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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Chic Styles for Voluptuous Vixens: Jennifer Hudson

"I don't think you ready for this jelly/I don't think you ready for this jelly/I don't think you ready for this/Cause my body too bootylicious for ya babe." Destiny's Child, 'Bootylicious'

So reader Iguerri wrote me the following:
"I am a plus size girl who is tired of shopping at Old Navy or having to order offline for specialty sizes only to have to return them because they don’t fit. I feel there is hope for us 14-18 size girls. Can you profile lines or even websites that offer plus size designer jeans, cute dresses, JACKETS, and tops for us ultra curvy, top-heavy, thick hip and thighs, too much junk in the truck fashionistas???"

Great request, huh? Full figured women are always given the shaft in terms of fashionable finds. I decided to do a search, but first I needed a bit of style inspiration. I thought to myself...
Who better to look to than the award winning, cover gracing Jennifer Hudson??

She always makes plus sized friendly fashion choices. Let's take a look:
Jennifer wears mostly dark colors...

...because they tend to have a slimming effect.
She's not afraid to pop on a print...

...knowing that they can act like camouglage, hiding bumps and bulges. She also does service to her shape by wearing v-necks...

...that draw the eye downward and attract attention to the center of her body.
When she wears lighter colors, she makes sure the waist is empire... that it accentuates the smallest part of her waist, then flows over her tummy. She also wears layers as much as possible to deemphasize her 'cup runneth over' chest.
With t's, she likes 'em long...

...all the better to mask jelly, muffin tops, and other junk in the trunk.
Want her look?
The Fashion Bomb searched high and low for similar styles from websites that carry or specialize in plus sized threads.
Check it out:

Top Row, Left to right: Black Floral Kimono Dress, $68,; Lucille Cocktail Dress in Black/Silver, $129,; Marilyn Convertible Dress, $165,; White Denim Halter Dress, $69.50,
Bottom Row, Left to right: Short Sleeve Wrap Dress, $36, Fashion To Figure; Not Your Daughter’s Jeans Tummy Tuck Stretch Jeans (Plus), $138,; Baby Phat Batwing Large Cat Top, $49,
Nine West Piped Trench (Plus), $169,
Bonus for Fashion to Figure customers: Spend $75, Get $25 OFF - Promo code FTF7525 - Expires March 31
PS For a daily dose of plus sized fashion, check out the blog!

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Fashion News:
1. WWD reported today that Iconix Brand Group Inc will acquire the Rocawear brand...

...for $204 million in cash. Alright Jay-Z!

2. Jennifer Hudson (speak of the devil) has signed a deal with Avon to become the face of the company's Imari fragrance brand.

Claudia Poccia, president of Avon U.S. Beauty is quoted saying, "We wanted a spokesperson who embodied a youthful spirit and confidence, and Jennifer speaks to a new generation of passionate women trying to achieve their dreams and goals."
Here we go, Jennifer, here we go!


Leah said...

THAT'S what I'm talking about!!! Thanks my Fashion Sista.

shika said...

Claire, I'm feeling the peep toe lace overlay C-Lou's. They are soo fierce!!! And thanks for the plus websites.

Anonymous said...

Another brand that compliments fuller figures is the Women's sized INC (International Concepts that mentioned on Project Runway) They have a black cotton wrap dress that is too hot right now. You could find it at Macy's and Bloomingdale's.

Donyetta said...

Thank you so much..maybe you could do a plus size post every two weeks or maybe even weekly??????

candy said...

Large sistas have options too! thanks so much!! (C:

queen-to-be said...

Love the blog claire! I know you mentioned you interned at Upscale but didn't realize you were from Atlanta too! I interned for Isoul a while back and LOVE North Highlands:) Will definitely stay in touch.


Jamie said...

great post!! I love browsing igigi and I often find things @ Target too( on a good day...)that's cute. Another tip, my mom who is plus size diva too, told me to don't afraid to accessorize big beacause i have more to cover!

sloane said...

jennifer's been refining her style ever since she got back into the public eye. she looks great, and i think her best look was that beautiful white dress with that gorgeous coat over. while i'm not a big girl myself, i have plenty of curvaceous friends and family, so i know that lane bryant is not doing it. i'm always on the lookout to help my loved ones stay stylish too, so thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Good job, Claire. I liked this post and the link. It's relevant because for whatever reason, AfAm women are larger than the general population and if we want to lose weight, it's for health, not aesthetic, reasons.