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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bold, Beautiful Bags

"I'm thinking balls are to men, what purses are to women. It's just a little bag but we'd feel naked in public without it."--Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City.
Hey Guys,
For today's post, I'm responding to a query from faithful visitor Deys, who asks the following:
I have a dilemma. I'm looking for a bag 1) I can wear to work and to a casual outing day or night and 2) does not cost a fortune, but looks like it would. Do you have any ideas?

When I read this, I immediately thought of wonderful bag advice I read about in one of my favorite 'fun' books: 'Fabulosity' by Kimora Lee Simmons.

Don't laugh. This book is fierce, funny, and has tons of good advice. You may not like Kimora, but homegirl knows the fashion industry, is doing her thing, and according to New York Magazine's 2005 article 'Who Makes How Much?', she makes a grip ($17 million per anum). How Yur' Doin'?
So on page 162 of Fabulosity, Kimora says:
"[Bags] are the easiest way to add flair to your look. If you prefer to wear jeans and black sweaters, a bright colored bag can completely elevate your look...One tip: Don't automatically go for 'safe' beige or black. A classic style in a bright color leather will look fresh and stylish for years!"

I couldn't agree more.

Baby Phat Bold Bags, Spring 2007 Collection
Deys wants a work bag that can transition from day to night that is also stylish and chic. If she's taking it to work, it has to be large enough to hold her what nots...a book, water, a wallet, ipod, cell phone, and other trifles...and bright colors, shiny finishes, or interesting hardware can seamlessly take a work bag from the office to a club in a snap. The bag also has to be in a durable material, like leather, to bear the wear and tear that bags suffer on a daily basis.
Of course we're not ballers like Kimora (later in the paragraph, she talks about how she has Hermes Birkin Bags in lavendar, hot pink ostrich, lime green crocodile, and shiny black--right), so I've compiled some super chic work ready bags...all for under $300.
Let's take a look:

Top Row: Monsac 'Coronado' Convertible Tote, $298,; Steven by Steve Madden 'Endeavor Large' Satchel, $225,; French Connection Jane Bag, $130,
Middle Row: Crystalyn Kae: Metier Square Shopper, $135,; Bedford Bucket Tote, $228,; Sigrid Olsen 'Elsa' Pebble Drawstring Bag, $198,
Bottomr Row: Pick-A-Dilly Satchel, $288,; Nam Kim: Fly-By-Night Bag in Black, $235,; Hobo International Convertible Strap Tote, $250,
They're stylish, durable, and don't cost a month's rent!
Unlike this sweet bag I'm throwing in just for fun...

Yup, that's a $1,730 Gucci Large Hobo with Horsebit Detail in delicious Chocolate Guccissima Leather with Chocolate gold trim and Light gold hardware. That's a mouthful, huh? One day when I'm a super chic fashion editor, trust me, I'll be rocking this. Can you imagine this with...anything?!?! I'm salivating.
PS More bag tips from Kimora:
* If you're going to invest in a bag, treat it like an heirloom from the get go. She says, "Don't take it out in the pouring rain; don't throw ballpoint pens inside (they'll leak on the precious leather); and don't stuff them with oversized items (leather will stretch)."
*"If you can only make one good bag purchase, make it either a larger tote--a 'model' bag, big enought to fit everything you need, all day long--or a classic shoulder purse that will never go out of style."
True wisdom, y'all.

PSS I totally 'did' Madge this murnin at H&M!

It was surprisingly...tame. Details plus pictures tomorrow.


Debbie At B's Purses said...

If you want a bag that never goes out of style try a leopard print. It works well for daytime as well as evening. Make sure its not too big and bulky. You can design the perfect bag yourself, on line at Its fun and affordadble! Check it out! See for more info.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the post.. really good question. But what about those of us who consider spending over $50 on ANY clothing/accessory a splurge? Those of us who just resort to H&M, Forever 21 and only buy things at Express & GAP on sale. Spending $150 on a bag is an investment... but would totally use up my available disposable income in one paycheck. As whole I would love to be fashionista with nice quality stuff, but a lot of us have budgets that can't even afford what many magazines say are "steals."


A faithful daily reader

Porsche said...

You made me want to pull out my Fabulosity book and read up on a few things. ;o)

I know you did a TrendWatch on polka dots not too long ago. I'm looking for this jacket:


that the soon-to-be Mrs. Parker wore at a TRL appearance. I'm crazy about the idea of pairing this with a dress that I want to wear. I plan on wearing it in the summer so a [CHEAP]cropped jacket, maybe?

Thanks for the help. Love, love LOVE the blog!

Porsche said...

Sorry, the link cut off...