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Thursday, March 08, 2007

TFB's First Fashionable Contest

"Take that ish to trial, b*tch, take that ish to trial/Take that ish to trial, b*tch, take that ish to trial."--The Last Mr. Bigg, 'Trial Time'

Hey Guys,
I have jury duty today (for the first time!) so this post'll be short and quick for ya.
Reader 'I Heart NY' asked readers of TFB the following question:
"Who is the deisgner for these jeans..I was thinking Miss Sixty or Diesel??!"

I have to suppress my gag reflex when I see a pair of high waisted jeans, but...a question is a question. If you can find the answer to this query, let me know! E-mail me at with the answer plus a link or jpeg to prove your accuracy. If you're correct, you'll get more than a warm, gushy feeling for participating!
You'll get this pair of fierce earrings...

...courtesy of the uber glamorous online jewelry store Boutique Finesse...
Happy Searching!
PS Here's to hoping I'm not on a long trial:(
PSS Who else remembers that Mr. Bigg song?? When I listened to it as a young'n in Georgia, it seemed a lot less...explicit. Was it just me?