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Monday, March 12, 2007

Pop on a Frock: Spotlight on Anthropologie

"See the pretty girl in that mirror there?/Who can that attractive girl be?/Such a pretty face/Such a pretty dress/Such a pretty smile/Such a pretty me!"--Natalie Wood as Maria, West Side Story

It's slowly yet surely starting to warm up. The weather this week in NYC projects to be in the 50's (Huzzah!) with Tuesday and Wednesday reaching a coat-shedding 60 degrees. In preparation for the warming temps, I stopped at one of my fav shops Anthropologie... see what they had in store.
Anthro typically has feminine, French-inspired pieces whose pricetags can elicit a cocktail of sticker shock and cardiac arrest. On my recent trip, however, I was pleased as punch to find that not only were there plenty of spring ready dresses...but they weren't all $300!!!
So much of what I saw was so pleasantly pretty, I felt it only right to compile my favorite frocks under $150.
Feast yer eyes:

Clockwise from left: Carlota Dress, $148; Toile Bandeau Dress, $148; Seedling Halter Dress, $118; Cubism Dress, $118; Coloratura Dress, $128; Harissa Dress, $128; Patched Halter Dress, $118; Yuma Dress, $148. Center: Seven Hills Dress, $98. All available at

Dresses are so easy for the summer...just slip one on, and you're set for the day. I'd rock a frock with a fashionable trench coat like this $95 Ivory Wool Peacoat by Tulle (

...Along with skyscraping shoes, like these $98 Patent Leather Open Toe Espadrilles (

Here's to looking--and feeling--pretty!
PS Madonna's collection for H & M...

...hits stores March 22nd.
Thanks to YouTube, you can see the entire collection here:

It looks aiight.
The mayhem of Viktor & Rolf was traumatizing enough. Should I try to go?
PSS Shout out to the fabulous website Coutorture...

...for featuring the Fashion Bomb's post today. You're the bomb!


Anonymous said...

the Madonna collection looks she serious with a turban?

sloane said...

those anthropologie dresses look adorable, particularly the yellow one. i think madonna's collection is okay, but i've never been to h&m when there were guest designer collections and i'm not going now.
i refuse to go shopping somewhere and act like i'm at a rodeo so i can get some decent clothes. i still don't understand why they only make a finite amount of the clothing in these collections. it seems like it would make better business sense to sell many pieces of clothing over a long period of time rather then just selling out during a one shot deal.

Anonymous said...

I'm SO OVER Target, H&M, and everyone else with these 'exclusive designer' lines. It's a gimmick! Cheap clothes that they make everyone want to rush to get and spend all their money. For what?
Over it!

Anonymous said...

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