind of shoes and jewelry would go with it? Thanks!"
Intern Adriana stepped in, saying, " I looked but couldn't find Taraji's exact dress.Taraji's wearing this season's staple, a maxi dress, with an abstract, citrus-hued print. Here are a few similar pieces:"
1. Elijah Tiana Maxi Dress, $187. 2. French Connection Field of Dreams Maxi Dress, $150.3. Milly Peekaboo Ring Halter Dress, $492.
For jewelry recs, Adriana says, "Citrus colors always go well with gold jewelry, which Taraji herself is wearing with the outfit. With halter necks, you might want to stay away from necklaces as they can make the outfit appear busy. Follow Taraji's lead with gold cuffs, which accentuate bare arms beautifully, and large hoop or drop earrings that mirror the maxi silhouette."
The interns are good!
That does it for today! If you've sent me a wardrobe query i.e. "What do I wear to my wedding" or 'What to rock for a first date?" those are coming up soon in the form of posts. Don't worry, I read everything that comes in, but solving them takes a bit of time!


Anonymous said...

Claire...I know its not exactly the same but Bebe has a smiliar version of a Herve Leger Bandage Dress. Just a suggestion for the person who was interested in the skirt Rihanna was wearing.

Anonymous said...

ugggh....I hate when I leave letters off or incorrectly spell a word...I meant "looks for less" and "more than my car payment" looks.

Investment...a new computer!!

Again Congrats on your Guest Blog with YBF!

Anonymous said...

also american apparell mini skirts can be as good for the bandage dress thing xx

Britny said...

Brilliant post..! I like to wear maxi dresses most in summer.