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Friday, May 18, 2007

Mail Bombs

Happy Fabulous Friday!!
Graduation season means lots of parties for your resident fashionista...but I somehow found time to answer a few Mail Bombs for today:

Let's get to it!
Reader Natalie asks:
"I love Rihanna's style. Who made the dress she wore for the Nickelodean awards? I need it!"

Doing a quick search, I found Rihanna ripped her outfit right off the runway...

...of Gucci's Spring 2007 Collection.
Next up, reader Tatiana asks:
"Hello, I was wondering if you knew were you could get a similar Louis Vuitton beauty case that Kimora Lee Simmons had on her Cribs. I can’t even get a picture of it.
I loved it when I saw her opening it with it’s different compartments and was looking for that one or something similar to it.
Thanks, anything in the right direction would greatly be appreciated."
I can't remember the Cribs episode, so I surmise that Kimora put her products in either this vintage Louis Vuitton train case...

...or this Nice Beauty Case...

available for $1,720 at
If you want something similar, Sephora has great cosmetic cases like this $35 Midnight Tool Box...

If you want something a bit prettier, try this Japonesque Train Case...

....available for $60 at
Lastly, avid Fashion Bomber Tavoya asks:
"I wanted to know if u Knew who made the Gold dress Kelly Rowland Wears in her new Video w/ Eve..

I love it. It is so Sexy w/o being Slutty. I love to show my legs and that gives me enough cover on top to make me feel confident that i'm still sending the correct message. "Look but don't dare think its okay to touch". If u could help i would greatly appreciate it."
Look but don't touch indeed! I couldn't find the exact dress, but I did find a few frocks that could help you achieve the same look:
If you have a grip to spend, you can invest in this $1,450 Vera Wang Voluminous Brocade Dress...

...available at
Too much? The following dresses have the same gold sequin look:

Nicole Miller Sequin Dress, $410,

Alice & Olivia Paillette Baby Doll Dress, $440, at
Still too much? Try this $128 Long Sleeve Sequin Tunic...

Have great weekends!
PS My social schedule is crazy these days! I'm seriously thinking of starting a 'summer schedule' come June of updating every other day...or getting an intern. Any takers? Ha!


Anonymous said...

I actually love that ArdenB dress the best! Thanks for taking the time to look up all these options! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey this is Suzie.If you need an intern. I would love to help you out. I have my BA and I am trying to get into marketing and research Keep me in mind

Anonymous said...

I happened to see that Cribs episode recently w/ Kimora and that LV of hers was a little make-up case that was made specially for somebody. I can't seem to remeber the name but I think it's an one of a kind item.