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Monday, March 26, 2007

Naomi Sweeps Floors with Flair

"Naomi hit me...and I loved it."--T-shirt worn by Naomi Campbell

So, as many of you know, supermodel Naomi Campbell...

...was sentenced last week to 5 days of community service for throwing her cell phone at her maid. A slightly comical, yet egregious offense.
Instead of showing up in out of character flimsy fits or dour duds, she reported for duty every day in true model style: over the top furs, dark shades, and flawless hair. She looked so chic, that readers have actually been writing in asking what she's wearing!
For example, reader Shantrell asked :
Do you know where I can get the coat that Naomi Campbell wore for her first day of community service? It was a black trench coat that flared at the bottom (kind of like a dress) that coat was fierce and I have to have it!

Reader Angela also asked:
Have you seen Naomi Campbell doing community service? Where can I get hats like hers?

Really now. So I had to take a look at Naomi's looks to see what all the buzz was about.
On her first day...

I must admit that she looked somber yet sassy in her flared wool coat and lace up boots.
The next day...

...she brought it in a fur, fedora, sunglasses, and stovepipe black jeans.
On March 21st....

...her slick black leather jacket, bucket hat, and smart bag were fierce.
Day 4...

...she might've been tired of upholding her 'glam factor.' The whole 'fit looked a tad clownish to me, but the wine colored boots, purple satin top, and high waisted pants screamed model.
No matter, because on her last day...

...her fabulosity was off the meter with her red carpet appropriate Dolce & Gabbana gown, corset belt, and stiletto sandals. She's a trip.
I figured that if people are interested in her style, I might as well compile items to achieve a 'Naomi C en route to clean' look (just for fun!):

Clockwise from top left: Summer Coat, $248,; Nine West Ombré Faux Fur Jacket, $118,; Black Felt Fedora, $25,; Kenzie Shayla Boots, $152,
Kenneth Cole Reaction Black Notched Collar Long Leather Jacket, $255,; Marc by Marc Jacobs Plastic Contour Logo Sunglasses, $90,
Felt Bucket Hat with Button, $34,; The Grant Work Tote, $80, Center: Violet Dress Top, $37.80,;
Rumor has it that Naomi's auctioning her clothes off for charity...but she might be auctioning her actual work outfit, not her designer digs. Either way, you can channel the essence of the guilty yet glamorous Naomi C.

PS Guy Trebay at the NYTimes talks about Naomi's bratty behavior and wardrobe changes in the Sunday Styles section from this week. Great article. Read it here.
PSS The Styles section also featured flat shoes for its 'On the Street' pictures by Bill Cunningham...

The spread was called 'Comfort and Style.' Ummm, do they read the Fashion Bomb???

PSSS The first jacket in the 'Naomi C en route to clean' box is *so* cute on! It has the flared out style at the bottom, and the tie waist creates a great silhouette. I was *this* close to buying it this weekend, but French Connection seems to discrimihate on women with ample bosoms...their largest jacket size is a 10?!?! Can't I be stylish? Anyway, I still might go back and get it...the salesguy said I could have it let out by a tailor (as I did with another jacket). I'll think about it...for $250, I'd prefer perfection.


sloane said...

naomi looked fantastic all week long, starting with that gorgeous coat (luckily i have one similar to it)to the metallic gown she put on at the end of the week. although i got the feeling that she wasn't totality remorseful about the actions that landed her in community service in the first place, and i think it was a bit tacky to act as though she was at a fashion show, i couldn't deny how stunning she looked.

as for the flats, they're gorgeous, but what's up with that one person walking through a huge pile of dirty nyc snow in them? didn't the snow get in her shoes?

christian said...

i love that she came so fab to community service...

Anonymous said...

You can't deny she's fierce

Anonymous said...

I'll deny she's fierce. I prefer my style icons to not be utterly self-absorbed monsters. No amount of beautiful clothing can camouflage that and there are plenty of other more worthy stylish folks in the world.

And while they're cute, flats with no support can mess you up as badly as a pair of stilettos! Some of my most uncomfortable shoes are ill-fitting J. Crew ballet flats!

Anonymous said...

Count me among the 'Omi fashion fans. She's Naomi freakin' Campbell and gave the 'razzi what they wanted. Before she stepped out in the Dolce & Gabbana gown, she reported carrying a huge Hermes Haut a Corroies (elongated Birkin) bag. Style.

Being 5'9", I'm a flats gal. However, I couldn't see wearing Chanel ballet flats in any kind of wetness.

Anonymous said...

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