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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Real Style: Habana Outpost

Hey Y'all,
So I live in Brooklyn (lighters up!), and make regular trips to an amazing restaurant in Fort Greene called Habana Outpost. Picture this: Outdoor seating, Frozen Mojitos, Sunshine, Old School Hits spun by a DJ, and the most beautiful, eclectic, fashionable mix of brown people in the nation. It's the bomb.
I dropped in a couple weekends ago, and saw this beauty...

..and knew she had to be on the Fashion Bomb.
I was feeling her retro sunglasses, bouffant hair do, and the contrast of her large sweater with skin hugging top, tights, and belt. So cool. So Brooklyn.
PS Visit Habana Outpost at 757 Fulton Street at South Portland (C to Lafayette). It might be a trek for some, but you'll love it, I guarantee.


sloane said...

i don't know about this one, claire...but i will check out habana outpost.


I just discovered your blog while trying to avoid doing some work. =)

As a lover of fashion and style I love the posts. You need correspondents across the country, and world, to discover more hip shopping spots.

I am off to Puerto Rico and will stop by a few west indian islands. If I spot any trendy boutiques, I will take lots of pics for you. lol!

Keep up the good work!

Leslie Nicole said...

Ooh i remember that place. Its around the corner from my aunt's salon, Tendrils. I also did a show for them last summer to open it up. I wonder if they will do it again.

Lovin It!

Anonymous said...

Her outfit is too frumpy and leaves her with no shape. She would have been better suited wearing a potatoe sack, at least the color would have complimented her skin.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely hate that place...this is one thing we dont agree on. You're still fab though ♥